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Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

Nah, I like Obstagoon. It adds an extra element of evolution and power to the Zigzagoon line (if only in Gen 8 though,) and it has a memorable and interesting concept and design. (y) Plus, it's a Dark type, and I very rarely dislike Dark types, since they're among some of my favorites.

Rillaboom is probably the one starter Pokemon of Galar that I have the least animosity towards; which is a pretty bare praise. I have a severe distaste towards Cinderace and Inteleon looks too anthropomorphic and it made me stop caring about Sobble by association. If anything, the only thing I can say about this primate is that it being a drum-bearing ape kind of lends itself to Donkey Kong Jungle Beat/Donkey Konga references.

I do in fact hate that abomination. why is its stupid face just a circle? who thought that was a good idea? the normal type version is more intimidating that the dark type. the whole point of the dark type is that it supposed to look like it can and will kill you!

Look, I know it's objectively terrible in terms of usability but I can't not love it. It's the Pokemon equivalent of a cordyceps-infected corpse. I can't just not appreciate such a morbidity. The infamy it and its younger ilk attained from Legends Arceus also does nothing to me when I was a Zubat fan since day one and still am.

I like these fellas. I've never really been one to inherently dislike objectmons and honestly never understood the ire. I especially like how his markings still look like a face in different ways no matter how they're oriented. It's neat!

I don't have any problems with the design, but I've had to fight one too many Jirachis with serene grace, thunder wave and iron head to like it.

it's unbearable, but still somehow a step above rellor. incredible. almost so bad it's good. almost.
...but once again, good in comparison to rellor. how, i wonder? nobody knows.

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