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Review S07 EP11: Come What May! ・ EP12: Cheer Pressure


Jan 2, 2003
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Japanese Episode AG 50: "(May) vs. Medicham! Contest Battle!"
American Episode 322: "Come What May"


Kids' WB!, 10:00am ET
The Fallarbor Pokemon Contest is underway! With Drew and Grace both participating in the contest, can May come through with a victory?

And then, later in the day...

Japanese Episode AG 51: "Plusle & Minun! Road Assistance!"
American Episode 323: "Cheer Pressure"


Kids' WB!, 11:30am ET
Hoenn's versions of Pikachu make their second appearance, as well as a minor character from last season. As Ash and the gang battle, however, they notice something perculiar about a set of drums in the background...

By the way, One Piece continues on the Fox Box today at 9:30am ET. You must watch it.

Post your thoughts about the episodes here. Please mark any spoilers for episodes not that have yet to air in America in spoiler tags.
Come What May--

Well, first off, is it wrong to immediately follow that in my mind with "I won't age a day"? Have I just played that much FFVI?

"Who's That Pokémon" is back, apparently, and it's tacked on from Kanto. Although I like the placement of it; it's nice having a bonus that early on; you'd think they could come up with some new ones. And make it vaguely challenging.

It seems that Joy has her voice back (I could be mistaken, as she didn't say much), but her hat has lost its pink again!

Grace's Medicham has to be sharked in. Confusion does NOT freeze attacks in midair!

So she has a problem with a contestant being flashier than their pokemon? Grace, for your sake, I hope you never go against Wallace. He has enough fabulous for everyone.

Oh my GOD but Drew was macking on May.

I'm rather surprised that Brock didn't know that Hi Jump Kick does damage to the user if it misses.

Who let Jesse think that outfit was a good idea? Seriously now.

I'm a bit disappointed that there was no Boss Fantasy involving Medicham. Gio doing yoga, perhaps?
Cheer Pressure--

OK, I must have missed something major, because I have NO IDEA who that kid was who kept calling Ash "Master".

Taiko cheerleaders? All right then...

It basically just seemed like a rehash of the Pellipper episode to me. Although I find it hard to believe that Sheridan was the only one who knew what was in the drums. Seriously, wouldn't the people PLAYING the drums have picked up on something?

And they just let Sheridan get away. You know, if the Rockets had done the same thing, Ash would have been charging after them. But Sheridan got away with the money!
Blackjack Gabbiani said:
Cheer Pressure--

OK, I must have missed something major, because I have NO IDEA who that kid was who kept calling Ash "Master".
You missed the Mountain Lighthouse episode. I don't recall what it was called in English.
The first one was OK. I really loved Medicham Jump Kicking Roselia, and the way the animation was on that one little scene.

The second ep...maybe something was lost in translation, but something just felt wrong about the entire ep. I dunno, rarely do I have a problem with an episode, but I just couldn't grasp this episode. Maybe I was just brain dead. I dunno, I just couldn't enjoy the episode.
I really liked the first one, the contest was awesome, and I'm starting supporting Haruka/Grace(No idea what the shipping name for such a coupling is though...) I know, it's what passes for fanservice in a series that's sadly lacking in the traditional sort, but those combos Beautifly pulled out at the end were quite neat ^_^ And I love how amazed Haruka was when she won...

Second episode, I didn't like much, but I loved Musashi's fantasy, and it looked really cool when Pikachu glowed blue from helping hand like that...

Thus ends my inane ramblings about the episodes! Now, back to the intellegent conversation! ^_^
I liked Jessie's alias/full name Jesskia. The part about the fake rainbow in "Come What May" was fuuny and when the rest of Team Rocket was pulling Jessie up. I liked "Cheer Pressure" just to see plusle and minum again.
Um, is there really an attack called "Rainbow"? Forgive me if I sound ignorant, but when Brock said "So that's Rainbow" it sounded like he was saying something along the lines of "So that's Sludge Bomb/Rock Tomb" etc. etc. I don't know if it was true for the original or just a poorly-written phrase or what.

Cheer Pressure only reminded me of how much I truly despise Plusle and Minun.
I haven't seen either of these eps yet, sadly, and now I know that -

Oh my GOD but Drew was macking on May
- I might not be able to hold out 'til next fortnight. :( What happened, exactly? Can I get a script off anybody? Take pity, I'm a spoiler-whore in need of a Contestshippy fix! I'll send you money! ...Virtual money, that is.
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Murgatroyd said:
You missed the Mountain Lighthouse episode. I don't recall what it was called in English.

