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Review S14 EP01: In the Shadow of Zekrom! ・ EP02: Enter Iris and Axew!


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Oct 30, 2010
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Pokemon: Black and White, finally hits the screens of America.

So, discuss!
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Re: "In the Shadow of Zekrom" Review Thread

Per the Announcement Musashi made, I'm going to close this thread until both episodes finish airing in the east coast.
Part I

They kept the ten year old part. Now watch as the age rage spread to dub fans.

YOO-nova…I thought it was yoo-NO-va….

TR isn’t rhyming! OMG!!! I think I’m in a different dimension~

THEY KEPT THE ANIMATION SEQUENCE!! Well, some of it. I It’s not too bad…they did what I thought they’d do if they kept the opening, and that was just use the full version right away.

Ugh, I knew it was too good to be true…TR rhymed. But, I suppose it wasn’t as jarring as before :)

Juniper sounds really young.

Is it me, or are the pokemon voices better?They actually sound natural, almost like the JP version.

Are they fucking with me?? A WHO’S THAT POKEMON SESSION?? HOLY-
That’s actually a really clever way of replacing the opening sequence…and since BW hasn’t been released in the US yet…it’s not a horrible idea…

What the hell is this voice. I was expecting fabulousness, but I was met with DERP. Trip’s voice is Barry’s, I’m sure. It’s weird hearing it all normal and not caffine-laced. Initially, I didn’t like it, but after 5 seconds, I think I actually prefer it to the Japanese version. He sounds eviler and douchier in this version, which I like.

“Yeah, that’s basic.”

Oh Trip, trying to sound all PRO and explaining to Ash how a league works.

“This is why we don’t like people from the Boonies.”

Ouch, Pikachu failing at electric moves is kinda a sad site to see.

It’s so obvious that Shooti is booksmart/lucky. I think that unlike Ash, who’s strong through experience and relies a lot on gut feeling, Shooti appears more “advanced” because he really knows his shit. And in pokemon battling, what Shooti does can often override experience, I guess.

Part II

Aww…a volt tackle to the body is the best way to show affection!

Striatian gym? It's not too different from Sanyou, so that's a plus.

Yay, stalker miju!

LOL Pokedex fail. Iris’s voice is excellent!

“You can't find anything this jiggly in Unova!”
*snickers* I could think of a few things :p

I don’t know why Giovanni sent pokeballs but not any pokemon to help catch new ones…I guess he expects them to do it the old industrial style :p

I love the night time scene…Pika and Ash talking about their dreams, Iris sleeping peacefully in the trees…and Oshawott stalking them behind the bushes~

LOL, I forgot that Ash didn’t catch Pidove on his first try XD You know, I really like the “POKEMON GETTO DAZE” animation sequence this generation. Shiny eyes and all.

They kept most of TR’s motto! OMGGGG but it didn’t rhyme

The tree climbing scene was excellent. You’ve been bested, jungle girl :)

Oshawott is being awesome! What happened?

I can see why the fandom though Osha was a girl at first :p

Excellent dub. I love these two episodes even more than the first time I saw it.
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BW 001: "In The Shadow of Zekrom!"
Ash, Professor Oak, and Ash's mother set off for the Unova Region! Once they arrive, Zekrom appears in front of Ash! Later, Ash meets a trainer named Trip and decides to battle his Snivy. During the battle, Ash notices that Pikachu is unable to use any electric attacks!

BW 002: "Enter Iris and Axew!"
At the Nuvema Town Pokemon Center, Pikachu is restored to full health and becomes able to use its electric attacks again. Later, Ash decides to travel around the Unova Region. He meets a young girl named Iris and helps save her Axew from Team Rocket.

