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Up Vs. Down Hosting Queue

@Snowy @Lone_Garurumon now that v99 is done, can you guys give us a hint of the v100 theme?:oops:
Sure, a sneak peek while I write up the OP.
The big milestone version is something a little more... Personal. Something I'm sure many of us have something of an attachment to.
Inactive users requirement
Just added a new rule to the first post.

Lemme know if you have any questions or concerns.

Users that have not been active on the forums recently will be skipped. This will be up to the moderator running the queue, but generally means if you haven't been seen in the last couple of months, you will be skipped.
Vulpix hasn't responded in over 48 hours, and many of the other queue participants have not been around for a long time. ChevyWolf did log on once but hasn't made any posts in over a month.

Would anyone like to take a hand at hosting an Up Vs Down?
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