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Non-Mafia Bulbagarden Survivor: Paldea - Minish wins

I tried but I'm not able to because Zexy made it - what quotes do you need from it?
Sounds like we're looking for basically the section Zexy just described with the divorce and shit. Maybe just that entire section of it in the quote book?
Yeah just a couple screenshots of the most highlights stuff, under a spoiler tag, please. No need to go overboard.
Eh I kinda already went overboard but I'm guessing what you're looking for is somewhere in here, it's about a page worth of shitposts

It’s funny that I’m apparently like the only one that didn’t put Zexy down.

Congrats on immunity btw DW.

You are just negatively biased because of previous marriage-related incidents

……What? By all logic I should be the most gung Ho about getting rid of you.

Not really, if you want to get rid of me would could go about it subtly

you would*
hard auto correct fail there

No I really wouldn’t.

If you say so :)

grabs popcorn
I'll stick with the one the one who offers the best sleeping times XD

That’s me. Since if you don’t side with me you’ll have such horrible dreams that you won’t get any sleep at all :)

I'll be the cool "uncle" dad and be like "no set bedtime at all, you are free"

Maybe we should split it in 3 week periods, this way both get to experience the horror of raising me on an equal basis, and since it's 3 weeks we won't end up in a Mido gets him every single christmas/Because of Zexy I don't had a single Thanksgiving with the kid situation :3

What's going on here

Divorce proceedings. As a very genuinely licensed and knowledgeable divorce attorney*, this one seems to be going quite smoothly.
*This is a joke, in case it wasn't obvious. I am none of those things

I better be getting you every thanksgiving and 4th of July because Zexy don’t celebrate those.

Yeah you can have them but I would like a few others we celebrate here such as October 28, March 25, August 15... You can also have two Easters most years, multi cultural families are nice :)

Right right, and the travel fare for flying him across the globe every few weeks, I don't suppose you have a plan for that?

That’s fine. We might have to alternate October though since the 31st is Halloween here.

That’s what frequent flyer miles are for.

With some good planning we can always have the flight over to be around 29-30, but even if we don’t, I am a good dad and will let him stay there cuz our holiday does not involve free candy. As long as you pay for the dentist!

Sounds like a fair deal.

Possible trips I can already think off:

I wonder what will be the tougher part, learning Greek or adjusting to the southern accent :p

Learning Greek is so much harder :( But you do not have to learn it near-perfectly, most people here know enough English, just enough to be able to have basic talk with some of the elder family members.

Still worth it though, and I already know some of the more important words (bifteki, gyros and tzatziki should be enough to eventually get some food somehow and with ouzo and yamas I should also be able to not look like a complete fool in bars and pubs) XD
Aaaand, now that we have DawningWinds around as our Ace (divorce) Attorney, we shouldn't have too much legal trouble either - unless I accidentally violate some importing/exporting law during my travels.

I know this all ain't real, but...
a) this sounds wonderful regardless
b) I wish the break ups/divorces during my childhood would have been this relaxed :X3:
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