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What do you think of Cynthia?

What do you think of Cynthia?

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Aug 22, 2015
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What do you think of Cynthia?

I don't know. I think she has a pretty meh personality. I like her skills as a Pokémon trainer and Pokémon Champion, and I like her Pokémon. But as for her personality, it's just bad. And one other thing, I did not like the time when she took one look at Ash and Paul and said "Oh yeah, they'll be friends for sure." As I've said before, I like Paul and everyone deserves a second chance (mostly, can't say much for murderers and the like), but what makes her think she has the power to determine Ash and Paul's relationship just from watching one battle?
I absolutely love Cynthia. I loved her in the games and I think she's probably the greatest Champion. She's probably the strongest trainer in the entire series. In the anime, she did not disappoint. I loved her personality and how they expanded her interest in mythology. She was helpful to Ash and co and you could always see and feel just how powerful she was. Her debut was probably the greatest debut a Champion ever had. She WRECKED Paul, which was so satisfying to watch. I am definitely a fan of Cynthia.
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