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Advanced VS DP

Which Is Better(Anime)

  • Advanced

    Votes: 8 11.0%
  • Advanced Challenge

    Votes: 6 8.2%
  • Advanced Battle

    Votes: 11 15.1%
  • Battle Frontier

    Votes: 6 8.2%
  • Diamond and Pearl

    Votes: 10 13.7%
  • DP: Battle Dimension

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • DP: Galactic Battles

    Votes: 6 8.2%
  • DP: Sinnoh League Victors

    Votes: 23 31.5%

  • Total voters


you took too long now you're candys gone
Feb 1, 2011
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  1. They/Them
I watched advanced heaps yesterday (and read Pokemon-X)
And I Seen Most DP Episodes so which is better
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In my opinion, AG is better. But I call it Hoenn because I watch the dubbed version, lol.

Anyway, I really liked May and Max. I found May to be an interesting character. And I liked Max, because he was so funny. Max often had great lines. Also, in my opinion, having 4 characters in the main cast really adds a great dynamic to the group.

Hoenn had some GREAT filler episodes as well. I really enjoyed watching watching those episodes. They were very intersting and often funny. =)

I also enjoy the Hoenn contests more than the Sinnoh contests. I don't know why but the Sinnoh contests just didn't appeal to me.

Overall, I liked every season of Hoenn, including Advanced Battle. But my favorite seasons were Pokemon Advanced and Advanced Challenge. That was a tough choice for me. I enjoyed Pokemon Advanced, because it was the start of the Hoenn series, and it introduced May and Max. Ash also catches most of his Hoenn team during Pokemon Advanced. But for the poll, I chose Advanced Challenge, because it has my favorite episodes. ^^

I loved the variety of episodes that Advanced Challenge has to offer. It has some awesome episodes like, "Whiscash and Ash", "Me, Myself, and Time", "A Double Dilemma", "A Scare To Remember", "A Shroomish Skirmish", and "Lights, Camerupt, Action" (just to name some of my favorites). :)
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I thought the Diamond and Pearl saga had some of the better entertainment value than Advance, but then again im just not a fan of the Generation 3 Pokemon and Max is my least favorite charecter mainly becaus he served no purpose at all.
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In my opinion, AG is better. But I call it Hoenn because I watch the dubbed version, lol.

The Dub Names Of The Series expect for BF is advanced

I also enjoy the Hoenn contests more than the Sinnoh contests. I don't know why but the Sinnoh contests just didn't appeal to me.
I Always Kinda Hated Hoenn contests but always liked them (then most eps)
I Love The Sinnoh contests
Yes, I know that all the seasons have Advanced in the title.

However, Pokemon Advanced is the name of the first season of Hoenn. That's why I refer to the AG series collectively as "Hoenn" to avoid any confusion. It may not be the official dub name, but that's what I call it.

But, if I'm talking about a specific season, then I will just say Pokemon Advanced, Advanced Challenge, or Advanced Battle. Does that make sense to you?

I do the same thing with the Johto series. In general, I will just say Johto, unless I'm talking about a specific season.
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Overall as a whole series, DP I loved because of Ash's rivals, the storyline and the adventure but biggest complaints would be Dawn's rivals, Ash's voice and the rush towards the end of the league

For contests, I'd go with AG because of May's rivals, Dawn had rivals but not true rival like connections the way May did with hers besides Ursula

I picked Advanced Battle, but I will say the start of that season had a bit too many fillers for my taste

DP, handed the villains plot better instead of AG's Aqua and Magma not having many episodes interacting with each other or things that further their goals

The Grand Festival for May trumps Dawn's hands-down except for the Zoey vs. Nando fight

Hoenn league was epic especially the Katie fight, but Ash using the same 6 Pokemon the whole time got a bit old, other than that I really enjoy the league and can watch it over and over

Not to mention, during the league we got cameo appearances from past characters

Both AG and DP had its strong and weak points but I'd say DP wins but to pick a best season from both...

