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  • Haha, it's not the exact same, but it's pretty close. There's some editing that went down in those three weeks, but lol, yeah. Glad you enjoyed ^^
    Can't say I care anymore nyow that you've apologized, so thanks. Should probably apologize for snapping at you, was a bit too feisty of me.
    I can battle any day except Friday so whatever's good with you. Also, I believe I'm a few hours ahead of you if you're in Texas. I'm writing this at 11:38pm, so that'll give you the difference. Just something to keep in mind cause I don't really want to stay up very late.
    Yeah, I'm trying to go for something like "nothing higher"/"nothing above." Would supra nihill have that same connotation, or would that be more along "Above Nothing"? (and is that "above nothing" as in "we are literally so low that we are above nothing and below everything" or "above, nothing" as in "when you look above, there is nothing"?) Sorry for so many questions haha
    Hey, thanks for offering to help! To spare you from being biased from my translation, could you just tell me what you'd say "nihil supra" translates to?
    Hey Souly! We're paired up in the randoms tourney so let me know when you're good to battle!
    A very happy birthday from BMGF's "ghost" who shares a birthday with you! :party:
    Why don't you want to clutter the thread? There's hardly anything in the thread!!

    I'm not saying, "just because you're you, you should be infracted." People have lives, which is why you made the phases two days long each, right? Because one day was too short? So when it didn't happen in two days, I checked.

    It's abstract because "enough time" for one person and that person's particular crisis or "thing preventing them from posting in a timely fashion" might not be enough for someone else. I'm not saying that it should be more or less than 2 days-- but since you said "48 hours", I figured that was the timeframe. Now you're saying, "Oh, but really it might be up to 96 hours! Any less than that, and why are you even contacting me?!"

    And why the hell would I not post it in the general thread? It's information that pertains to all the players, and what's more, it's about the game. So I posted in the game thread. Where we talk about the game. Right? Am I mistaken? Are we not supposed to post there? I know the format doesn't exactly encourage discussion, but I thought the activity, though meager, you would appreciate, not chastise me for.
    I just checked out the end of your cutthroat mafia (it feels so long ago when I was killed!), and I thought of posting my feedback in thread, but figured that you'd never see it, so I'll post it here.

    I think the concept's got a lot of potential, even if that game seemed a bit one-sided. The main issue I think was that it was very difficult for the town members to gain useful information. I'm not exactly sure what could improve that without powering them up too much, but maybe something along the lines of knowing where the bodies were found, or some sort of 'role' that lets someone know what some moves were intended. Something like that might also increase the engagement, so that some players can make meaningful decisions about what direction that can go.

    Anyways, thanks for letting me play; it was fun to be a part of!
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