These episodes aired on February 12th, 2011.
Also, Mind = BLOWN
wtf, even the dub says Ash is ten...
Hate how they pronounce Unova...
The theme is ok...
I love Juniper's dub voice, and Iris's :D
TR is kinda serious but something seems off...
I hate Trip's voice...
"Thats basic" Is that gonna be his catchphrase.. cuz it's hella annoying...
WHO'S THAT POKEMON!!!!! sd;ljafsdlgya~!
ahaha "Did you pack clean underwear!?" EP001 ref ftw :D
Five minutes into the ep and Iris is already making me lol :D
Kanoko Town gets an English name but I missed it... afterwards I'll rewind the tape and see ^^
"You act like a little kid!" Well, it sounds better than "such a child"
Patrat is pronounced weirdly... lol
WTP is Oshawott :D
PEE-DOVE!? These are weird :p
No, Ash, you do not have to yell out every attack Pidove uses.
Poor Pidove. Captured for nothing... (I'm fairly certain it's the one Juniper'd)
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Team Rocket said a rhyme.
Eileen Stevens does a great Iris ^^
Those episodes were amazing. :D
That was a HELL of a lot better than I expected! No dub music! I LOVE Iris and Trip's voices!

TRio was dubbed PERCEFTLY! I was so afraid that they were going to be bad but OMG THEY TRANSLATED THE MOTTO(sorta)!!!


I feel like I'm 11 again, watching season one again! ;3;
Pretty good. TR was handled really well, I'm surprised. Iris's catchphrase gets to be translated in a way, and TR's motto is pretty faithful, too. I did not understand what the name of the starting town was, but I'm sure I can find it somewhere else. I look forward to seeing the rest of the dub.
Oh my god, the dub might actually be better this series! Please don't break my heart TPCI.

Is it bad I got my nostalgia rush now instead of when I watched the Japanese version, though?
These episodes were actually pretty good!

I hope episode 3 is the same.
Pretty good. TR was handled really well, I'm surprised. Iris's catchphrase gets to be translated in a way, and TR's motto is pretty faithful, too. I did not understand what the name of the starting town was, but I'm sure I can find it somewhere else. I look forward to seeing the rest of the dub.

Kanoko Town -> Nuvema Town

Also, in BW002 when Iris mentioned 'Nuvema Town', my closed captions rendered it as 'Kanoko Town'. Oops?

These episodes are just great. I enjoyed watching them.

The script for the dub is almost directly the same as it was in the original version. The narration states that Ash is 10 years old, Iris keeps referencing Ash as a "kid," Trip telling Ash that he must be from the "boonies" (boondocks, rural area), etc.

It was a good way to start off this new series.

Kanoko Town's English name is Nuvema Town, by the way.
WHOA!!! I can't believe TPCI brought back some of the good stuff from the OS era. WHO DAT POKEMON?? WTF!!!


funny Iris as always. Now, hopefully the voice of Cilan won't be disappointing
Wow! The first two episodes of Black & White were dubbed great. A lot of the dialogue remained unchanged and the addition of "Who's that Pokemon" was certainly a surprise. I thought Iris was pretty cool, too.

My only problem is with Shooty's new name. I never liked the kid, but why give him the name "Trip"? I expected Cameron or something related to photography...
The dub was so great this time I can't believe I actually thought that they would make a crappy dub but it was as good as the original japanese.Though the way they pronounce some pokemon kinda sounds awkward I'll learn to get used to it :p
I thought both episodes were amazing! Maybe because I went in with no expectations. Apparently I have been pronouncing Unova wrong.

I am just so happy they kept most of TR's motto!! Best part of the premiere definitely :) I also really enjoyed the scenes where they talked to Giovanni.

And Iris is adorable! So is Axew, I am really pleased with both of them.

And Who's that Pokemon made me feel young again!! So glad they brought that back!
IRis' VA is who? Please tell me, because I absolutely love it.

These two episodes are better than 2/3rds of Sinnoh. Just sayin.
I actually really liked how well the dub was handled. Original BGM and pro VAs makes this look like a promising series
Now that my TR worrying has been justified, I have to say these episodes were dubbed pretty well!
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