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Angy War
Category: Special
Power: 150
The user summons Angys to attack everyone on the opposing team. Requires cooldown.
Swarm Of The Century
Category: Physical
Power: 150
Accuracy: 90
The user summons others of its kind and attacks the target with them. The user can’t move the next turn due to exhaution.
Name: Rainbow Beam
Type: Technically Normal, but deals Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice, or Fairy damage depending on the circumstances
Category: Special
Power: 85
Accuracy: 100
Description: The user fires a multicolored beam whose type changes depending on the target's weaknesses. This move is exclusive to Eevee and its evolved forms and will fail if used by any other Pokemon.
Name: Electrotwirl
Type: Electric
Category: Special
Power: 50-100 (based on users speed stat, higher speed = higher power)
Accuracy: 100
Description: User twirls on a pivot using its hand and generates electricity around itself. Spins fast enough to generate a small tornado.
Type: Changes type based on what type is super-effective, like Arceus in LA.
Category: Whichever is higher.
120 Power
90 Accuracy
This is only usable by a member of the Eevee family, and the user gathers all it's friends and uses a move that will always be one of the existing types, preferably a supereffective one. The user needs to recharge next turn.
Trinket envy
(Status move)
Type: Dark
If opponent's pokemon holding an item other than a consumable, the user will magically procure its copy. The object is lost again after the battle.

Perks: Not only evens out battles with unfair item usage but also protects the user from strategies that give your pokemon harmful items as even harmful items gained this way don't harm the user
Stunning Blast
Category: Special
Power: 120
Accuracy: 100
An amped-up version of Dazzling Gleam, this will hit enemies in their Poke Balls for a small bit of damage in addition to the basic attack.
Cricket alert
Type: Bug
Category: Status
A pokemon sends a secret signal to other pokemon in your party, warning them of the danger, lowering the attack of all enemy Pokemon with type advantages over Bug. Only works if there is more than one Bug type on the team.
Uses: A boost to make weaker Bug types stronger, especially in monotype runs
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