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Pokémon Remake Discussion (Read First Post!)

When would you like R/S/E Remakes

  • Yes, this generation

    Votes: 195 47.6%
  • No, I'd prefer them in Gen 6

    Votes: 152 37.1%
  • No, wait till Gen 7

    Votes: 16 3.9%
  • No, i dont want r/s/e remakes

    Votes: 47 11.5%

  • Total voters
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Jul 10, 2010
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Several months ago, the staff made the decision to ban speculation on Ruby and Sapphire remakes. This was in response to the mass, circular flamewars that the original thread produced, as well as the lack of any solid, concrete proof either for or against remakes. We're giving you guys a second chance. Also, due to the large increase in discussion of hopes for other games in the series to be remade, the decision has been made to expand the thread to remakes of all non-Generation IV and Generation V games. However, there are some strict rules that must be followed:

Keep these rules in mind:

  • Respect other users and their opinion, do not participate in flamewars, and keep discussions civil.
  • Comments that merely state whether or not one wants remakes are considered spam.
  • For the purpose of the discussion, discussion on the validity of remakes is a no-no. Assume that all remakes are going to happen and discuss what new features you would like to see et cetera.
  • Discussion of remakes of games from Generation IV (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver) and Generation V (Black/White) are a no-no
  • Do not address rulebreakers yourself. Report them.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in spam, or potentially flaming/trolling infractions. Repeated offenders will be dealt with severely. And if these rules are broken enough times, the ban will be reinstated.
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Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

OK, so to start this off, I would like the inclusion of a pokewalker again, you know, since it's a remake.

Although, I would want them to keep the Emerald battle fronteir, that was awesome.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Well, if the remakes were to be made I'd like them to be sequels, not direct remakes. It would just feel a bit werid to me considering you'd still (assumedly) be ble to move your third generation pokemon onto them via Pal Park/Pokeshifter/Whatever else they come up with.

It'd be nice to see them update Hoenn with Time & Seasons too, don't ya think?

EDIT to the person above me: Yes, they should deffo keep the battle frontier (and pokewalker). In fact all the features of emerald should be retained but I think contests should be given a biggr role.

Anyone wanna see Pokethlon & Musicals in Hoenn as well?
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

I'd like to see better and improved... The Pokewalker, The Battle frontier, yes Time ( day and night like in Hg/Ss ) and Seasons as B/W ) Hoenn's diverse geography offers a lot of different landscapes, I wanna see them with those features.

I'd like better Contests, the return of the Pokeblocks, and... that's all for the moment :L
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

personally i would like to see gamefreak change the pokemon around a bit, mix in some of the old ones and some of the newer ones so we dont have so many tentacools and wingulls in the ocean, and so we dont only have three pokemon you find underwater. also i would like them to bring in the pokespot technique from black and white where there is a certain are where you will get a special pokemon.
another thing i would like to see is them bring regigigas into this came and make it a really special braille kinda puzzle, i really enjoyed hunting down the regis in the gba games and i would like to see it done again.
i would also like to see some things like with what they did in black and white, adding some extra areas after the elite four, because in the games the most we got after the elite four was that extra bit in the safari zone, and that was about it, i would like to see some extra routes or something along those lines.
and one more feature i would really like them to bring back would be the secret bases, that was one of my favourite things of generation III, i loved customising my base and stuff like that, and i would like it if they could allow people to mix records online so that you can get many secret bases to verse people
and one last thing i dont think the story line should be changed, i like it how it was, if they add a little extra in that would be good, but i dont think any of it need to be changed, hoenn was one of my favourite regions and i dont want to see the entire storyline changed unless it is extremely good
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Actually, I think it would be good if they just expanded on the mythology of Hoenn in general (which Regigigas would obv. be useful for). I mean, when you compare it to the rich, diverse histories of Kanjoh, Sinnoh & Unova its relatively bare. The only things I can really think of are the egis braille puzzle and the weather trio thing....thats about it, no?

I'd also like to know what that whole thing with the Scorched Slab was too. They really could elaborte on that or something.

I'd agree as well that they could include some pokemon from other regions too like Johto does with Kanto, showing how the place has changed over time.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Not having played the Gen III games (yet), the only change I know I want is for there to be a real time system. They should also bring back walking Pokémon, assuming they don't do it in Grey.

I'd also like to know what that whole thing with the Scorched Slab was too. They really could elaborte on that or something.

Bulbapedia says it's based on a real-world location.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

I've already said in a blog how the dream world would probably work.

