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LT's Brainstorming Blog

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Possible Fantasy Kalos Idea (celebrating the reveal of Pokemon Legends: Z/A)

Many years before Ash embarked on his journey through Kalos, incarnations of him, Misty, Brock, and Serena made their mark in the history books as the Four Lights of Illumis--modern day Lumiose City. At that time, Kalos was known as Ravisse, and Queen Diantha had successfully re-opened Waku to the world--an event known to history as the Opening of Waku. Around the same time, Queen Diantha announced an urban redevelopment plan, that would hopefully transform Illumis into a grand city were people and Pokemon could live, work, and play together.

The opening of Waku also opened up the musketeer corps to foreign born Kalosian citizens--including many Wakunese that had taken Europan names. These included incarnations of Ash, Misty, and Brock. They very quickly rose through the ranks of the corps, and together with their runeblade ally Serena, became three of the most reliable heroes in the corps. Serena was also made an honorary musketeer, as thanks for her help in Ash's, Misty's, and Brock's adventures.

Together, these four best friends thwarted a variety of threats, and became immortalized in history, the arts and legend, serving as a beacon of guidance to their incarnations in the modern day...
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Quickie Minstrel Idea

In a fantastic Pokemon world far from the one we know, the pearl is the most sacred of stones, representing purity, hope and grace. But when many pearls began raining down from the heavens, many worried for Arceus and the Legendaries.

The fates of the Legendaries, however, would not be fought for with sword, arrow, and spell, but through a greater, more powerful magic--a minstrel's song.

So when a band of four minstrels discovered the many pearls raining down upon the world, they took it upon themselves to travel across the world, picking up what pearls they could, and returning them to heaven via shrines and temples. But little do Ash, Misty, Brock, and Serena know, is that Arceus and the Legendaries are sealed in pearls themselves, only to be freed with the power of song.

What wonders, terrors, and surprises await our merry band? A musical tale of pearls starts now!
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Transforming Actors Idea (inspired by the upcoming Princess Peach: Showtime!)

The Arcoba Theater--one of Mesagoza's most iconic theaters--and often used by both the Naranja and Uva academies when the school stage won't be enough to handle a play. Many come from all over the Pokeworld to see its troupes in residence, visiting troupes, and school troupes alike.

Ash, Misty, and Brock were among the many visitors coming to watch Liko, Roy, Juliana, Nemona, and the rest of the Naranja Academy theater students put on the zarzuela "The Red Valiant", with Liko in the lead. But moments before the show was due to start, the evil Cassiopeia--Cassie, for short--and her loyal guardians of Team Star ransacked the theater, and managed to rewrite all the scripts in the theater's library, plus kidnap the students!

Luckily, Ash's Meloetta Melody said, there was a way to undo the damage Cassie and Team Star had created--enter the worlds of the various plays, and undo all the rewrites to their stories that Cassie and Team Star had caused, rescuing the Naranja students along the way.

With Melody's musical magic, and the spirit of heroes burning brightly in their hearts, Ash, Misty, and Brock vowed to undo Team Star's rewrites, restore each play's happy ending, rescue the Naranja students, and restore the Arcoba Theater to its full glory--so the Naranja Academy's show could go on!
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Building on the SS Anne (a sneak peek of the SS Anne arc)

In reading over the original version of the SS Anne arc's first episode, I got to thinking about how you never really do much on the ship in the games besides battle the passengers, battle Gary again, and heal the seasick captain to get Cut. So what if we just take an episode or two to explore the ship in all its glory (and lure the Trio into a false sense of security) before we bring Team Rocket in?

So I would draw on and Pokemonize some amenities of some real cruise ships (ideally from lines that are known to make stops in Japan) to build the SS Anne.

In the show Team Rocket gives the gang the ticket, but since I have a very specific place I want to put them, I may find a way to work Bill into Vermilion and have him give the gang tickets, as he does in the games.

Plus, why stop at one event on the ship when the gang could make several stops (which of course is ruined when Team Rocket crashes everything)?

