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What Pokémon Are You? - An Exhaustive Gen 1 Pokéquiz

150 Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a dangerous loner with a troubled past. Though Mewtwo finds it hard to make friends, once made, it is very protective of them.

Ouch. Probably correct though!
I got Pidgeot:

Pidgeot are calm and confident in their abilities. They are also often quite attractive.

That's nice. Got one of my favorite Kanto Pokémon. :)
130 Gyrados

Gyrados come from humble beginnings and are mighty and formidable, if overly grouchy.

It's actually pretty accurate, humble beginnings, mighty and formidable, and yeah I guess I can be a bit grouchy :p
104 Cubone

Cubone are constantly lonely, for one reason or another and moan plaintively. They dislike keeping company or making new friends and their social skills are almost non-existent.
I got Articuno:
'Articuno dislike confrontation and are a friend only to the doomed.'

Well that's depressing...
"Pidgeot are calm and confident in their abilities. They are also often quite attractive."

Quite attractive? I'm flattered... :p
121 Starmie.

"Starmie are almost alien to others, but they have a deep inner beauty that is hard to deny."

I guess this is kind right. Not many people understand me, but once I get to know someone I'ma able to let out my true self. I guess that could be my inner beauty?

Eevee have little in the way of characteristic quirks, but are usually loyal and affectionate and are able to adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in.

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