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PMD: Liberandum Academy

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Camari eventually stopped shaking, and flew up to the ceiling of the cabin. She found a spot she could hang from, and proceeded to take a nap upside down, with her cape covering everything but her ears, which were flat against her head to block out sound.
Veran had been having trouble reading ever since the Pawniard had entered the room and started to sharpen his blades. The constant shrill noise made him unable to concentrate and while he initially pulled out the book just to avoid conversation, he had become engrossed in it during the time he had been reading it. Frustrated, he set the book down and searched inside his bag for something else to do.
Seing that the Pawniard's constant sharpening to his blades was bothering almost everyone currently in the cabin, Hunter took it upon himself to remove his earplugs and confront him. Making his way over to the Pawniard, he asked

: Could you stop doing that? It's extremely annoying, and I don't have enough earplugs for everyone.

((If anyone wants to use the character pics, they can be accessed at this link: http://s1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd398/TobiasMoon/Pokemon Portraits/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ36 ))
Grace naively smiled at the Yamask, "Yes, I love chocate!" She replied, Grace didn't beleive that there were such things as stupid questions.
"So what's your name?" she asked.
"Cabin C-2?"Alice thought looking up at the cabin numbers with her backpack hanging on...well,her back."Here it is!"she exclaimed happily and entered.Seeing that several pokémon were already there,she timidly entered."Uhmm...hello..."she greeted timidly.

All of a sudden the train lurched and the TV flickered on above everyone. "Hello students, my name is Headmaster Swellow. You are currently on your way to the academy in the fastest bullet rain, which is run by a group of hard working Digletts and other Ground types. Anyways, please get comfortable with the people you are in your cabin with, because they will be the people living on your dorm floor with you. So make nice and have some good conversation, or else it will be a very long year! See you at the orientation!" blurted a speaker from the TV. This recording played to all new students arriving at the academy.
"So, how about sharing names? Im Devon" said the Treeko, standing up from his seat in the corner.

OOC: If you haven't had you character get on the train, have them start on the train and ay they got lost or something.
Royal relaxed a little and smiled more, happy that the Kirlia didn't bring any attention to his dumb joke, hoping she didn't even here it.

"Awesome! I have plenty. I brought them for the trip, but I doubt even I could finish ten chocolate bars in a couple of hours..."

He reached across the aisle of the car and slipped a chocolate bar into her hand gently before settling into his seat again.

"The name's Royal," he said with an ounce of hesitation. "Well... that's what I decided to call myself when I woke up as a ghost..." He realized what he said sounded uncomfortably morbid and tried to lighten the mood again with another grin.

"I decided to call myself that because I woke up in a Burger King..."

Hearing the sound of yet another one of his nervously stupid jokes, he smiled sheepishly at the Kirlia again and settled back into his seat more, resolving to stop trying with the jokes.

"What about you?" He asked, genuinely curious.

Before he could hear her answer, he started a bit at the sound coming from the monitor, listening intently. Hearing that these would be the Pokemon he would be spending the year with, he scanned the car carefully, smiling to himself. They all seem cool enough, he thought. This might actually end up being an awesome year...
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Alexandria had been one of the last people to board the train. As her place in the line grew closer to the train she stood still, gazing up at it in awe. It was nothing like anything she had seen before, but then again, up until now, all she had known was a small village in who-knows-where. She realized what she would be facing to fulfill her mother's dream: the constant self awareness that had driven her insane before, to the point where she couldnt go 15 minutes without checking her appearance with a mirror or making sure her obnoxious bangs and curls were in order. The constant effort to make herself has likable as possible in order to avoid harassment and hurtful remarks from others. Finally, facing her self-doubts about her abilities and her appearance. She had dealt with these issues on a daily basis at home, but she blamed herself for her decision to go to a prestigious school with hundreds of attendees that had the opportunity to make her life a living hell.

