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Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love/at least like

Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Most notably I'd say Dragonite. Charizard was the superior dragon for me for a long time. Nowadays I do like him a lot more. Probably just because I grew up and can now appreciate things that aren't only "badass".
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Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Klefki for realz a steel/ fairy type, with prankster bring it on.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

I actually appreciate Throh and Cinccino since using them a few months ago. Sure, their stats aren't the best, but put them in the right situation, and they do some real devastation. The same thing happened to me with Cherrim and Vespiquen a few years ago as well.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

It's not a specific Pokemon as such, but I used to really dislike Ground types. Then I realised how great they were around gen 4, and now I always try to have one on my team.
There are many cases like that... the ones I can think off the top of my head are;
Skitty - I used to think it has a stupid design. Then I played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness and I got Skitty as my playable character. It really grew on me and eventually became one of my most favourite Pokemon.

Chandelure - What the hell? is what I thought at first, but sometime later I just started appreciating these more unique Pokemon designs and god I love Chandelure now.

Palkia - What's with this weird dragon design? I wasn't very fond of the Gen IV box legendaries at first... but after catching Palkia in Pearl and playing with it, I really start liking it. It also helped that Palkia looked pretty cool in Movie 10.
Exploud, Azumarill, and Marowak, in my current X run. All are godly, wonderful. My Azumarill destroys Dragons, Fire/Ground/Rock types, Steel and Dark types, and other types fear its raw power. WATER BUNNY DOMINATION. Exploud has Boomburst, Surf, Ice Fang, and Thunder Fang, although I'm wondering about replacing one of the fangs with Flamethrower. and then Marowak is just fun as hell with its bone attacks, and since it's able to learn False Swipe, that's been really handy for capturing Horde Pokemon.
Dragons. Mostly because of the dragon-worshippers back in Gen 5. Made me hate Hydreigon and Garchomp.

But Hydreigon now ranks among my top favorite :3 I don't dislike Garchomp as well.
At first I think grass type pokemon like this "Dump, week, useless". But after few month to learn and know more about pokemon, I found out grass pokemon pretty awesome at all. And now, Grass become my favorite type of pokemon. :p
Heatran, I didn't like the way it looks but then I realized it's one of the best Fire-types in the game.
Most Gen 1 Water types. I hated them back in the day (insert "too much water" joke here) with possible exception of Vaporeon and Lapras, but I'm definitely neutral on them now. Even the "stupid" ones like Krabby and Goldeen.

All Fighting types prior to Gen 4. I wouldn't put one on my team unless absolutely necessary then, but for the most part I've learned to accept that they exist -- I just don't favor them. I'll more likely use a Gen 4-onwards Fighting type when I need to.

And all Poison types. I don't find a single one of them appealing even to this day, but I don't have much hate for the type as a whole (just the whole poison damage thing).
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Pretty sure @Ghostsoul converted me into kinda liking Furfrou after doubting its usefulness beforehand.

I kinda like Lopunny and Beedrill now, because of their Megas.
I used to not like skorupi and drapion, because I dislike any pokemon that is considered rare or needs effort to find.

That was in gen 4. Starting from gen 5 onwards, skorupi/drapion appear to be more common, so I decided to try it. Now, drapion is my favourite pokemon.
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