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PMD: Liberandum Academy

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Falchion simply gave an exasperated sigh, which sounded somewhat odd with the metallic twinge in his voice, and began inspecting his claws. After determining that they were sharp enough, the blades retracted, and he crossed his arms and gave glances through all of the Pokemon assembled there. If they wanted to leave themselves as sitting ducks, that was fine with him. He wouldn't bother to save them once they were standing in front of death's door.
"I highly doubt that we're going to be attacked on a train" Flynn thought to himself, with a look of confusion on his face. He heard the Sandile introduce it self, then looked at her bag which appeared to be leaking sand. He took a few of the grains that had fallen, and used Sand Tomb on them, causing the grains to spin in front of him. Flynn found this activity quite amusing, as he moved the small pile back and forth in front of him.
Royal just stretched again before extending a hand from his seat, not bothering to get up as the others had, waving a few bars of chocolate in the air.

"I'm Royal!" he said, smiling a bit at the other Pokemon, despite the fact that most of them seemed disinterested and, at worst, annoyed. "And I've got plenty of chocolate if anyone's got a sweet tooth!"
Captain, though pretending to stay asleep, quickly opened one eye on the mention of chocolate. With this one eye, he looked slowly at the other Pokemon- the first of which he saw were a Sandile, Vibrava and a Sandshrew. There were certainly a lot of Ground Types, to be sure... he wondered how many of these Pokemon actually collected treaure rather than batteling. In this case, he'd immediatly consider them a rival.
Grace noticed that some pokemon were still keeping to themselves. She decided to just ask for their names, she hated leaving other pokemon out of a convseration because she knows what it feels like. First she looked at the Quilava,

"So how about your name?" she asked him, hoping for an answer.
((I finally found Grace's theme song!MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme (EXTENDED 1 HOUR) - YouTube . Yes, the title means I'm a brony.
((Sorry, I have toruble keeping track of characters. just pretend that i said cyndaquil))
Noticing that the Oshawott who had previously been sleeping was now awake and seemed to be poking around the cabin looking for something, Hunter quickly zipped up his bag, making sure that the curious water type didn't touch his possesions.
Sandi spilled a little bit of the sand onto her bed and began lying down in it.
Camari woke up once things calmed down, and peeked around. Once she decided the coast was clear, she dropped off of the ceiling, using her cape to slow her fall. Upon landing, she walked clumsily back to her seat, avoiding everyone else to the best of her ability.
Veran winced as Grace asked for his name. Why me? He thought as he decided on what to say. "Ummm... I'm... Veran." What was that!? That was the worst inroduction ever. He berated himself silently.
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Flynn had gotten bored of playing with the sand, and noticed that everyone now had introduced themselves except an Oshawott, who appeared to be looking for something, and an Emolga, which Flynn had forgotten about, that had now returned from the ceiling. He asked, outloud, "So what's your names?" hoping the Pokemon understood that he was asking to both to them.
"Nice to meet you Veran," Grace smiled. "It's okay if you don't want to talk."
Falchion, deciding that he may as well introduce himself while everyone else was, rather suddenly stood upright, and pounded one of his arms against his chest in some sort of a salute, the colliding metal producing a rather sharp CLANG sound. "I am Falchion, hailing from the Scimitar clan, a gathering of my people that is situated far away from these grounds." He spoke with a sort of pride to his voice, and obviously revered the place from which he had come. "I have come here not only to procure knowledge and experience from this establishment, but to serve as an ambassador for my people so that we may one day rise to a greater standing than we have before."

OOC: Some kind of a theme song for Falchion. Yes, I did actually make this myself.
Camari's ears twitched as she heard somebody say something. She turned to the source of the voice, hiding most of her face shyly. "Excuse me... were you... talking to me?" She asked, wincing when a sharp clang rang through the air.
OOC: Who is on the couches? Sorry, I haven't really been able to keep track of where everyone is in the cabin.
OOC: everyone is in the cabin..... the positions are a little unclear

Flynn looked to the Emolga and responded calmly, "Yes I was"
"Oh, um..." Camari stammered, twitching her ears in embarrassment. After a moment, she uncovered her face. "Camari... My name is Camari." She said, immediately hiding her face again.
"Thats cool, how you have a diplomatic role as well as a dream" said Devon to Falchion.
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