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New title? Darkrai VS Cresselia?


Apr 27, 2007
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I'm not sure this is real but... someone on Pokéani posted this:

Seems like "Darkrai VS Cresselia" will air 27.11 instead of being a break that day
But someone should check if this is confirmed

Google translation
Yesterday, I retain very shy of the December issue is the POKEANICHEKKU, 11/27, "Lai VS KURISERIA Dark (tentative)" was written for me! ! ? ?
You might have some chance to break! ! Dark rye, but what I can KURESERIA? Mikazuki Island Chapter Did you mean?


I DID find that the Japanese TV magazine "Terebi-kun" has announced the tentative title "Darkrai VS Crescelia" to air November 27th.

So it's confirmed now... interesting
I guess that's why Darkrai was in that... "mascot stick" thing together with Lucario (for Riley's episode) and Piloswine that obviously means Swinub evolve in November-December (and Chimchar also around that time or in January)
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Since Dogasu closed the other announcement thread, I'll just post this here. I believe I found the source for the two Wikipedia titles through some googling - A prank pulled by Spanish Pokemon site "Eternia-FR".

The news report sources Pokeani, and clicking on the link takes you to another site on their server where a faked image of Pokeani's front page "reveals" the titles if you scroll down a bit.

Yeah, image, not site mockup. Come on, did they really think they'd trick anyone that way? I can see people taking the news at face value, especially those who can't read Japanese, but... people will kinda see it's not the real Pokeani upon clicking on the link.
The only way Newmoon Island can be showcased is if the Member Card item is finally going to be distributed to Japanese players. If that is the case, a Wi-Fi distribution is possible in light of the recent Secret Key event, as well as the fact that Darkrai has already had a Wi-Fi event (even though it involved Ranger Batonnage).

Of course, it is also distinctly possible that Darkrai will simply appear on Fullmoon Island without alluding to its true habitat, and Newmoon Island will remain uncharted territory.
Hey, ahh... I did hear that the episode was confirmed, but couldn't we wait for more information. I mean, remember the last time someone thought it was confirmed on Pokeani, it turned out that the "confirmed" episode titles were actually fakes?

You know, the ones ivolving DP080-DP081 where it was stated that May/Dawn fight Wallace after defeating Dawn/May, and having to deal with a Yanmega disrupting the town, and the Piloswine episode, respectively?

It was heavily believed that those fake-pisode titles were real due to what Pokeani said, and yet, it was confirmed that they were fakes.

see more here: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/archive/index.php/t-28267.html
It's so irritating when every time a new title is revealed everyone acts like "maybe it's fake"
If people on Pokéani say the read it in a magazine (like with this episode) than it's real... I doubt all the people on Pokéani's forum made a plan to trick all of us -_-
Wait, so it is true? I just saw the Bulbabot do an annoucement post for it.
Sinnoh has so many legendaries that some of them were bound to wind up in normal episodes.

This will be Cresselia's debut?
This doesn't mean Cresselia won't appear in a movie
Don't start with this now...
This is also ep 104, correct? And that Riley/Lucario was ep 108?

So there are only 3 missing titles we don't know about now? Perhaps this might be a multi-parter...

So there are only 3 missing titles we don't know about now? Perhaps this might be a multi-parter...

If it'll be more than 1 episode it'd probably be no more than 2 ...
So we'd have 2 more episodes... Gym? I think they'll keep it to the final of these Canalave episodes... I'd like a Contest but they'd probably know already if this city had a Contest
Maybe Galactic or J

It is true. It's up on PokeAni's front page.

This totally confirm this and Riley's episodes since Pokéani put the titles on the site itself only after they checked and it's sure

I see they wrote this episode (Darkrai) is "104 ?"... so maybe it's not sure it's 104 ? maybe there's something before/after it? and I don't know why Riley's episode is "?" no number at all... we do know it's 108 (it;s 108 on the scene of the script book and the blog itself also say 108)

Can anyone translate the following?

Google makes no sense of this... I see things about 1 hour and 2 hour special and a possibility of break? all that about the 27.11 ... also something about Riley possibly stay until 110 ?
Someone really should try and translate this...
I was expecting something like this to happen. After all, there is so much talk in the games how Cresselia and Darkrai are opposites. Now to see that carry over into the anime is great.

My only question is will this Darkrai be the same one as did appear in the movie, or a totally different one? The latter seems more likely, considering it has precident. But it would be interesting if it were the same Darkrai again.

I knew that Fullmoon Island's Presence on the Anime Promotional Map was not a meaningless coincidence!

I hope that Sailor Namiki and his son who has nightmares both appear!

YAY for Game Events!
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the main series is TOTALLY delivering the goods lately. First we get Team Galactic, then Aaron, then Jun, then word of Riley, and now fjkdhslkd!

I am SO STOKED for this, you have no idea. <3
They have so many legendaries this gen that most of the plots had to carry over in normal episodes, given that Movie 12 will probably be the last DP era movie.

I'm surprised the writers suddenly had a change of heart with all these game characters though.

Jun, Wallace, Riley, Cynthia, Cyrus, the Sinnoh Elite 4, even Emerald May...its like they're catering to all the characters from the games now.

I'm half-expecting Lance to make another appearance just for the hell of it.
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