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Non-Mafia Spyfall II [ENDGAME]


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Hello again TWR, and welcome to my latest game! (and another sequel :p The first edition can be found here. )
The below is copied from the OP of the original game, found here. With a couple differences being how you vote, and the list of locations.

Spyfall is a very simple to learn game, and anyone can play it! There will be spoiler tags in this post which will tell you the basic rules of the game, and how it will be transferred into a forum style game, as Spyfall is originally a board game.
Spyfall is a questioning game where one player is a spy, with all the other players having a location and a role that is relevant to the location. [i.e: Space Station as the location and Astronaut as the role] Players attempt to ask questions to find out who the spy is, without knowing what role everyone has. However, don't give away too much information otherwise the spy will be able to guess the location!
At all times in the game, it will be someone's turn to ask a question to a player of their choosing. You should ask a player by mentioning them in the thread with an @. When you respond to a question, you should quote the question and then answer it after the quote. As the host, periodically I will make tables with each question that has been asked and who to.

After the question has been answered, it is your turn to ask a question. You may address a question to anyone other than the player who asked you previously.

At any point in a round, players may private message me in the Role PM I send to you, to vote someone who you think is the spy. When half the players + 1 vote in PMs, the round ends, f the player chosen by the vote is the spy, then the town wins. Otherwise, the spy wins.

At any time, the spy can declare that they are the spy and has one guess at the location. If they are correct (reasonably speaking), then the spy wins. Otherwise the town wins.

If the deadline is reached and neither of these conditions has been met, the spy has one shot to guess the location. If they guess correctly, the spy wins. Otherwise the town wins. The spy will have 24 hours to make their guess.

Unlike the face-to-face version, you will be able to talk freely about your suspicions, HOWEVER, you may not ask questions freely. Be cautious with this as it may reveal the location or your identity as the spy.

If you take more than 24 hours to respond to a question you will be warned, after that if you do it again you will have to be subbed out to keep the game moving.
An example of the order, assuming the location is a Space Station:

Dave: Miranda, what can you see outside?

The sea.
Geoff, how long do you spend here?

Of course, the questions will differ and games will typically last longer. And people will vote in privately added on to this.
Amusement Park
Apartment Complex
Archaeological Dig Site
Art Museum
Ballet Studio
Cabin in the Woods
Car Dealership
Chocolate Factory
Circus Tent
City Park
Coal Mine
Comic Book Convention
Construction Site
Corporate Party
Dance Studio
Day Care
Day Spa
Fashion Show
Film Set
Fire Station
Game Show
Gas Station
Ghost Town
Harbor Docks
Hardware Store
Haunted House
Hot Air Balloon
Ice Skating Rink
Jazz Club
Jazz Festival
Kids Birthday Party
Lunar Colony
Military Base
Movie Studio
Mountain Lodge
Night Club
Nuclear Power Plant
Ocean Liner
Opera House
Outdoor Concert
Passenger Train
Pet Store
Petting Zoo
Pirate Ship
Police Station
Radio Station
Recording Studio
Retirement Home
Rock Concert
Sailing Ship
Scrap Yard
Server Farm
Service Station
Shopping Mall
Sightseeing Bus
Ski Resort
Space Shuttle
Space Station
Stadium Locker Room
Summer Camp
Surfing Competition
Swimming Pool
Tea House
Theme Park
TV Studio
Underground Bunker
Yoga Studio
As you can see, there is over 100 locations, so for each round I will randomize somewhere between 20-30 places to choose from, to make it a bit easier for everyone involved. This'll be a bit of trial and error potentially and we might change this between rounds, to try and make the game work best.

For this rendition of the game, the games will be 5 days long, and we will have 3 games worth. This can be extended if the games go by quite quickly, but we'll see what people want. I expect a decent bit of activity and you will be expected to ask and answer more than once per phase. So please do not think about joining if you won't be active.

Thankyou for reading all of this, as I can understand it's a fair bit but the game is actually extremely simple. I will be looking for 6 players, but I can make this higher if the game is popular.

Should there be anything I missed, or any questions, please do not be afraid to ask!​
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Alrighty, that makes 6 so the game will be starting now. Friendly reminder that I do expect a bit of activity as you will have to ask (and therefore answer) a few questions a round. Remember to mention the person you are asking a question to, players may not answer any question not meant for them. You will each have a location name, and a role name within that location, so you are encouraged to play as your role, not as you. For example, if you are an Astronaut in a space station, just because you as a person wouldn't be in a space station, doesn't mean the astronaut wouldn't be! All discussion must be done in thread, except for votes which are sent to me in private. This adds a bit of deduction as you will not know when the 4/6 votes target is hit. (This will be 5 if the spy is voting) This is four votes TOTAL, not on the same player. This will be trial and error as we haven't experimented with this before, meaning in round two the voting system may change if this doesn't work. We'll be going for 5 rounds.

The points system is as follows for those interested:
Town Points
1 Point if town runs down the clock
1 Point if town successfully guesses the spy before round end
+1 point if spy doesn't guess the location after being caught
0 Points if they guess the wrong spy, or if the spy guesses correctly before time has expired.

Spy Points
2 Points for not being caught and guessing the location correctly
1 Point if town runs down the clock
1 Point for guessing the location successfully, whether caught or not.
0 Points if caught and the spy does not guess the location correctly

These points do not overlap, points are only given out in one set scenario. For example you can not get 3 points as the spy in one round.

You may not roleclaim/nameclaim or anything of the sort, you can only get info of people's roles by gauging their answers to questions.

Now then with all the officialness out of the way! The location has been chosen, and I have squished the list into about 30 locations, in the spoiler tag below. The first person to ask a question is... @toastghost !

  • Airplane
  • Desert
  • Petting Zoo
  • Laboratory
  • Haunted House
  • Theater
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Museum
  • Island
  • Movie Studio
  • Military Base
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Ski Resort
  • Castle
  • Bakery
  • Circus Tent
  • Forest
  • Jazz Club
  • Jazz Festival
  • Shopping Mall
  • Mansion
  • Lunar Colony
  • School
  • Space Shuttle
  • Beach
  • Zoo
  • Space Station
  • Factory

This round will end 5 days from now! I'll get a countdown shortly :)

(If there's anything i've forgotten feel free to ask, and remember the most important thing, have fun! (or else :p ))
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