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Tell us what you think about the animal above...

At least two of the internet acquaintances I frequently play video games with have a predilection for those rodents, so these hirsute critters directly remind me of them. It has come to my attention that Chinchilla chinchilla in particular is in an endangered state and while I am not particularly someone affiliated with animal rights nor one with a motivation to preserve them, I express my sympathies for creatures in such a dire situation; especially when they've been compromised by none other than the vices of mankind.

Will edit when you tells what it is. I can't see the image due to near blindness, and the screen reader can't read images either.

A most fantastic feline! Caracals are awesome predators, plus they just look really cool with those ear tufts too, like a desert lynx or something. But the most extraordinary thing about caracals caracals has got to be this- they can leap up to 10 feet into the air, and can catch birds on the wing! They can even twist and change direction while in the air! I love almost all cats, and Caracals might be one of my favorites! (y)

Honestly, never heard of them before, I know almost nothing about them, but hearing something about them online, that they are extremely endangered, related to dolphins, unable to see the images anymore, just going by what I read online.
Sorry if I can't give a more full detailed on my opinion.

Truthfully, not a fan of seals myself, they don't look so ugly, but still not my favorite of species.

I prefer the swiftness and bodies of genets but civets have cuter faces. Their fur also reminds me of hyenas.

Sixteen mature individuals out of an already pitiful population of 33? Well, that's definitely another victim amongst the multitude of animals that directly fell victim to human exploitation of the environment. The fact that its ecological niche remains obscure only makes it clear that had it not been for activism; it may as well been buried beneath the vicious heel of industrialization.

I have never heard of that dinosaur. And I loved dinosaurs when I was young. The name literally references their short neck... Fairly cool, dinosaurs are cool, but I don't have much on opinion on prehistoric animals because I've never seen them move or behave. We are oblivious to their coloration and vocalizations.

Super cute but mischievous eyes and the chihuahua of the fox family.

Fur seals
A little damning that they're christened after the very aspect they're hunted for. Apart from that, their subtle relations with ursines (punctuated by the group name of Arctocephalinae; bear-headed) is kinda reflected on their appearances. I'm not really someone fond of bears but I think it adds a bit of an endearing touch. Like these are floppy little 'sea-bears'.

Myotragus. (A unique extinct genus of goat-antelope whose skeletal structure is spectated to indicate a cold-blooded anatomy like a reptile; and it has front-facing eyes indicative of depth perception like humans.)
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