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AG177 title revealed!


Jan 20, 2006
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According to Pokeani, the title of AG177 is revealed:

Battle Pyramid! VS Regirock!!

it'll be aired on May 25th.

Regirock!! Cool~

Besides, an updated title of AG176 is given:

Takeshi & Satoshi! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!!
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I can't really say I like this title, but let's see how the anime handles this before we get too pissed.
I'm not surprised by this title. It was obvious that the Pyramid would be after the Pewter Gym episode and I had guessed for a long time that Brandon would have the Regis. But does he have the other two?

More to the point, how is Ash supposed to defeat a Regirock?
FabuVinny said:
More to the point, how is Ash supposed to defeat a Regirock?
Plot devices, maybe?

I dunno. After hearing the opinions of those who hate the anime and Endgame's weekly topics, that's what I'm led to believe.
Well, that answers the question of whether there are more than one each of the Regis...
Ash took down an Articuno, why can't he take down Regirock?

I'm betting he'll use Sceptile, and that will give it the same spotlight as Charizard had when it took down Articuno. Sceptile basically is the "Charizard" of AG, so they're probably going to make it appear as strong as it too.

So now we know the Kanto Grand Festival is after the Pyramid, and that Ash will most likely have some final challenge after that.
Ash will have a stategy. I'm just not sure what that will be yet.

Just to note, the manga chapters dealing with the Battle Pyamid were called "VS Regirock" and "VS Registeel and Regice". Since I doubt the Pyramid is one episode, I wouldn't be surprised if the next title we get is along the lines of "Battle Pyramid! VS Registeel and Regice!"
Isn't Regirock the one that's shooting some power at Ash in the American intro? o.o Anyway, I'm sure you said the same about Articuno, but he beat it, although that was by a last minute miracle move, and with one of his most powerful pokemon at that. One can only wonder which poke he's going to use this time. Return of Squirtle? Some other Water type he has? Has Sceptile become so uber that it can handle even this? Another one of Ash's Grass types? It could be anything, but my vote is on Sceptile.
Sceptile726 said:
Anyway, I'm sure you said the same about Articuno, but he beat it, although that was by a last minute miracle move, and with one of his most powerful pokemon at that.
Articuno vs. Charizard is a match-up I can plausably see Ash winning. Emerald's Sceptile was taken down by an explosion in the defeat of Regirock. Ash needs a powerful attack for this one.
It's a giant rock.

"It's a rock! It doesn't have any weak points!"

Sceptile's Solar Beam and Leaf Blade, Glalie's Ice Beam, and Squirtle's Hydro Pump used all in the same battle would spank Regirock like a red-headed stepchild.
I didn't see Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, which would be the only precedence of Regirock's power that I would accept, but I don't think that would tell me much. I am also not aware of the rules of the manga world. I know it is far different from that of the anime.
What I'm wondering is how exactly they'll pull off a trainer having Regirock, and whether it'll be in a Pokeball. They did an okay job NOT defying the laws of legendaries with Articuno, since it remained a wild Pokemon. Although it fought for Noland, it wasn't officially his.

But if he "has" all three Regi's they'd have to find a way around that one...

They seem to be putting legendaries in the actual show alot more than they did before
<3 Regirock.
They'd better give it some decent opponents though. Preferably Kingler, although I'm not too hopeful.
Or maybe at long last TOTODILE!

Haha, we can dream. That'd be hilarious though.
No, hilarity is Sceptile getting owned worse than Tauros did in the first battle tower ep. *nodnod*
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