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Do you have any unpopular opinions about the anime?

Master Cyrus

Only 79 new Pokemon?
Aug 11, 2012
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For me I never saw piplup as something to be hated , rather as the source of Humor that Ash is so sorely lacking.

I also never thought Trip was as bad as many people think he was or that May had gotten extremely powerful during her stint as MC.

I also like iris as a character except for the writers trying to take a shortcut on her development by dropping a dragonite into her lap.

There's more but what unpopular opinions regarding the anime that you have? ie not something the majority of people would agree with you on.
- New, serious Team Rocket is better than old, silly Team Rocket.

- Iris is a much better written, realistic little girl character than Misty, May, or Dawn.

- Diamond/Pearl and just about everything in it is vastly overrated.

I also like iris as a character except for the writers trying to take a shortcut on her development by dropping a dragonite into her lap.

Except that's not a shortcut seeing as Dragonite is completely dysfunctional. And no, the recent episode didn't resolve it, he may listen to her more now but previews for Iris' return to the Village of Dragons show that Dragonite is still willing to go berserk against Iris' wishes.
Not really. Most of my opinions are the general consensus of the entire fandom.

For example I thought Johto was one of the weakest arcs of the show, certain characters became stale as they progressed, the DP coordinator rivals weren't handled very well, Trip is a poor rival, etc.

Either that or my opinions tend to influence the entire fandom.
Either that or my opinions tend to influence the entire fandom.

I don't think that one person's options could influence an entire fandom. That seems like a bit much.

Anyway, I think that the original series is pretty overrated. While it's still an enjoyable watch for me, I just don't think it was the best, or even one of the best series thus far. I also find Misty extremely boring and as a result, she also feels like an overrated character. I also don't think that Johto was anywhere near as bad as many other people do. It certainly had its problems, but I still thought it was fun and actually felt like an improvement over Kanto/Orange Islands in a couple of areas, mainly with most of Ash's Pokemon having personalities and better Gym battles.
I am quite fond of Kotetsu's character, and he amuses me. It's peculiar, I can comprehend exactly why he's not viewed with much enthusiasm by a number of people, and sometimes I do think I am ridiculous for liking him, but I can't help myself. He has an appeal about him, well at least for me, that's enticing.
I like Piplup, I think he was a great character and a really unique one. So many episodes wouldn't have worked out right without Piplup. Heck, I even liked the running gag about Draco Meteor.

I think the Mewtwo movie is one of the worst ones. It's a shame, really, it looked like it was going to be awesome, but when Ash got too involved the plot steadily became more and more ridiculous (and that's coming from an Ash fan!). The second half is terrible.

That's about it. The rest of my opinions are the same or at least similar to the rest of the fandom.
The writing was at its all time best in DP

Misty is groteusqly overrated

Pikachu needs to step off and let somepoke else have the spotlight more often

The First Movie is the Worst Movie

Ash is one the worst protagonist in all of anime, if not ever, and is surrounded by pokemon, comapions, rivals, allies and enemies more interesting and likable than him

I usually like it when the Legendaries show up in the Show better than in the Movies

I like all the other TR members (including one shots) better than the Trio

There. I said my piece. (Feels good to get that off my chest)
Here are some of mine:
-Best Wishes!'s BGM is the best out of all of the four anime series (excluding movie pieces).

-The quality of the anime franchise hasn't dropped or risen over its current run.

- I hate Pokémon Theme with a burning passion.

-Satoshi and Pikachu have not suffered a reset in their abilities in Best Wishes!.
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saying only 2 statement will make nearly the entire fandom to hate me, well here it goes
1.- i like the ''you´re such a kid'' quote outside of the anime i love saing it to my friends just to them to get mad
2.- (flameshields up) i dont like misty as a companion
This one isn't too much of an unpopular opinion, more like one that's unpopular with about half the fandom: Best Wishes is better than DP, in my eyes. And that the risk this saga took are better for the series in the long run.

I also think that Iris's catchphrase is fun and should become a thing, like "Tasting Time" was. Sadly, it never really caught on.
I'd rather see Jessie, James and Meowth as robots and pseudo-competent than not seeing them at all, at least is tells us that they are still here and that everything can still happen. I also don't think that it is possible to give them a proper send-off, as they have an enormous backstory and it wouldn't be possible to cover everything in just a couple of episodes without making it feel rushed and/or crammed (and I think that they could only leave the show properly if there is something regarding Arbok, Weezing, Jessie's Blissey, Jessie's mother, Meowzie, Jessiebelle, Jessie's Dustox, James's Growlie, Persian, contests, Delibird, Victreebel, James's Cacnea, James's Chimecho, and a lot of other stuff). All in all, I don't care if Team Rocket become crap as characters in the future, I'd rather have them be bad than not having them at all (besides, even Unova JJM had a lot of cool moments, so even if they become even worse, good things will always happen, even if rarely).
I know that most of the Rocket fans don't think the same and think they should be given a closure before they get even worse, but I just can't imagine it happening and I really don't want it.
I never saw what all the fuss about the original trio was about, especially in regrades to their chemistry. Not that I thought they were terrible, just that they weren't amazing.

I think that the character changing is a good thing overall, even if I do miss some characters. I think that it encourages the writers to take risks and stops the anime from getting dull. It could be handled better for sure, but really, I'm not that annoyed by it.

