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Up Vs. Down Hosting Queue

Nov 18, 2014
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Current Version: Up vs Down Vol 107 - The Blinding One vs The Pokémon of Shadows

The Fun & Games staff was recently made aware that there has been slight confusion over the host of each consecutive version of UvD.
As such, in order to maintain both a smooth transition at the end of each version and to ensure that as many people as possible get a chance to host, we have devised this queue system. Please obey the rules of the queue. If you have any questions or feel that something is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact any of us. ME only bites occasionally.

Rules of the Queue:
  1. You may not sign up for more than one slot at a time.
  2. You may not host multiple games in a row unless there is no one else who wants to host.
  3. To reserve a slot on the queue, mention the F&G staff members; @Lone_Garurumon @Snowy @EternalPokéFanGirl @JamieIsBored in your post and request a slot.
  4. Slots will be reserved in the order we receive them.
  5. Whenever a version of the game concludes, the next person on the hosting queue has 48 hours from the time that the mods announce that it is their turn to host, to post the next version.
  6. If they do not post the next version within 48 hours after the mods announce their turn, they will be temporarily skipped and the next person given a chance to post, with skipped hosts being given another chance after the next successful version has been hosted.
  7. If a given host is skipped, they will receive a strike, marked by an asterisk (*) next to their name on the queue. If they reach three strikes, they will be removed from the queue, but may sign up again at the end of the queue. Once they either host a version of UvD or are removed from the queue, their strike counter is reset to zero.
  8. Users that have not been active on the forums recently will be skipped. This will be up to the moderator running the queue, but generally means if you haven't been seen in the last couple of months, you will be skipped.
The Queue:
  1. @helperman
  2. @guzmania
  3. @Pigrider09
  4. @DigitalGen6
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Are we gonna do something special for the fiftieth version, like we did for the twentyfifth?
Excellent question. I do believe there are plans "in the works" for that. I shall make an inquiry or two. But yeah, assuming that's going to happen, it would supercede the queue.
As there aren't any plans of which I am currently aware of, I feel that we should discuss what's gonna happen with v50 here.
Hey everyone :)

Having discussed this with ME and Max, the current plan is for us to just go with the current queue so Max will be the lucky candidate to host version 50. The planned theme for version 50 is going to be Lunala vs Solgaleo.



"Please stay in the bag till v50 Nebby"

As of returnofMCH's request, I'll also be making an updated version of the UvD celebration video I originally made for version 25.
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Might as well go with V55 while I have the chance. :)

@Maniacal Engineer
@Scarlet Sky
You may not sign up for more than one queue slot at the time. Since you are hosting the ongoing UvD, you are #1 on the queue as stated in the OP. Because of this you may not sign up again until the ongoing UvD is over, sorry.
I guess I'll take 56 after timebreaker 's above post lol
Which means you can get 55.
Oops! Apologies, there was some confusion over this since v50 isn't up yet and the archival of v49 was not followed by the proper editing of the queue here immediately.
@Time Breaker gets v55 @Arrow of Light gets v56
Yeah sorry, that was my fault. I archived V49 right before my Sabbath and didn't have time to edit the queue. My bad.
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