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Guess that reference!

Spooky’s jumpscare mansion (watched way too many videos on it lmao

“It seems after all I couldn't be anything more than a simple puppet.
But you three... You're strong.
With a power like that...
Maybe you three can break your own strings.
Let me become your strength.”
Evangelion ADV Dub Episode 22 - Asuka to Shinji

"What the heck's the matter with you, what are you doing to me, boy ? You're hopeless, man ! I wanna kiss you and you're asking my favorite color."
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The crows from a hat in time

"When the cops aren't around, everything's legal"
A Dream Nail-read thought from the Godseeker; during the Pantheon of Hallownest in Hollow Knight.

"And if whatever you're shooting doesn't die after you pump eight thirty-two-caliber slugs into it, it's probably a dragon."
No idea, probably from an episode or something where a character is cloned

“I'll kill a thousand more...Will that be enough, father?”
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