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Flying through the Cyber Universe

May 14, 2010
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I guess this is gonna be my blog where I talk about random stuff. Maybe ideas for stuff,idk maybe my feelings about things

Ive been really into fantasy/sci fi stuff lately.If anyone has any recommendations,feel free to suggest them!

I especially am finding stuff like Fairies interesting. I just love them! I think a lot about if Space Fairies and Tech/Cyber/Cyberpunk Fae existed, mostly inspired by my favorite musical artist,Grimes,who likes her persona to be kinda like that,very unique honestly. Im currently trying to make up ideas for like a space fairy princess or something like that and a Human Celebi concept. Ive really never been in such a creative mood in my entire life, I have so much energy for it.

Ive also got a new career goal to get a computer and learn to code. I really want to work on something important. I dont know what I will end up doing. The concept of AI really interests me,but idk if I will end up going in that direction or not. I really am into Self Driving Cars like Tesla's Full Self Driving which I am following, I know barely anything about it though

I also wish I could get into the Astronomy/Spaceflight field but that is a real pipe dream and I doubt it but I never want to say never. I dont know what Im going to do but at least learning coding will allow me to start anyway,

I guess thats it for now. See ya.

Don't doubt your vibe.
So I guess I am gonna ramble about SPACE

God I just love it so much, Its so interesting,all my life Ive wanted go to space,jump on the Moon lol. I want to set foot on Mars, I know very likely it wont happen but I can dream, Let me have it.

Everything is space is so beautiful and mysterious, Nebulas and galaxies are my favorite things and I get excited every time a new planet gets discovered, Its awesome, I like thinking about whether life exists on them. There are so many planets potentially in habitable zones around their stars,so who knows,

Also the sheer size and distance of things is mind blowing but still interesting and we dont even know that much and there is probably so much more outside the observable universe. I think thats just all the more reason to learn all we can, and go out to explore, plus,we'll be ensuring our future by spreading outside Earth. Theres a lot of things that could do us in. Plus,it is just plain exciting. So why not? I just love it and want to learn all about it.

I guess I am somewhat of a futurist and think about the future. I think it can and will be bright,if we make it so. That will not happen if people think there is none and its hopeless.

I guess thats all for now
Remember: Love is the answer and dont doubt your vibe!
Time to talk about Artificial Intelligence. A very hot topic! A lot of you may have tried Midjourney,ChatGPT,etcTh

Im not gonna lie,I am all about A.I. I think the future is A.I. for sure,I am wanting to pursue a career in it. I feel it should be used to improve all aspects of human life.

That said,it can be used for harm,Im sure everyone knows,and its advancing quickly. Theres been a LOT of progress in a short time with more and more companies jumping on AI. That said,its nowhere close to being harmful yet.

I still find it super exciting and interesting

Post your own thoughts on A.I.

Love is the answer and dont doubt your vibe!
Hey, I happen have a lot of thoughts about this! Namely that I’m not sure that I’d agree that AI isn’t already kind of dangerous — it’s already extremely convincing — more so than the fact that it’s still rather unrefined and thus not completely convincing as of yet. But we are getting dangerously close to that point, I think; give it half a decade, at the longest, and I think that’ll make us look back at these nascent days with longing, haha.

On a more benign but still potent note, AI in the art world is something that I’ve been really thinking about in particular. As an artist, what kind of scares me is how good AI has become in creating art, and what that might mean for both the art world at large and in smaller spaces on the internet. Sure, in theory it could allow those who have artistic vision but not necessarily artistic talent to still create something amazing, and I don’t think that could ever be a bad thing. That said, it could also enable those who have neither artistic vision nor artistic talent to pretend like they have both, and to take advantage of that in ways that hurt actual artists who could’ve used that attention and recognition instead. Figuring out what qualifies as “real art” is murky, though, especially from a legal standpoint (for instance, see this article from a tech site that I frequent: AI-generated comic artwork loses US Copyright protection) There’s also issues of consent and copyright to consider given the amount of information needed for AI to work, and I’ve already heard talk about the concept of “ethical AI” in response to that (from the same site: Ethical AI art generation? Adobe Firefly may be the answer.)

Translation AI is another big one for me. DeepL seems to be crazy scary accurate for a lot of things, even extremely difficult languages like Japanese. I wonder if technology like that could be used one day to translate things that otherwise never would’ve been translated (like obscure Japanese visual novels maybe? Don’t ask me how that kind to mind first, haha). A part of me looks forward to that kind of possibility, but another part of me wonders how that might affect translation quality — especially in commercial products — given that translation is more than about, well, just translating, if you know what I mean, and how it might also affect the job market for translators (you can say that last sentence for any job that can be done by AI, really).

And of course, there’s the obvious implications that come with image- and sound-based AI (see deepfakes; I think it’s a matter of not if, but when, it all causes an international incident one day, honestly).

I think that it’s really cool that you’re into AI! Just be careful that your career there doesn’t end up being taken by AI, haha...

@Blanc and @lisianthus, both of you have done translation work, and you’re also both artists along with @Orchid! I wonder, what do you all think about AI, especially in the art and translation world? I’m sure that Shiny Celebi would love to hear your opinions!
While I think it could be dangerous and already has many ethical concerns,theres no way its slowing down,and in fact seems to be accellerating. I do think thats scary and The Singularity is coming sooner than we expect. Im not sure thats a good thing or not honestly

I will admit,I realize this take is pretty controversial,I love AI art and have fiddled around with Midjourney myself. I have some pieces Im very fond of. The thing is,its actually given me MORE inspiration to explore stuff not using AI. I dont think AI will ever really replace traditional art. Right now,its pretty easy to tell something is AI generated,it seems to have a really specific look. I understand the fear artists have though and feel bad for them. I do hope things like Adobe Firefly,which get permission from artists pop up,what woild be better is these companies PAYING artists to use their art to train the AI art generating programs,that way they can earn some income off this.

I think the future with AI is really exciting and it has a LOT of potentially great uses,especially in medicine,those brain chips could potentially help paralyzed people walk and people born blind potentially able to see. It really could help,plus self driving cars,while not nearly ready yet could enable many people not able to drive to get around. I cant drive and probably never will,so I have kind of personal interest in that part specifically.

I dont think we need to worry about a Roko's Basilisk situation anytime soon though haha.
Miss Everdeen,Its the things we love most that destroy us. I want you to remember that I said that

Hi all,I hope you're well

Ive been going through hard times and am kinda conflicted,but Im not sure how much I wanna go into it here.

The title of this entry is something Ive been thinking about for a while and Im coming around to accepting that this is an uncomfortable truth. Although this quote was said by an extremely evil character in general, its still true. President Snow stated that he would not lie to Katniss. He didnt have that much reason to really. He knew Katniss really loved Peeta ,who he'd turned into a weapon in order to kill her and he knew it would destroy her. Love is the devil ahead and the devil never sleeps. I do believe love is the answer and that we need more ,but sometimes its not all that good. You can love the wrong things and people and love can hurt you. Please I guess my message is, be careful who and what you love ,because its not all good and can be damaging and change you and not always for the better.
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