"A Different Kind of Misty!" was the English name of the episode in question. WORSE TITLE EVER, because idiots all over the Internet thought that Misty would be mentioned, or something.
I liked the first epi a lot! I really didn't expect Haruka May to win, but I'm glad she did. The battle between Drew and Grace was awesome. I think Beautifly would look really cute without wings, and Dustox would look hilarious. XD I don't get what was "Rainbow" about tackle. With a change of the colours, Jessie's outfit was cool. Grace did that stupid eye thing again. At least she didn't start with the hand thing. Annoys May grr. What else...oh yes, I didn't have the sound on at the little part at the end, but I basically got what happened. It was...cool, actually. Why must there be all these things wanting me to be a Contestshipper?!!?! :mad: It was so...Kurama-ish... o_O I KNOW! I'm a one-sided Contestshipper! Yeah!
Rating: 10/10

The next episode was really dumb. It's as if the Pelliper wasn't enough. I knew the guy's trick straight from the start. The girls were cool, but I feel bad for the little kid. He probably gets made fun of for acting gay. The pronounciation of Plusle and Minun still bugs me. Minus points for j00, dubbers! The Pokérap thing before the episode was a bad try at nostalgia. I cringed at the pronounciations of half the names. And plus there were like kids singing it, or something. It's best with the two guys!
Rating: 2/10
Haven't "Plusle" and "Minun" always been pronounced that way..?

Saa. I keep getting all "waiii" every time there's a contest and contest battle. *_*; Everything always looks so pretty, and there's enough random flashy special effects to keep the little easily-amused part of me busy. Yey.

Though, I kinda preferred the Medicham vs. Roselia battle to Medicham vs. Beautifly. ^^; Between freezing Petal Dance in midair and using Ice Punch to reflect Solarbeam, it just seemed more... creative? That's not the word I was going for, but I'll use it anyway. ^^;;

But hey, May winning? Yatta! <3

... as for the cheering episode, I couldn't help giggling everytime they focused on the big ol' drums, because I kept thinking about the happy little mascots from Taiko no Tatsujin/Taiko Drum Master *_*;;;

Of course, that's about all the amusement I got from this episode, save for May being all *GLEE* about her ribbon at the start, and Brock's line about the "business of pep". ^^; On the up side, Plusle and Minun didn't do their stupid little gabare!!1 chant before using Helping Hand at the end. I think I would've just turned the show off if they had...
Here's my reviews of these two episodes.

"Come What May" - This episode was awesome! And first of all, I loved the battle between Drew and Grace! It was so cool! And they always make the contest battles look really good! Oh, and I'm glad that they had Grace won. I mean, if Drew won, he might've beaten May again, and I didn't want that to happen. And May's battle against Grace was great! I loved how May used all those different combinations! That was so cool! And I really loved how May won the battle! I knew that when Hi Jump Kick missed, May was gonna have a comeback. But, I didn't expect her to win the contest. And that was so cool! ^_^ Oh, and that ribbon she won looked cool too. And, of course, it was also cool that Jessie actually got the chance to do great in a contest, even though she was cheating with the rainbow device thing. It was so funny how it made a rainbow with every attack Dustox used. LOL. Although, I knew that once they found out she was using that rainbow thing, they'd eliminate her from the contest. Oh well. It was still cool to see her do great in a contest like that! And by the way, I loved the part at the end. It was cool how Drew gave May a rose, even though it was really for Beautifly. And overall, this was a really good episode, and it was a lot of fun to watch!!! ^____^

Rating: 10 out of 10

"Cheer Pressure" - I really loved this episode! And I guess it was because it had the same kid in it who was in one of my favorite episodes. LOL. Anyway, it was great to see Plusle and Minun again. They're so cute! And I thought it was interesting how this episode centered around the drums healing Pokemon. At first I thought, "That's so cool". But, then after Ash battled Jessie for a while, and her Pokemon kept getting healed or powered up, I was like "That's weird. How does it keep getting back up?". Of course, I had a feeling that Max would be the one to find out the secret behind the drums, because he was the one who found out that Pelliper had all of those Pokemon in its mouth, way back in the episode "You Said A Mouthful". I felt sorry for Ash when he found out about the drums, cause all this time he had been trying to beat Jessie and then Pikachu loses all its energy. Although, I loved that part when Ash said that one line about that guy only using those drums to cheat, and that he and Pikachu had more power because of their friendship and trust. I loved that line! And it was cool how Pikachu managed to have enough energy left to use Thunderbolt (or was it Thunder? I don't remember.) on Seviper. That was awesome! After it did that though, I had a feeling it wouldn't be able to get away from Team Rocket, since it didn't have any energy left. Oh, and I liked how Plusle and Minun used Helping Hand on Pikachu, and then Pikachu used that really cool Thunder attack on Team Rocket. That was so cool! Oh, and I liked the end too. It was funny how Brock hit on those girls like that (I forgot what he said though). LOL. And I loved the part when Thatcher said that Ash was always gonna be his master. That was so cool! Ash's reaction to that was really funny too! XD And overall, this was a great episode, and it had a really interesting battle! :-D

Rating: 10 out of 10
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I'm finally able to catch up with the dubbed episodes...

