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Third Pokemon Movie Purchaseable on iTunes

You can rent it for $2.99, and buy it for $9.99.

It's also listed as being in widescreen. Is this the first time Americans have been able to buy it in widescreen?
Interesting. Is this really the first widescreen movie? I like this movie.
Interesting, but I would only ever buy the movies on DVD. Seems like a waste to buy it on anything else.
Has anyone actually bought it yet to check? And does it include the Pichu short?
Has anyone actually bought it yet to check? And does it include the Pichu short?

I'd assume as much, since the Pichu are mentioned in the summary.

What's odd is it's listed in the Action & Adventure category, rather than the Kids & Family category as you might think.
That's pretty cool. I especially like the idea of it being in both widescreen and HD. The only downside is that the Japanese version isn't availiable. I decided to check the Japanese Itunes store after reading the story. Using the Japanese kanji spelling of both Pocket Monsters and Pokemon, I got nothing in terms of movies. Still, I'm glad Pokemon is getting the respect it deserves. Hopefully, it means the Japanese versions will come soon, either on the US or Japan Itunes stores.
So is it *actual* widescreen, or just stretched/cropped fullscreen?

Judging by the trailer, it's actually in true widescreen. I doubt they would crop the pan-and-scan version down to make it widescreen.

I'm looking forward to it!
when will it come out in the UK?

I don't know how the movie was distributed in the UK, so I can't really answer that.
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