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Contest Metagross vs. Hydreigon

Ranger Jack Walker

Not a Power Ranger
Oct 24, 2008
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Metagross the steel thingy vs. Hydreigon, the Hydra with arm-Heads.

Who would win?

Who do you prefer?

Who is more useful?

Metagross wins this one. It is has the epic Meteor Mash, its signiture move.(Screw Clefable, it never uses Meteor Mash)

While Hydreigon is definitely cool, I consider its pre-evolutions to be the 2 most ugliest Pokemon in existence. Not badly designed but just horribly ugly.
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Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

Who would win?
*shrug* Maybe the Hydra, since it's part Dark.
Who do you prefer?
Who is more useful?

I'm not too keen on Sazandra's earlier forms either. This might change when they appear in the anime. (Worked for the Chimchar line for me.)

Anyways, Hydra Dragon > Steel UFO thing. It's got the better design and its got a unique typing.
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

Metagross would win in a battle, but I prefer Sazandra's design/typing/movepool.
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

You people forget: Sazandra has Fire Blast, and the Speed to get two of them on Metagross. Flamethrower also works.

Sazandra wins.
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

For Hoenn pride I went with Metagross. Mine has always pulled through with it's awesome ability to take hits and hit back harder.
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

Metagross has four brains. Yeah, I'll be going with him.
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

Metagross. How it went from useless to awesomeness is a good story. And its a supercomputer.
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

Once again, Hydra > everything else. It's like Chuck Norris, you are fighting for second best every time.
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

I'm gonna pick Sazandra. it's awesome!
Re: Metagross vs. Sazandra

I think I'll be going with Metagross. I just like how he looks and he has Meteor Mash.
A defensive/SpA invested Hydreigon will get Fire Blast off first, crippling Metagross. Then it will survive anything that Metagross throws at it with Focus Sash and destroy it with another Fire Blast.
A defensive/SpA invested Hydreigon will get Fire Blast off first, crippling Metagross. Then it will survive anything that Metagross throws at it with Focus Sash and destroy it with another Fire Blast.

Not really. Metagross can learn Bullet Punch to kill Hydriegon by attacking first on the second turn.

Such things are situational though.
Choice Fire Blast easily OHKO's Metagross with 252 HP investment and has an 81.25% chance to OHKO 252/252 HP/SP Def Metagross so Hydreigon takes this.
1. Hydreigon, with access to Fire Blast and a much higher SpA than Salamence

2. Hydreigon, because I like dragons

3. Both are pretty useful, but they are also equally frustrating (Beldum has a catch rate of 3, and Deino has Hustle).
Metagross is one of my favorite pokémon ever, so yeah, I'm biased.
It is also one of the best in terms of tanking hits and hitting hard, and would defeat Hydreigon in a fight.no because hydreigon is an special attacker and I keep forgetting that

Though I do like Hydreigon a bit (yet I preffer its preevolutions)... But still, Metagross is by far my prefference.

Amusingly enough, for some reason when I first saw it I thought the Deino line was a dragon/grass type, a type convination I've been looking forward forever. I just thought they looked like some weird purple plant.
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Who would win?


Who do you prefer?

Although I prefer steel over dragon, I'll go with Hydreigon, since Metagross' design is very very weird.

Who is more useful?

Hydreigon, I guess?
I voted Metagross way back when this thread was first created.

I've since changed my mind. Metagross is definitely cool, but I like Hydreigon's design better. I also like that it's special based, which is awesome. Lastly, Fire Blast would probably defeat Metagross in a battle more often than not.

So yeah, I like them both, but I like Hydreigon more.
My mistake, Metagross would indeed only (barely) take the Fire Blast from an offensive Hydreigon if it were equally deffensively built... in which case it'd mean not KOing Hydreigon anyway.

And it's not even practical for Metagross to invest in special stats at all to begin with, so yeah. I stand corrected.
Who would win?
One hit from a Fire Blast, or even a Flamethrower from Hydreigon and Metagross is toast.

Who do you prefer?
Both have unique types, stats, move pools, appearances, and various capabilities in battle. I like both of them a lot, but Hydreigon slightly trumps Metagross being a Dragon type (my favourite type)

Who is more useful?
As I stated above they both have very versatile move pools and can pull off a number of different strategies in battle. I would say though Hydreigon being more specially orientated makes it slightly more useful in my opinion.

So all in all Hydreigon gets my vote.
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