May: "I suppose this rose is for Beautifly, right?"
Drew: *flicks hair* "Yeah...something like that."

One of the best ContestShippy quotes yet. And I loved when May said to Beautifly...

"I love you. You're just the best."

That was so cute. :-D
Truthfully, I only caught the second half of "Come What May!", because I woke up late ^^; But I caught the battle between her and Grace, and anything afterwards. I'm inclined to give this episode high marks for Medicham alone--this is quickly becoming one of my favorite Pokémon (admittedly, a part of that is because the shot of it used in the opening credits). I plan on catching the repeat when it comes, so I can see the battle between Drew and Grace I keep hearing good things about. Oh, and I've gotta give credit to May for combining attacks the way she did. It turned out in her favor, and looked pretty cool, too ^^

"Cheer Pressure!" was...well....something else. I didn't catch the first episode that kid was in (I didn't start really watching AG until recently), so I was a bit lost there. I do happen to like Plusle and Minun, so seeing them was great ^^ (Though half the time I watched Minun more than Plusle, simply because I like Minun better xD) I'm not surprised by the fact that no one else seemed to notice the Aromatherapy and Helping Hand moves. People in Pokémon--Ash and James aside--can be wonderfully blunt when they want to be. Other than that, I thought this episode was okay, and I certainly liked it better than "Love At First Flight" (or whatever it's called), though not by much (regarding "Love..", I never liked it much in the beginning, and its been reruned into the ground, so I dislike it even more). I'd watch "Cheer.." again once or twice, though, if only for Minun and James' cheer squad comments ^^
Come What May: This episode rocks. All the contest related episodes so far have proven to be some of the best in the AG series. The animation looked really good, especially all of Medicham's very "flexible" movements. Grace and Drew's battle was awesome, that ice punch stratigy is one of the coolest in the history of the show, very inventive. May and Grace's battle was also very cool, with both of them pulling of some nice moves. May has come a long way from the sucky battler she was in AG 5. Jessie was also hilarious with her outfit and how she forced James and Meowth to fly her around on that wire. The only things I didn't like were that, since they shoved three full battles into the episode, they didn't have enough time to make them all truly epic. The Roselia/Medicham and Beautifly/Dustox battles could have been a little longer. And I also wish Jessie could have done well without cheating, I hate how they always have TR cheat or something, just because they are the bad guys.

in a later contest Jessie actully does compete and do well without cheating. YAY!

overall: 4 stars

Cheer Pressure: The plot of this episode was rather pointless and repetitive, since they already did something similar in the Pelliper episode, but I think it had enough amusing things to keep my attention. TR stole the show, like usual. It was really cool to see Cacnea battle and win, even if it did need a little help. At least Cacnea didn't need to be revived ten zillion times like Seviper did. Brock's come-ons in this episode were also very amusing, and Team Rocket's motto was one of my favorites from the entire AG series, although it was MUCH funnier in the japanese version, in which James started to get increasingly more irritated each time Jessie up-staged him. One small commentary, I'm sure now some people are going to start start using James' comments about cheerleading as more "evidence" for him being gay -_-.

overall: 2 stars
Geodude said:
I'm finally able to catch up with the dubbed episodes...

May: "I suppose this rose is for Beautifly, right?"
Drew: *flicks hair* "Yeah...something like that."

One of the best ContestShippy quotes yet. And I loved when May said to Beautifly...

"I love you. You're just the best."

That was so cute. :-D

But I thought May hated Pokemon. :-D

Hah! Contestshippy fluff. Gotta love that crazy Shuu and his sneaky ways of showing affection.
Blackjack Gabbiani said:
Grace's Medicham has to be sharked in. Confusion does NOT freeze attacks in midair!
Ah, but anime Confusion has been able to manipulate energy and matter ever since it was first shown in Ash's battles against Sabrina. That's how it works in the anime, though it has other ways it can be used. Usually it just invovles the Pokemon using psychic energy to throw the opponent or their attack about. It can also be used as a blast of energy (as seen once with Noctowl and Psyduck). In this episode it was shown the user can also use the attack on itself in order to fly/float in midair. :)
Grace's Medicham has to be sharked in. Confusion does NOT freeze attacks in midair!

I beleive that the game itself refers to Confusion as "A Weak Telekenetic Attack" while Psychic is "A strong Telekenetic Attack".

In which case, Confusion and Psychic could both concievably stop attacks in mid-air - since they're not really blasts of energy as some may have been led to believe. Really, game-wise, they seem to just be tossing things around in the air with mental power. The chief difference seems to be that Psychic can lift more and fling things harder.
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