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  • Ah. You have something to look forward to, then~

    Hm. I can kinda see what your idea was. Maybe. People always interpret things differently, especially vague poetry like that :p
    Also, I listened to the song you mentioned. So, a bandit and a few other people died, but they didn't, and then the bandit flew across space to find a place to rest or something, and then poetry? I'm not sure I got it, or what it has to do with Foundation?
    There are only three. Good~ Have you read anything by Agatha Christie? Oh, and a book called The Westing Game?

    Oh, so you've read those books? They're very murder mystery-ish, do you like that sort of thing? Good~

    I see, I'll look into it. Who's the singer?

    Huh, I can kinda see that they'd feel different, from what I remember. The last couple of books are partly vehicles to tie Foundation with another series, so that might contribute. Nemesis is an interesting one, I'd recommend it.
    Sounds nice~ Although it grew past a trilogy, as some series do, Huh, I don't exactly have any favorites myself, but if I had to choose, the Second Foundation. The content is similar/matches in some way? Or is it something you simply heard and enjoyed while you were reading?

    Indeed, with both minor and major details. Speaking of which, did you read the later Foundation books? He does have some standalone books, too. Have you read a book of his called Nemesis?
    Ah, another Sci-fi/Asimov fan. Would you by any chance have a favorite book/series of his?
    Hey, you haven't posted in the last 72 hours, but I forgot to warn you so I'll give you a chance. If you're too busy to play then please let me know then, thanks!
    So Liam and Truly said they were interested in doing the Times. Can you reach out to them and confirm this and what ideas you guys had?
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