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How many times have you traded over Wi-Fi?

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Too many to remember and too lazy to look. Most of my friends live far enough away that getting together with someone to trade in person isn't easy but thanks to wifi I can play Pokemon the way it was meant to be played, owning one version while you trade with a friend that has the other. Between the three gba games, a couple friends that have Platinum, anyone they knew playing, and a few trips to the gts, completing the entire Pokedex in Diamond was actually pretty easy. I mean there were some I never got to keep myself but borrowing them did help me make my dex the first legitimately completed pokedex (and only as completing the same 493 dex two more times for my other ds games is boring).
not as much as I'd like to. I have boxes of eevees.
In Pearl, just over 60 trades, most on the GTS for things like version exclusives. The rest were with my best friend who had acquired most of the rarest legendaries from his little stepbrother's game. He traded them all over so I would have the dex entries. And sometimes I just browse the GTS to see if anyone's looking for a rarer Pokemon I happen to have, like version exclusives or the other two starters. I have boxes and boxes of Pokemon I will probably never train past evolving them for their dex entries, figure I might as well give them to someone who may actually have a use for them. XD
With friends, none.

With GTS, about ten. Mostly there just for the trade evolve glitch.
I now farm Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon in Emerald holding Master Balls using the clone glitch. I put them up on the GTS in SoulSilver regularly, pretty much always getting the Pokemon I want in a matter of (maximum) three days, and have traded a total of 224 times as of 2/21/2012.
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