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What if Phione had its own movie ?

c la fet

Watch out for the rain of steel
Jul 10, 2022
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Phione is the only gen 4 mythical that didn't get its own movie.
What if it got one instead of an appearance in the 579th episode ? How do you think it could have been ?

I feel like it could have been a sequel to the Manaphy movie, with May returning with the clothes she wore from episodes 542 to 545 and reuniting with Manaphy at some point of the movie.
Even if it was a mythical since the beginning, I can't see it solo'ing a movie, it would have to be accompained by something else but I guess I'll try.

Title in Japan: Miracle! The wonderful criature of the deepest seas: Phione
Title in USA: Phione and the Undersea Temple

Ash & co. revisit the undersea temple, where Manaphy now has a girlfirend and a kid which is Phione. Phione is very shy and doesn't control its powers well and is depressed because he doesn't have his parents' powers. One day they are attacked by a female jewel collector that wants their diamonds and pearls. The group fights back and Phione discovers it doesn't have to be the same as its parents. The end.
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