I'd like to see a few more rival battles like before fighting the E4.

Maybe they could give some of the leaders and E4 new pokemon.
- Tate & Liz with Gardevour and Gallade
- Phoebe could have a less repetative if she had a Shedinja and Dusnoir
- Glacia could also have a Froslass of course.

After you beat the E4 rather then rematching Wallace, Juan takes his place for the job while Wallace is champion and Steven Stone is in Mout. Meteor.

Emerald Battle Frontier getting remade would be cool.

Team Magma and Aqua using more then just the same 3 pokemon and harder Admin/Leader battles.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Playing Emerald right now, I'd say Game Freak should do the following:

>Add in a day/night feature as well as seasons, that's a given.

>Expand the story behind the weather trio.

>Ditch the idea of making the Safari Zone dependant on pokeblocks. That was just dumb by comparison to how it was done in both Gen 1 and 2.

>Make all starters besides Gen 5 availible, including the Gen 4 starters.

>Actually give some hints as to what point in time the Hoenn events take place.

>Make the contests more similar to the Sinnoh contests, and instead of spreading out the battle frontier to various tents, just keep them all in one spot.


>For the bag which you store ash in, it should give you an actual numerical amount as to how much ash you have, and how much ash is required to make the flutes.

>Include a spot (i.e. a special island) where you could catch Dreamworld Pokemon.

>Include triple battles as well as double battles, especially since there were many spots where something like this could occur in the game.

>Give more words and phrases to choose from for the interview questions.

>Give your rival a better personality. The dude/chick feels so unmemorable and lifeless. Blue and Silver were such better rivals in the sense that they actually had character.

>Make the Mach bike more controllable and ditch the awful fishing rod system. In fact, just go back to the old system in concern with these two items. The other bike is essentially worthless since it doesn't give you a way to complete bike-reliant puzzles and the crap with the good rod (where you had to click multiple times when the message said "Oh, it's a bite!") is just annoying as hell.

>Don't make tutored moves like substitute one-time only, because when you are in mid-game, not being able to access it through the same NPC kind of sucks.

>Include a better itemfinder, like the one in HG/SS.

...That's all I have to say for now.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

I've come to the conclusion that a sequel would probably be much better than a remake. Here are some ideas I've thought of:

  • They take place in the same time as Black/White, which I assume is atleast 6 years after DPPt.
  • The main story focuses on on a new team which focuses on getting control of all three of the Weather Trio.

  • May, who I assume will be Birch's kid, will now be his full-time assistant. Alternatively, she might be the Professor herself, Birch having retired (this is unlikely though; Look at Oak!). She can be battled sometime after the story.
  • Brenden, assuming he will be Norman's kid, will now be a Pokémon Master, and will have left his post as Champion go to other regions. After the story, he can be battled with a team consisting of Pokémon from the 5 currently known regions.
  • The Elite Four members will have changed; Drake and Phoebe have now left.
    • Drake, being quite old, decided to retire from the Elite Four. He can now be found in Meteor Falls, in the area where Bagon can be caught. He can be battled post-E4. I haven't really decided on who would take his place, but one unlikely guess I've made is Clair. (xD;;)
    • Phoebe decided to leave so that she could look over Mt. Pyre in place of her grandparents. She can be battled post E4. Taking her place, would be Liza, who left the Mossdeep Gym under the ownership of Tate.
  • After Brenden left, Wally finally assumed the position of of Champion.
  • As mentioned above, Liza has left the Mossdeep Gym, and now Tate is the sole Gym Leader. He however still battles his challengers in double battles.
  • Wattson, decided to leave his post as well. I haven't really come to a conclusion on who would take his place though.

  • Pacifidlog Town, has been destroyed because of the currents going out of control. Its remains have now become home to many Pokémon underwater.
  • The entrance to Spear Pillar is now underwater.
  • Slateport now has a wall on its east side, to protect it from the out-of-control currents. To get to the other side of the wall, special permission is needed. (Which the player later gets).

  • The availability of the Weather Trio is tricky. If all three were caught by Ethan/Lyra, then how would they be made available now? It is possible that Ethan/Lyra may have released the Trio sometime later.
  • Regigigas has migrated back to Hoenn to find the Regis.
  • Latios/Latias roams Hoenn once again.

  • As Ruby/Sapphire were incredibly innovative when it came to the music, their remakes/sequels should put a good amount of importance on the music.
  • There should be more individual remixes of tracks, especially battle themes.
  • Latios/Latias should get their own theme.
  • The battle with May and Brenden should have its own theme too.
  • Drake gets his own theme? (Maybe a slight remix).

