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Mafia ABC Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (BASTARD) - Town Wins!

Sign-up and Rules
Oct 13, 2021
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  1. He/Him

Welcome to "A" is for "Absolutely", "B" is for "Bastard", "C" is for "Chaos" - Mafia by RavenRaziel98!

Alright everyone, I desperately tried to come up with some badass introduction, but instead I'll go for a different approach and just provide a short run down of the key elements (saving the powder for the real deal and stuff)...

New game, new roles, new rules, new events, same old wild card as the host (supported by @EternalPokéFanGirl as the MoD).

Flavor solving will not be possible this time, as there is no real flavor - random characters that have no relation to each other (mostly, some may, but it will be NAI - Example: SpongeBob and Sandy could both potentially be characters, but that won't give any information about the roles or alignments, SpongeBob may be a mafia bus driver while Sandy could be town mason with Sheldon Cooper being the other Mason - you get the idea) will be used, I may even make characters up just for the sake of it.

The game is designed for 13p but can be expanded in case of high interest.

Special thanks to @Pikochu for making this possible!

(1) All standard Bulbagarden and The War Room Rules apply.

(2) Day Phases will last for a period of 48 hours and Night Phases will last for a period of 24
. Please remember to submit your actions to the host during the appropriate phase.

(3) This is a No Outside Contact game, only exceptions being chats provided by the hosts.

(4) Role claiming, Name claiming and Alignment claiming is allowed.

(5) Copying and/or faking your Role PMs or parts of your Role PMs or quoting from same is allowed.
However, stuff like screenshots are not allowed since it's unfair to those without access to/the required skill with photo shop and similar programs.

(6) Please try to be active, a sustained period of inactivity may result in you being subbed out or

(7) Please do not attempt to abuse loopholes, if there is anything you are unsure about as to whether it would constitute loophole abuse, please feel free to contact the hosts to check.

(8) MyLo and Lylo will not be announced. This is because there are differences in interpretations of these terms between hosts, so to prevent confusion it will not be announced.

(9) When voting for players during the game please use the following format ‘Vote: Player’, a player with a majority of votes will be lynched, a random lynch among the leading wagons will result in the event of a tie. The players can cancel their vote by using 'Unvote'.
No Lynch is not an option!

Highlighting your votes (bolded/different color/underlined) isn't mandatory but definitely appreciated.

(10) After being killed in the game you may post once more before the game ends but you may not post anything that contains game relevant information.

(11) If you change your username mid game please state your old and new usernames in the thread and mention the hosts.

(12) Posting in-thread during the Night will be allowed.

(13) This time you won't need to verify whether you've read/understood the rules or not.
If you didn’t - jokes on you, this game is bastard after all :p

Additional notes:

Hammer rules can be activated for the current day phase by vote if the majority of the living players wants it.

Phases extentions/shortenings can be requested if the majority of the living players vote for it.

The host is part of the game and can be targeted/lynched, but it might not turn out the way you expected.

If you plan to fake a Role PM and/or have issues editing quotes, you can sent me a fake Role PM yourself, which I copy/paste and send back to you to give you the opportunity to fake quote this way. This will be possible as soon as I confirm that all Role PMs have been sent.

Rules are subject to change if considered necessary (this part is mostly added because I'm scared that I may have forgotten something).

1. DawningWinds - Killed by Mafia N3
2. Zexy
3. Minish - Killed by Mafia N1
4. ExLight - Killed by Grenade N3
5. Pikochu - Lynched D1
6. Mint Elv
7. ZinnLav - Killed by shooting Bomb D3
8. TheCapsFan - Lynched D2
9. JamieIsBored
10. Tood - Turned Mafia on D3, lynched D4 (*)
11. DigitalGen6 - Killed by Mafia Assassin D3
12. Argonne - Lynched D3
13. —unused—

(*considered winner regardless)


1. Snowy

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Oh OK, cool
I was relatively certain that adding stuff would "divide" the quote into two separate quote boxes, but apparently that is not to he case... In that case I'll restore the original rule, as it can't be considered a mech clear anymore. :giggle:
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