I'm sure I have some others but those are the ones that come to mind. There are others but I just don't want to talk about them.
I prefer TR much more now than I did when they were their ''usual'' selves. It's not that I'm extremely interested in what they're doing or anything, it's just that they finally, unlike DP, don't take up 5 or more minutes to do the same shit all over again. They barely even appear anymore, which gives more time to develop the actual episode, and that I really, really love. So I'd much rather have them stay like the way they are now. However, I would like for Iris and Cilan to interact with them some more in a comedic way, so that's the only negative thing.

I think the trio of Ash, Misty and Brock are extremely overrated and definitely not any better than the AG or BW groups. I as well think that the OS is overrated too, not being any better than any of its successors, more than possibly DP.

I like the fact that Iris was given Dragonite, as I personally think that the both of them have been handed a really good and interesting story between them and as well have received some great development. The issues that have occured in their relationship has in my book been far more interesting than what happened with either Iris/Excadrill and Dawn/Mamoswine, but probably not Ash/Charizard.

I think Dento's ''Tasting Time'' are awfully boring and bland during battles, and a good example is the one he had with Luke. Dento is one of my favorite characters ever, but I'd rather watch grass grow than seeing him do his ''evaluating time'' during battles as they often turn out to be rather boring. They only steal up time for the battles themselves.

I LOVE Totodile. Most people I've encountered hasn't really liked the reptile, but in my opinion he's one of the most entertaining Pokémon Ash has ever caught, possibly only being second to Gible, and as I jugde a character from their ability to entertain me he's naturally one of my favorite Pokémon ever.

I dislike the English dub of BW, which most people seem to praise as it's been a huge step away from the awful DP dub, but I don't really agree at all.

I've enjoyed nearly every single gym battle in the BW Saga, which most people seem to despite. I can agree with the battle against Burgh being extremely awful, but all of the others were great in my opinion, and some were definitely among the greatest ever. Ash's battles against Brycen and Clay could've been among the weaker, but they were definitely not bad.

Okay, that's enough, or else this list could go on forever. Although I'm not sure that these opinions of mine are the opposite to the fandom's opinions, or just Bulba's.
I pretty much agree on the opinions of the majority of the fandom.
For me, the first movie is my least favorite, and Misty got to be pretty boring.
I think that AG was the strongest series, with Best wishes at a close second.
The Sommelier profession is a joke. I really like Dent and Cabernet as characters, but I can't take anything they say seriously, even when it's meant to be.
The only unpopular opinion I have is that the anime determines which Pokemon character (both human or Pokemon) will appear in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title based on his/her popularity from Japan. A lot of veteran and non-veteran users who are smarter than me disagree with this idea, which is why it's unpopular and feel ashamed for thinking of it.
Well I never really liked May's rivals. Drew, from his character design to his stupid shipping episodes with May bored me to tears, and Harley, while better, never really came together as a believable rival.

While I agree that taking away some of the original score can leave some scenes really flat, I actually find myself enjoying some of the Rival Destinies dub background music.
-Pikachu losing to "weak" Pokemon at the start of each new region. "Its power is drained at the start of each new region," it's equally if not worse writing for Pikachu to be plowing through the opposition like butter unless it's a plot point. The same could be said of Ash as well.

-DP isn't nearly as awesome as everyone makes it out to be. There were terrible episodes like Faced With Steelix Determination!, Teaching the Student Teacher!, and Up Close And Personable!.

-Team Rocket not appearing every episode is good, it forces the writers to be somewhat less lazy with plot ideas and antagonist outside of the usual TR.

-Pokemon Hunter J was more interesting than Team Galactic ever were.

-Dawn's team was very stale and the latter members were underdeveloped and seem like last minute additions for marketing purposes. Cyndaquil(HGSS), Togekiss and Mamoswine(Platinum).

-Iris' Dragonite is a fantastic addition to Iris' team, it gives her another Dragon to use, we see her struggling and working with it, and it moves her one step closer to the "Understanding the hearts of Dragons/attuning to Dragons' hearts" part of her goal, while Axew is the "Raise their power to maximum" part.

-Cilan's team is stale, mainly due to none of them having storylines/plot-points and active personalities, except maybe Pansage.

-I never saw Piplup as something to be hated upon constantly, more so comedy relief.

-Trip isn't nearly as terrible as people make him out to be.

-James' Growlie was more compelling than most of TR's Pokemon and I would have liked to see him return for BW2 advertising purposes.

-The reserves manage to be more entertaining and compelling Pokemon than the main group a lot of the times for me. For example, Krookodile is vastly more interesting and fun a Pokemon than Snivy or Scraggy with far more action-packed battles.

-Tepig was an awesome Pokemon, despite being criticized often for being personality-less and boring.

-Outrage was good, I like how it seemed like Axew had a shot of adrenaline and a "fight-or-flight" type situations with Golett.

-I never quite understood what made Cilan's Stunfisk so amazing to everyone. :

-Togekiss was a great addition to Dawn's team, mainly because of her personality as well as her potential to have been a very interesting battler. She livened up Dawn's very plain team since Buneary had 3-moveslot syndrome, Pachirisu never used Super Fang after learning it really, Piplup was for marketing, Mamoswine's potential was underused, Cyndaquil was powered up too quickly and never battled at all outside of two contest and two practice battles.

-Gible's Draco Meteor gag was awfully overused at times.

-May was more interesting than Dawn.

-Drew and Harley were better than all of Dawn's rivals.

-Nando had the potential to be a very good rival, but suffered from lack of appearances. He was something new and fresh.

-Ursula was made out to be too Harley-ish.
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