Alexandria made a weak smile towards the conductor as he handed her her ticket. She waited until she had entered the train to let out a loud sigh. Alexandria had thought that she would be traveling on the train alone, not with a group of people. She solemnly walked to cabin C-2 clutching her belongings. After a long walk she quietly but quickly entered the room without a word. She promptly sat on one of the two couches on the far edge against its armrest. Alexandria finally relaxed, but knew that this wasn't the end of the day. Not yet, at least.

She sat silently, holding her ruby pendant close to her heart to remind herself of the reason that she was making these sacrifices: her mother. The woman who had worn this pendant many years ago. It also reminded her of her family back in the village. One day away from them and she was already thinking about writing letters.
Flynn heard the message and decided to introduce himself next, "I'm Flynn" he stated, also stretching his wings and returning them back to his side quickly, causing a small breeze to blow around him. He then noticed a Vulpix enter the cabin, obviously trying to do so as quietly as possible.
"I-I am Alice,a pleasure to be with you all"Alice said smiling sweetly.As she did that,her collar's bell chimed once.Then she headed to a couch and sat down quietly.
Veran said nothing as the others began to introduce themselves; he hoped that the two newcomers to the cabin would draw attention to themselves so that he wouldn't have to say anything, but he knew that most likely someone would notice and call him out, but at least he wouldn't have to talk for a while.
After going over all of her belongings, making sure that she brought everything as planned, Alexandria noticed a Vibrava eyeing her. She nervously smiled at him, but then shifted her back to her belongings, doing so to try to distance herself from a conversation. She used this technique often in school back at home, but she had never used luggage as a distraction. Once she thought about it more, she realized that she was starting to feel lonely for the first time in six years. She thought that it might be the company of her family throughout the day that was the reason that prevented her from being alone for all this time.

Now that she thought about it, Alexandria would welcome a conversation, for once in her life. She had doubts about this spiratic mental decision, because any conversation always runs the risk of being made fun of. Alexandria shook her head in an effort to clear her thoughts, as I'd her mind was an etchasketch (no idea how to spell that, and auto-correct isn't helping). She closed her eyes, trying to sleep, but was startled by a Kirlia announcing her name to the students in the cabin. Alexandria admired her courage to break the awkward silence that had been brewing in the cabin since she had arrived. She sat up, fiddling with her pendant again. Maybe that would strike up a conversation.
Falchion, however, did not take kindly to Hunter's speaking to him. Matter of fact, his initial response to the confrontation was to position his blades dangerously close to the Sandshrew's head out of impulse, then slowly backing them away, but by no means was any any less hostile. "Those who are not prepared for combat are susceptible to ambush. One must always be prepared to fight for his life at any given moment. A value you fools obviously do not honor." He spoke in a voice almost as sharp as his weapons, sounding somewhat metallic and very, very displeased.
: paranoid much?

Hunter then turned away from the strange, psychotic Steel type and walked back to his seat, nodding to those who had already introduced themselves, and said

: the name's Hunter. Pleasure to meet you.
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Alice was a bit uncomfortable with those other pokémon that were around her.But she can't do anything about it.She closed her eyes.
"My name's Grace" she said. Yes! Finally something's going on... she thought to herself. "It's great to meet all of you!"
"Sandi." Sandi chirped, looking around. "I brought some sand if anyone likes it!"

Sandi pointed to her bag on the luggage rack which had a few grains of sand dropping out of it.
Alexandria remained quiet and still, following one of the many rules that she had invented over the course of her school career: looking invisible distances you from most conversations. She began going through the things that she had brought with her: letters, a fountain pen, a large box filled with letters, and an old album filled from end to end with pictures of all of her siblings, toiletries, and 30 postage stamps.

Alexandria began feeling nautious with the growing amount of socializing Pokémon around her. She shuddered, and leaned up against the armrest of the couch, trying to doze off and end this nightmare.
Captain rolled over, and slowly began to wake up. He didn't remember much of what had happened, other than the fact he was on his way to Liberdum Academy.
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