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Tell us what you think about the animal above...


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Jun 30, 2013
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Inspired by my super successful 'what do you think about the Pokemon above' thread. I'll start:

A more annoying dog.

Ring tailed lemur
Lemurs and their relatives are pretty much the only primates that I like, the ring-tailed lemur included. I like their coloring and their fuzzy, rodent-like appearance.

Ring-tailed cat.
looks so lovely, kind of misleading 'cat' when it's not even related to felines at all
love the cute design they have

Really cute, though I really started to like them more after watching BNA as weird as that may seem. I also like their connections with Japanese folklore in general.

those look amazing, I bet they be kind of spooky finding them at night all of sudden... awesome design

my most favorite species on earth: - Cougar
(other places call them mountain lion, puma, or catamount)
They're alright, unfortunate and scary to sometimes see them in neighborhoods though. Not a big fan of their screams as well. I like other big cats more.

not much into them, only seen them in documentaries

Fennec Fox
Super cute and I like the crazy noises they can make.

amazing species, love seeing them on the news when the Orca arrives to the Washington coasts, how intelligent they are while hunting
love their coloring too

Black-and-White Ruffled Lemur
love them, they look adorable, lovely design
they look fluffy warm, I know better than try to pet one
I know they would be dangerous to encounter
never seen one in real life

alright, my favorite of all species, the one that inspires my favorite Pokemon
Red Fox
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