That's what I've come up with so far.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Didn't they get one in Emerald?

Well, they each had the rival battle theme in RSE. But if its going to be a sequel, there's probably going to be a new rival, who will use the old rival theme.

May's and Brenden's Battle Theme could be a much more remixed version of the old rival theme though.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Well, I'm not so sure about the sequel.

Remakes would avoid the entire explanation of what happened to weather trio, unlike the sequel where people would wonder how come they could catch them in HGSS, yet they're still obtainable in the sequel.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

But doing it the easy way, wouldn't necessarily be the best way. I know that I would enjoy a new Hoenn story, rather than the old one all over again with a few minor changes.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Well, as much as one would like for a sequel to happen, do you think GameFreak would actually think of that? I think the graphic change would do a lot for the games seeing how the sprites of trees, houses, etc. were really ugly.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Well, here's what I'd like to see from RS Remakes:

Features from Emerald:
Pokémon Availability:
Pokémon Emerald opened up a lot of access to Johto Pokémon through the Safari Zone Extension and the Battle Frontier. As Lugia and Ho-Oh aren't as rare anymore thanks to HGSS, I'd like to see Naval Rock from Emerald return, but in-game. Possibly unlocked once you obtain all Silver Medals from the Battle Frontier (finally, a reason to do that?). Also, some Pokémon from other generations can show up Post-National Dex.

As I said before, I'd want the Battle Frontier and Naval Rock to return. However, on top of that, I'd like to see Birth Island and Faraway Island (Although they can stay as Event Locations. Thus, Scott will return. However, I don't care much for Desert Underpass and Mirage Tower.

Also, can Altering Cave please actually be used? It can be done in a similar manner to the Pokémon that appear in Black City and White Forest.

As Team Magma and Aqua were both enemies in Emerald, each one got more attention. I'd prefer if, in the Ruby remake, rather than battling Team Magma near Lilycove (which seemed silly anyway), the Magma's Hideout returned.

Features from Ruby and Sapphire that Emerald Changed:
Pokémon Contests. Sure, the Battle Tents in Emerald were nice, but Contests were better in my opinion.

Wallace as the Sootopolis Gym Leader, and Steven as the Champion. Having 2 Water-type specialists in Hoenn made Emerald kind of easy towards the end.

Gym Leaders should be rebattled, like in Emerald.

New Features:
Regigigas. This goes without saying really. Maybe if, once you've caught Regirock, Regice and Registeel and you take them to the ruins where you originally awoke them, when you have the National Pokédex, Regigigas will appear.

I'd like Brendan/May to be more involved in the Team Magma/Team Aqua. This can tie in with Emerald's enhanced story; where you get the Red/Blue Orb (Depending on your version) while they get the alternate one; you go and calm Groudon/Kyogre (and capture it), while they go after the other one. This could also be a way for you to see the final form of their starter. They could then update the rostras of other trainers to let you see the third starter.

All recent Game Mechanics introduced in DPt, HGSS and BW to return (Including Day/Night and Seasons).

Move Tutors from Emerald & FRLG, and for them to be re-usable (even if they charge you money this time).

Make Pacifidlog Town useful?

I, like many, loved the PokéWalker. I'd love if they upgraded it (Designing it after a Great Ball, maybe?). Pokémon obtained on this should have their Dream World abilities, where applicable.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

I'd really like some epic gym puzzles like the ones in Black and White.
Maybe they could have Tate and Liza's moving panels in 3D.
But that might be a bit complicated.
I also think if all the posts so far on this thread were combined they would probably be the best games ever.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

Well, as much as one would like for a sequel to happen, do you think GameFreak would actually think of that? I think the graphic change would do a lot for the games seeing how the sprites of trees, houses, etc. were really ugly.

Game Freak is a giant company which has been running for more than a decade. How is it possible that they can't think of things that some average kid in some other country can think of?

It just comes down to whether they think its the best option. And if you think about it, it probably would. One major objection to the RSEmakes was that they are still playable and are not as outdated. But if GF were to make a new story for Hoenn, these people would have nothing to complain about since it'll be like a new game altogether. Its like hitting two birds with one stone.
Re: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Discussion *READ FIRST POST*

I would like:
1) Emerald Frontier. Please.
2) Updated gym PUZZLES, but the same teams, until,
3) Leader rematches. UPDATE AWAY!!!
4) Another region to be accessible, preferably Sinnoh.
5) Gen V pokes after the national dex.
That's it. I think.
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