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Tell us what you think of the character above!

Honestly I would pretty much echo the above for Avery, but my problem is I love characters that are ridiculous and snotty and annoying like that :swirlix: I think a lot of people really don't care for his outfit, which I understand but I always thought it was fantastic in a tacky, almost cartoonish way. He's just kind of a funny little weirdo and for that I very much like him.

I haven’t played the games but I doooo have my au/pokeverse version of her and she’s great. But that’s cause she’s my character.

Haven’t played PLA but I think I’d like him, seeing how I like Avery. I’ve heard decent things about PLA’s characters in general and don’t find it likely that Melli would be an exception.

How about the self-proclaimed hated boss, Guzma?

edit: So apparently I thought page 14 was the last one. Whoops. For the actual previous character, I do like Silver, but mainly from Masters (he didn’t leave much of an impression in HGSS because I didn’t focus on story much there)
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guzma is probably my favorite pokemon character ever. i think he's hilarious, i think his backstory and personality is super creative considering that every evil team before this were teams of supervillains, i find it cute how he actually really cares about his pokemon and the only reason he became an evil team leader is because of his hatred for a system that failed him and i think he deserves to be an island kahuna

He was brave enough to call out Team Galactic for their outlandish outfits right to the faces of two of the grunts, and for that he has my eternal respect. Plus, he seems like a good mentor who’s genuinely invested in the well-being and growth of the player and Barry.

For the next character up to bat, how about Zinnia?
I've no strong feelings about him either way, though I do think he's a fun character just on account of being such a wacky expressive dude. His new Gym quiz in LGPE was really unexpected and funny, and his badge arc in Indigo League was one of the more memorable ones to me.

Ahh she's neat !! I don't have any major feelings on her tho, but I remember finding her cute back when I was playing ruby lol she's one of the more memorable gym leaders for me from there like ah yeah! That's a Hoenn Gym Leader Alright!

Anyways woe Paulo be upon all of ye
Paulo is a good boy!! I know he gets flak for the way his arc was handled, and understandably so... it's just that his very specific kind of character (the "good person who finds themselves doing bad things for the sake of what they consider to be good before eventually being set straight") appeals very much to me. unsurprisingly lol. Him and Lear are very special to me.. I won't claim that they're the best-written characters in the series or anything like that, but I still found them surprisingly compelling for gacha game-spinoff exclusive characters.

Speaking of the devil... Lear?
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