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ACADEMY: The Workshop Writing Academy

I just want to say thanks a lot for this! This is really helping me out with my writing.

I'm highly anticipating the Grammar lesson because sometimes I have some real difficulty with that.
I have completely forgotten to request this month's academy lesson! D'oh! So, if someone wants to do anything from the list above except for punctuation please PM me ASAP with what topic you want to do and how you would do your lesson!
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I just wanted to thank everyone who put this together. This thread y'all put together has been quite helpful and even a bit inspiring for a mediocre writer such as myself. I'm definitely glad that I took the time to skim through the lessons, and I look forward to reading them in full.
For this month's lesson, it has been suggested we compile some different information on researching. If there about somewhere between four and seven people that would like to write one/two paragraphs each and discuss the methods you use for researching into a story, please PM me with your details and I will arrange things from there. Please send your messages in by Thursday, and remember that this will need to be completed before the last week of September so please do not sign up if you are going to be busy. Hopefully we can cover a number of different methods with this, and if you have a speciality area you may discuss that as well.
Can anybody join the workshop? I'm an author and have been for seven years. Maybe actually learning how to write would help me move past my 3-year long writer's block and maybe I could have some fun in the Pokémon world as well. (This is a workshop for Pokémon fan fiction, right? Either way, I'm in because I writing lessons are writing lessons and I love Pokémon. Just making sure...)
Anyone can submit a lesson. Usually I call up asking for any volunteers, and if you have an idea for a lesson that has not been done before than you submit a plan of what you are planning on discussing, then if we (the moderators) approve you may write it :) It does not have to be exclusively Pokemon as we support any type of story, but if you have any lesson ideas we would love to hear them!
This is far too late in the month to be arranging this, I am aware, but does anyone out there have any ideas for an Academy lesson and would like to write it? If you do, please PM me ASAP! :D If you have an idea but no time to write, suggest away as well, someone might want to write on that subject
I've written a bit about exposition but I'm not finished as time isn't on my side at the moment. :-(
I would love if someone did as lightningtopaz suggested about making there own region
We do not have any lesson for this month, but we would need one for April, so if people have any ideas than feel free to message me, or perhaps post them here if you there is something you think we should cover.
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