I'm going to guess Alola (foreshadowing Sun/Moon).

To build my expanded SS Anne, I'm drawing on real cruise ships that are known to stop in Japan--based on my preliminary research, Carnival (their Japan route stops in Yokohama, nee Vermilion, so that's a plausible candidate for the SS Anne), Royal Caribbean, and Princess all stop in Japan.
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Some Preliminary Info about the re-imagined SS Anne (planning for Lightning Yellow)

--Her sister ships are the SS Amy and the SS Aika

The Trio's room is #164 on Deck 9

--There is a sports deck with basketball courts, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts (and Ping Pong), an archery range, to name a few items
--There are movies under the stars each night (sadly, the Trio only get to see two out of the planned two weeks of movies before the Team Rocket attack)
--There is all manner of live music, dancing, and theater, as well as comedy and variety acts

Unlike the real world, you are not nickel and dimed for everything
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Diamonds of the Colorful Skies Help (a request for help unsticking writer's block for the story)

After the snow melts in their current location, the Trio and Serena arrive in the town of Bigrotte--so named for the many gem mines in the caves around the town, which locals and visitors are encouraged to mine from. But what sort of adventure could I create there that's not a monster or puzzle parade?
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Diamonds of the Colorful Skies Help (a request for help unsticking writer's block for the story)

After the snow melts in their current location, the Trio and Serena arrive in the town of Bigrotte--so named for the many gem mines in the caves around the town, which locals and visitors are encouraged to mine from. But what sort of adventure could I create there that's not a monster or puzzle parade?
Perhaps they go into the cave to look for someone who got lost? You don't NEED a villain for that.
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

About the Phantom Thieves of Lumineux (revisiting an old idea inspired by Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 and a little of Persona 5)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Lumineux, not all thieves are rogues and scoundrels out to cause trouble--some of them steal for a good reason. So when a wave of jewel thefts swept the capital of Lanteville, a gang of noble thieves known as the Arc d'Lune (moonbow) Gang sprang into action, seeking to take back the many jewels that have been stolen, and bring those who stole them to justice.

The Arc d'Lune Gang mainly carries out their missions by night--the Lanteville police force understand that the gang are noble thieves, and are not to arrest them, but provide help should a mission go awry. Led the brave and agile swordsman Ash, codenamed Rouge, the gang's eight members usually pose as traveling entertainers by day, allowing them to get close to and survey their target, and locate the jewel they have been asked to find. Once the jewel has been located and a heist plan drawn up, one of the group leaves the gang's calling card--a glittering card with a coded message unique to each target. Serena (codenamed Doree), devised the code used on the calling cards--but should their target crack the code on the calling card, they will find it is a warning that the gang is coming to take back the treasure they stole. So far, only a handful of the gang's hundreds of targets have ever managed to crack the code and discover their own personalized warning. But according to Serena, she wants the coded messages to be decoded--the fact that very few messages have been cracked is a testament to how strong it is.

Each night, the Arc d'Lune sets out in pursuit of a new target--and every heist is a new surprise. But will they ever pull off the greatest heist of all--bringing the mastermind of the jewel thefts to justice?
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@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Ancient Johto Idea (very loosely based on movie 2 and this picture)

In an ancient Pokeworld far from the one we know, the well known prophecy about not disturbing the harmony of fire, ice and lightning had a much more expansive meaning--not disturbing the harmony of the elementals themselves--a lot more than fire, ice and lightning.

So when an evil sect tried to capture Lugia, and ended up scattering the many sacred pearls kept in Harmony Cave, the world felt the effects--harsh droughts, windstorms, and thunderstorms ruined crops, and many went hungry. The people's cries resonated to the Verdant Jade Grove, where the Eight Spirits made their hideaway.

Ruby Phoenix felt sorry for the people, and rallied the other seven Spirits to get ready for a grand quest across the land to reunite the sacred pearls, find Lugia, and defeat those who wished to capture him.

What wonders and terrors await the Eight Spirits on their quest? Can they restore the harmony of fire, ice, and lightning to the world?
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