From Hoenn, Advanced Battle
From Sinnoh, Battle Dimension
In general, I dislike the D/P series as a whole. But, there are definitely some episodes that I liked within DP: Battle Dimension and DP: Sinnoh League Victors. ^^

DP: Battle Dimension - I really enjoyed the episodes where Maylene appeared. Those episodes were awesome!! =D

DP: Sinnoh League Victors - I liked the episodes where Ash battled in the Sinnoh League. Those were pretty good episodes.

Granted, I didn't enjoy the Sinnoh league nearly as much as the Hoenn league episodes, lol. But I did enjoy the Sinnoh league quite a bit. The league episodes were great, and the battles were very intense.
I think I liked D/P better,

D/P: Loved Dawn's character {Thought she was awesome!} She had a more realistic storyline dealing with contests. Ash's rivals were epic! Paul had to be my favorite, his rivalry with Ash just pawned every thing. Than you had Barry who was freakin funny. I wish we saw more Ash V.S Conway the entire series, still he did a great job. Not only that, some of the arcs were fun too, we had that tournament arc that had some fun team up's and fight one another {Friends against friends} Also that Pokemon School arc, where it introduced a bunch of fun characters, like Angei and had others return. Pearlshipping was another win for me, even if just friends you could see how much they cared for one another, had tons of chemistry. Only down side for me was Dawn's rivals, other than that.

AG: Good Rivals, good battles in contests, Ash being really mature here and I really liked his outfit. The way May was introduced and started to like contests was great. You also really saw how far Ash has become in his gym battles with the moves he did. However, May won way too much and they didn't give Ash a real rival here. Max was also a down side, would have been better without him meh.

So, over all yah D/P wins!
I liked Advanced because the characters interested me, and May's contest wins were rather funny, and like Lisa said, the fillers were interesting. (I hated the DP fillers.) Oh, and dat Harley.

But I liked DP because its overall plot and the fact that they had so many recurring characters.
I mostly do not follow the arbitrary division of seasons when evaluating the anime. I instead go by the sagas, as that is the real division we should be considering. If you want to go by seasons, then there is no way I can compare them since they are part of the same saga, and it is mere coincidence that they get separated the way they are.

If you want me to compare the quality of the dub between seasons, then there is only one instance I can do so, since I can't remember AG that well. From what I remember, 4kids did fairly well with scripting it, perhaps better than previous seasons, if merely for the fact that they no longer had their shipping fetish laced all throughout the show. (well, at least not in inappropriate places) The bad thing about it is that they ignored most of the music for AG and continued to use the tracks mostly from the first seasons. Why did they do this? I don't understand. Did they really think that it would be unrecognizable without the same music? That's the kind of thinking nostalgia blinded fans have. The 4kids seasons of AG are also the ones the most notorious for having their senseless paint edits, so much so that one person mocked up a screen of a coordinator's Jynx having been replaced by a Glalie. (Well, that had more to do with the fact that Jynx had not ever shown up in the dub at that point due to controversy, thankfully, that didn't happen) We all know about Trainer's Choice. Apparently, someone didn't care.

Battle Frontier, I will admit was not a good dub job, but they were new at it, even the original cast took a while to get their roles right. They still were able to get across the epicness of this saga, and I will still defend it at arm's length at least. With new dubbers, more of the music was kept, a tradition they would keep at an irregular rate during DP. Also gone was the unnecessary paint edits. No, it's not the best dub, but it is still a good season.

DP gave DuArt some breathing room, as now they could voice characters without them having been established voices. The ones doing the established characters, however, had finally gotten into their roles and I think they did them fairly well. Not much else in quality was changed from Battle Frontier, except there were a few sparse episodes where DuArt kept ALL of the music, save for vocal tracks. It was better, and in ways, superior to anything 4kids did.

You did not include it, but I will put it here regardless. Black and White is seen by many as their best dub yet, with almost nothing being changed from the raw. They went into the role of serious TR very well, and Ash continues to be himself. They do a good job on all the new characters as well, but if you saw DP, that is no surprise. I think they will continue to do well.
I didnt enjoy DP very much there was some good things but I am very happy that it ended.

