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Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

Everyone seems to balk whenever I admit it but yes I utterly dislike Gengar. Up until Gen 9's introduction of Gholdengo, it was probably like the one Ghost I hated when said type is otherwise my unquestioned favorite.

I never disliked this thing at all. I'm usually guaranteed to like the local piscine Pokemon and this is no exception. I always thought its psychedelic appearance striking. It seems like some of the frequent users here that I otherwise relate to find its lips the most uncanny aspect of it and while I guess I understand, it doesn't bother me since we're talking about a literal fish here. In fact; I think cartoon lips, which I otherwise would find uncanny myself, are honestly actually kinda stylish when it's used as a monster trait and paired with a nasty set of gnashers. Exhibit A: Piranha Plants and similar Audrey II-esque plant monsters.

Never. No matter how much it's shoved down our throats for nostalgia pandering, no matter how much they downplay it's character in the anime until they're little more than mindless battle automatons, no matter how omnipresent it becomes, never. I'll always love Charizard, probably 'till the day I die. It's my favorite Pokemon, after all, and has been for 20 years.

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