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Non-Mafia Codenames III: Pokemon Edition Part 2 [ENDGAME]


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 36 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their CODENAMES.
In Codenames, two teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. Their teammates try to guess words of their team, whilst avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin as that's an instant loss!

Codenames: Win or lose, it's fun to figure out the clues.

Hey there everyone, and welcome to my latest non-mafia game, and my first game back in a while, Codenames! As you can see this is the third edition of the game, you can find the first two editions here: I II
You can have a look at these games to get a gist of how to play, but the rules are below as well!
In Codenames, two teams compete by each having a Spymaster give one word clues which c-an point to multiple words on the board. The other players on the team attempt to guess their team's words while avoiding the words of the other team.
Players split into two teams: Team Aqua & Team Magma . One player of each team is selected as the team's spymaster; the others are field operatives.

Twenty-five code name cards, each bearing a word, are laid out in a 6x6 rectangular grid, in random order. A number of these words represent Magma (or red) agents, a number represent Aqua (or blue) agents, one represents The Protagonist, and the others represent innocent bystanders.

The teams' spymasters are given a randomly-dealt map card showing a 6x6 grid of 36 squares of various colors, each corresponding to one of the code name cards on the table. Teams take turns. On each turn, the appropriate spymaster gives a verbal hint about the words on the respective cards. Each hint may only consist of one single word and a number. The spymaster gives a hint that is related to as many of the words on his/her own agents' cards as possible, but not to any others – lest they accidentally lead their team to choose a card representing an innocent bystander, an opposing agent, or the protagonist.

The hint's word can be chosen freely, as long as it is not (and does not contain) any of the words on the code name cards still showing at that time, rhyming words are not allowed.

We are playing this game with one-word clues, no abbreviations and no hyphenates. The Scrabble dictionary is the official arbiter of closed compounds and any acronyms that have entered common speech. If it’s in the Scrabble dictionary, it’s allowable.

The hint's number tells the field operatives how many words in the grid are related to the word of the clue. It also determines the maximum number of guesses the field operatives may make on that turn. Field operatives must make at least one guess per turn, risking a wrong guess and its consequences. They may also end their turn voluntarily at any point thereafter.
For example, lets say two words you're looking for are Stream and River, your hint could be Water + 2, which means you have two guesses to find the words. You may not choose any number more than 5 for your guesses.

When a code name card is pointed out, I will highlight the text with the correct colour to symbolise that it has been guessed such as Magma, Aqua, Bystander.
If the assassin is pointed out, the game ends immediately, with the team who identified him losing. If an agent of the other team is pointed out, the turn ends immediately, and that other team is also one agent closer to winning. If an innocent bystander is pointed out, the turn simply ends.

After communicating with your team, (in-thread) you must mention myself, with the guesses you want Bolded aswell as in the order you want them guessed in.
Spymasters must also mention myself and their team mates when they post their clue.
Turns will be 48 hours long, but will end earlier if guessed before the 48 hours is up, we will be playing 3 rounds, with the same teams so each player has a chance at being Spymaster!

Please do ask questions if you are unsure about anything! There is easily a possibility where i've missed something or not explained something too well. The game is simple enough and as mentioned you can refer to the past games if necessary to get a quick idea!​
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Thankyou all for joining, managed to get the game filled in less than a week :bulbaLove: I have randomized the teams that you will be in for the three rounds we play. Each person will get a chance at being the spymaster this way, compared to random teams. But we will see how it goes.

A couple things to remember:
Spymasters should mention their team mates only when they have given a clue, with the clue being bolded (+ number of guesses) as described in the rules in the OP.
When the other two team mates have guessed they must bold their guesses, and tag myself.
You may not use words that are already on the board, so if Water-Type was a clue, you would not be able to use those words regardless of which clue you are hinting at.
The word list was made by hand and is currently at 100 words, I'll be trying to add more before we play the second game, so I can get some variation in there.
Any and all discussion within the teams must be done in thread.

Red team is:
Zexy, Jinjo & JamieIsBored

Blue Team is DawningWinds, Tood & TheCapsFan

Spymasters will work backwards, meaning Jamie and Caps are the respective spymasters. Below is the board for round one, Blue Team has to find 13 clues as opposed to Red Team's 12, meaning TheCapsFan will take the first clue.


@TheCapsFan You may now give your hint! If no hint / answer is given within 48 hours the turn is passed!

(For any spectators, you can ask to join and I can get you in at the next round, if you'd like!)
Alright so:
-Elekid, Magby, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu are all Pokemon that I believe have been gift Pokemon. Guessing if he was after Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmander the clue would be more specific. So I think maybe some combination of Elekid/Magby/Pikachu? I feel liken not all three but I could be wrong.
-Getting free Potions at the beginning of the game is fairly common IIRC so that's possible as well.
-Rock smash is an HM which is another thing you get some of for free.
-Eggs and Daycare since I believe every Daycare just about gives a gift egg.
IIRC, you can pick up mystery gifts at Pokemon centers in some games.

Togepi is also given to you as an egg in gen 2 and platinum, I think?
Oh god what if it's mystery dungeon -> mystery gift?
Or Steven because he gifts you a Beldum which evolves into Metagross (which is also on the list?!)

I think I'm confusing myself the more I think about this, honestly. :confused:

But I feel as though egg is mostly lilely to be one of the words, since free gift eggs are fairly common throughout the series.
Yeah I think egg is a decent bet as well, happy to make sure that's one of our guess.

Are there mystery gifts available in PMD? I'm not super familiar with those games so I don't know, but if there's not I don't think that's a worthwhile connection. Can totally see it if there are though. Steven Stone strikes me as a bit too tangential to be what Caps is going for here though.
Are there mystery gifts available in PMD?
I think I was thinking more along the lines of mystery dungeon and mystery gift both starting with "mystery", but looking at it now, that's a massive stretch to make

I believe the PMD games have a code system that works sort of like a mystery gift function, where you can unlock items, quests and Pokemon by entering specific promo codes on a certain screen. Honestly, this also feels kinda tangential, too
I think I was thinking more along the lines of mystery dungeon and mystery gift both starting with "mystery", but looking at it now, that's a massive stretch to make

I believe the PMD games have a code system that works sort of like a mystery gift function, where you can unlock items, quests and Pokemon by entering specific promo codes on a certain screen. Honestly, this also feels kinda tangential, too
Yeah it's a bit of a stretch; I think it would make a little more sense to go that angle if the PMD games had a proper mystery gift function but if not... probably not.

We're definitely in agreement on egg right? What do we think we wanna guess for the other two? I think your suggestion of Pokemon Center earlier is also pretty solid, but not sure which of the of the others feels best for the third guess.
24 Hours for a guess, otherwise the turn is passed.

Good luck!
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