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Eat or Spit


At your service~
Feb 3, 2016
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Ello lovelies. Here's a new and fun (hopefully) little game I randomly thought of. The rules are so easy that I probably don't need to explain it. You simply offer the person below you a type of food, and they will decide if they would eat it or spit it out! Simple! ^^

Person 1: Spinach. Eat or spit?
Person 2: Spit. I don't like spinach. Potatoes?
Person 3: Eat. Cashews?

I think you got the idea. x)

Soo... without further adieu~

Being part Mexican, I love beans, especially refried beans

Bok Choy
(I think it's how it's spelled)
Never tried it, so eat.

Strawberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.
Eat, because I like Ice Cream (Even though the combination seems odd to me. o.o)

Eat it, love all kinds of sausages

Eat it. As long the seasonings were just fine.

Minions' favorite food. (If you don't get it then it's ba-ba-ba--ba-ba-nanana)
Loks very appetizing
I'll eat it

Cactus, as we call them in Spanish - Nopales
Never had then yet, willing to try them out
So Eat

Alone Ill spit it out
Mixed with something, such as cereal, I'll drink it


Willing to try it

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