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Pokemon Movie 16 Short: Pikachu and Eevee Friends


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Oct 30, 2010
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Summary from Sunyshore.

Pikachu goes to play for the first time with many other kawaii Pokemon at the Eevee's home, "Eevee House"! Due to Meowth's mishcheif there's an uproar at the all summer Eevee House?!
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I wonder if that Eevee will evolve during the short, or there will just be a separate new Eeveelution.

Are movie shorts here to stay?
I'm not sure how I feel about another Pikachu short. I'd prefer it if they used that time to help out the actual movie, especially when Pikachu shorts haven't really appealed to me for awhile. Although, I haven't seen the Meloetta short, so I don't know if that's any better and maybe the run time they'll give for the Genesect movie will out generally fine like it did for the Kyurem movie.
Has anybody else noticed that a Wobbuffet is standing next to Meowth on the poster?

Well, Wobbuffet did reappear alongside Meowth in "Search for the Rinka Berries". Presumably, the writers are still quite happy to work him into the shorts if they want to use him.
Well, Wobbuffet did reappear alongside Meowth in "Search for the Rinka Berries". Presumably, the writers are still quite happy to work him into the shorts if they want to use him.
Wobbuffet was hardly the only past Pokémon that was brought back for the Meloetta shorts. This time around, Wobbuffet seems to be a special case, which may mean that it will appear in Episode N, as well.
I have to admit that I'm really disappointed by the fact that the Pikachu shorts are back for good, I think the Kyurem movie would have been a lot better if we had some more time to develop the main cast.
Man, being in the minority that really doesn't care for Eevee and it's kin is making current events kind of irksome.
Pikachu shorts are pretty cute when they aren't so cookie cutter, so I don't mind this short. I've grown to somewhat like Eeveelutions since BW2 begin compared to before where I found most of them to be overrated messes. So, Sonasu is back? Nyasu goes gaga for one of the Eevees or all of them, meaning one or more are female. Looks like it could be fun, hoping for some good like the first Pikachu short which was very good or Pichu Bros. shorts. I guess the Lucario Movie short was fine too. Leafia, Glacia, and Showers look pretty cute in that pic.
I kinda hope they don't have another Eeveelution.
I like the number seven they way it is, but if we get Draconion or whatever it doesn't really matter.
Wow, this franchise is obsessed with the Eevee family.
- Pokemon Colosseum (you start out with Espeon and Umbreon, two pokemon you couldn't get in RS due to their then unique evolution requirements)
- Pokemon XD (you start out with the basic Eevee)
- Pokemon Conquest (you start out with an Eevee)
- Virgil and the Eeveelutions appearing in the BW anime.
- The BW2 Eevee Cup
- This Pikachu short.

And good to see Meowth and Wobbuffet again. Hopefully we can see TRio's other pokemon too.
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