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Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

I've noticed that Kingambit has received a... particularly divisive reception here. A lot of people with a fondness for Bisharp find this new stage superfluous. Personally, partly because Bisharp is a Pokemon that I honestly can barely think of for like five seconds; Kingambit's absurd traits actually makes me care about it. From how it never uses its legs at all in the overworld and literally rides on its throne-like hair like a roomba, to its attack Kowtow Cleave having it, as the name suggests, bow down as if giving up only to whack the opponent with the blade atop its head; and it being even more evocative of both a chess piece and a military authoritarian (with the Pokedex even characterizing it as a leader than brazenly depends on brute force), it gives this steel-clad beast such an over-the-top personality that makes me actually remember it. It's not a high favorite, but I quite fancy it amongst Paldea's offerings of cross-generational evolutions.

Ash Greninja.
I don't like Ash Greninja at all, it doesn't have anything to do with the games and should stay anime-only.
The water shuriken on its back is cool but the "hair" looks really bad.

It's inoffensive and honestly kind of endearing in a dopey manner. I know my close internet friend Rainami (As of this writing, it's her birthday, btw) finds Greedent adorable in that 'derpy' disposition; she may be an edgy girl but she's got a fondness for Pokemon with such goofy dispositions (E.g. Clodsire, Alolan Exeggutor, Bellibolt, and of course, Stunfisk, her favorite Pokemon). Some other internet people I'm acquainted with like Strider/Guzma (not to be confused with guzmania above) also enjoy (ironically in Strider's case, we both don't have high opinions on that show) comparing it to a certain protagonist from an infamous Seth McFarlane animated sitcom. I can't really dislike it. It's a goofy chunky squirrel.

Coalossal, on his own merits is a Fine Pokemon. Maybe a bit samey, we really do get a lot of these big hulking rock-type guys, but he does pretty solid at it. However, as the cash-in to the check that Rolycoly and Carkoal wrote? I could not be more disappointed in this guy. They took a couple of guys with rolly little wheels themed around coal and minecarts and stuff, and instead of cashing in on that build-up with some kinda steam-train design, they instead just give us Yet Another Big Bulky Rock Monster. And then they have the gall, the fucking audacity, to make the line's first ability slot an exclusive called "Steam Engine." They knew what we wanted. They knew where they were setting our expectations. And yet they refused to deliver. One of the most disappointing evolutions I've ever seen.

I just think on the merits of a piscine Pokemon; it is rather generic and unfulfilling. There was a meme associated with it that seemingly ironically heaped praise on it, with the exact, vulgar statement "Fuck Yeah Seaking!", and that's the most I can remember from it. Particularly since my friend used said meme as a muse for her first username on here and she's more than embarrassed on that account. It also doesn't help that as a fictitious goldfish; the debut of Chi-Yu, which is my favorite Legendary, casts such an encroachingly pitch black shadow on it that Seaking might as well be cosmically a mere afterthought.

For a time, Genesect was my favorite Mythical Pokemon in the franchise; my tastes in Pokemon have shifted around and I wouldn't particularly say I'm as fond of it as I was before. That doesn't necessarily mean I dislike it now, however.

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