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What Type of Game is Pokémon at Its Core?

Mar 6, 2023
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  1. He/Him
I was outside today, thinking about what a true Pokémon Fanfiction/story would be like. A story that embodies what Pokémon is, not just the emotions you get and events from the games.

I thought, “An Adventure story of discovery and mystery.” Because, wasn’t Satishi Tajiri’s, the creator of Pokémon, original inspiration for this game was going outside and discovering mysterious bugs?

But then, I went home and remembered what the original games were like. They were RPGs full of towns with tons of fun dialogue with people to talk to and turn-based battles with basic animations. Isn’t that an RPG?

But then when you look at the game a little bit more closely, there isn’t exactly one cohesive epic story, which is what gives an RPG the feel of an RPG, meaning it’s a game of discovery. But when you look at it again, the game is pretty linear.

So, what exactly is Pokémon at its core? Is it more of an RPG or a world of exploration. I would like to hear what you have to say down below.

(Note: I didn’t post this in controversial opinions because I don’t feel like any side is really that controversial. I couldn’t find any other thread really similar to this that was under a year old so I just created a new one.)
Pokemon is a JRPG, and that's what it will always be first and foremost, but I think the interpretation of training and battling as a sport goes unsaid far more often than not. this is reflected in-universe, of course - there are massive stadiums populating just about every region, battles are shown on television, etc. - but there's also the aspect of actual, real-life competitive formats such as VGC and Smogon singles reinforcing that fact. essentially, Pokemon managed to turn JRPG mechanics into a genuine, legitimate esport, and while I'm not particularly fond of esports myself, I think that's an incredible achievement, and it's something I think to this day the franchise can claim as its own.
Pokemon is about the collaboration between people and Pokemon and the bonds they create. You can make an story about a cook and their Alcremie, a pilot and their Nosepass or a janitor and their Trubbish and it would still be Pokemon as long as they help each other. However, battles and type matchups are also a very core thing of the franchise, so you have to show some of them frequently to keep that Pokemon feel.

Unique discoveries and random chances are a thing too, but I think those happen in most stories.

Talking about the first games, they do have a story which is simply put overcoming every obstacle and becoming the best. It's not the best nor it has the more complex characters but if it has a beginning and an end it is still a story.
As a game: JRPG.

As a story: everybody's talked about bonds and friendship to death, but I'd like to add discovery and learning, as well as growth, as just as important.
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