I remember when AG first came Out I was very disappointed for misty but I really did enjoyed this saga I'm still watching it(I dindt saw BF b4)
for the first time ash changes his out fit and Misty is replaced it was really good although I watched it a bit too late thought.

STILL one thing The "Main event Episodes"(groudon/Kyogre and Palkia/Dialga) was piece of shit,and I mean SHIT in AG but in DP it was good I liked them...There was a little bit of CHEESINESS but still I liked them.
And I'm the only vote for Battle Frontier...xD

Frontier had what I think is the best the anime has delivered. Ash and May felt acomplished. May's contest arc was handled well, specially the awesome Kanto GF. And Ash's Frontier Challenge proved his competence as a trainer.
I enjoyed AG loads, because it was the first series I consistently watched on TV, and also because it paved the way for DP (contests, more episodes based on Pokemon, etc.).
I'm not really sure. I used to be sure I preferred AG, but DP is better in certain aspects...like, AG had the better main group (May > Dawn, and Max was a fun addition), but the side characters in DP were better. In AG the only really good ones we had were Drew and Harley, but DP had Paul, Barry, Conway, Ursula, and Team Galactic, so DP wins in that department. Then AG had better fillers, but DP had better arcs. As for the overall feel of the show, I think AG wins there because the show still felt like it was more about the adventure than the battles, whereas DP was the opposite, and I like the adventure aspect better. But overall, both series had their ups and downs.
As a whole DP was better. Ash's rivals, the storyline and the general character growth Ash went through. This is the time when people are saying he's acting like he was 13-14 and they're right. Overall he'd changed a lot since Kanto and I thought that DP really showed us that.

Preferred the Sinnoh League to the Hoenn, just because Ash used more pokemon and showed better battling skills.
Diamond and Pearl. While I like the AG trio more, I think the crappy Magma-dan / Aqua-dan finale and Haruka's questionable contest wins bring the series down.

I hate the Battle Frontier saga as whole. Boring fillers, crappy animation (from Izumi Shimura, who was the animation director of a good chunk of the episodes), Haruka's Zenigame and her ridiculous contest arc, and the Regice vs Pikachu fiasco.
I like the main group in AG better, but for the most part (well, all of it) DP was written so much better wand was much more engaging. Nostalgia goggles wants me to choose AG, but on aesthetics alone I have to give the win to DP for having omgAWESOME big bad and rival arcs.

And because the characters in DP, barring the main trio (I like Hikari but she doesn't compare to the other three IMO) were so fantastically well-written and entertaining (Nozomi and Kengo were boring as hell in terms of contest rivals, but they interacted well with the other characters. x] ie. Nozomi and Haruka/Shinji, and Kengo with Satoshi redeemed what I thought was irreparably boring)

Edit: And also, DP as a whole had a much greater Holy Shit Quotient than all the other seasons COMBINED. because there was less poor-writing and deus ex machina everything. Then again, AG felt more organic...
While I like Dawn the least of the female main characters, I did find the DP saga more enjoyable. For one, Ash had an actual rival (a couple in fact) in that series, unlike AG, where he didn't really have any until the Hoenn League. DP broke many different "rules" (albeit, fan-made rules) that we thought would never be broken, such as no other character having an Electric-type besides Ash, as well as Ash getting a Dragon-type Pokemon.

I think the DP saga had the most substance to it, and the writers really seemed to have more of an idea of what they were doing, in comparison to previous series. I think Team Galactic was handled fairly well, especially after the monstrosity that was Team Magma/Aqua. AG wasn't a terrible series; I enjoyed May's character, but I thought the series, as a whole, could have been better than it was. May's wins had a tendency to be unrealistic, but I still think I enjoyed her contests more than Dawn's.

The only thing I can think of that AG has over DP is May's rivals/contests compared to Dawn's rivals/contests. Well, that, and I felt like the Hoenn League was better than the Sinnoh League. But I'd say I'd take the DP saga over AG because DP was written nicely for the most part.
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