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What video games are you playing now?

started playing ultra sun last night, i just beat hala & am going to find a rockruff! first time getting past hala in .... years ...... glad to have my attention span functioning for this game finally :^)
Started up klonoa 2 and beat the first 3 levels today. It's pretty promising so far
Digimon World - Next Order: Finished the story for the replay I've been doing. It's definitely still a game of ups and downs, though my experience this time around was definitely smoother given my experience from my last playthrough.

Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways: Mid-chapter 2, just saved Leon by calling all the Ganados to bingo night. The campaign actually started out on a really solid note, too. The fight against the Black Robe was really cool, and I can't wait to see how they expand on that later on.
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's veil. Beat the final boss. The battle was underwhelming, but the game overall was excellent and the best game I've played this year so far. I highly recommend it.
Splatoon 3. I finally managed to grab the golden trophy from this weekend's big run with a score of 145 eggs, planning to go team guitar for the splatfest later this month
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Probably going to be rotating between grinding Pokemon Violet DLC stuff, and some other games while I have some time off:

Trying to clear literally anything in the Binding of Isaac; the farthest I've gotten in the main game is beating both Mega Satand and Hush once each. I'm currently jumping between different game modes to try and grind achievements/get good at the game, but maybe I should try hyperfocusing on a singular task rather than switching it up so often?

I've also started Lobotomy Corporation after a year of it sitting on my desktop untouched. I'm on day 14. I like the whole schtick of it being a management sim, but with really gimmicky workrooms. It feels more like a puzzle game. A lot of the abnormalities have taken a lot of trial and error to understand, which is kind of fun since some of the things you have to consider when working with them are so out there in concept. The controls have taken me a bit of time to get used to though, I will admit. Right clicks are a mysterious concept that I will never truly understand.
A new expansion for Age of Empires II Definitive Edition just came out on Friday (Australian time) and I'm trying these 19 new scenarios. They're different this time, and some are hard to do (given timed missions), but I'm up for a challenge.
Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways: Finished it. It was pretty good, neat little side-story. Unfortunately, that Black Robe fight at the start? The one that was really cool? And that I was excited to see how they built on? Turns out they just kinda... Didn't? The first encounter is pretty much the peak of the illusion mechanic, and by the time you finish her off she's just another big monster to shoot a bunch. Little disappointed, actually. The final boss against Saddler sucked-ass, too. Arena was both incredibly claustrophobic and poorly-lit, which made for a really janky fight that didn't really feel like gave you what you needed to fight him properly. Overall it was still a pretty good side-story, it just had its significant low-points unfortunately.

Ghost Trick: Ok now this? This is beautiful. A fantastic puzzle game that never really feels unfair. Even when it gets harder later on, pretty much everything is something logical that you can figure out pretty solidly. It definitely helps that for most of the game there's really only one thing you can do with each object, and it's just figuring out how to string those actions together to do what you need. The writing is super good, too. The characters are fantastic, and the mystery writing is really well-done. It really knows how to space out its clues at just the right pace to let you figure out one part of the story, but stay ravenous for more since you're still not exactly sure about the rest. Absolutely fantastic, go play Ghost Trick. I'm currently at the end of chapter 16, almost at the end.
I'm currently on case 2 of Dual Destinies which is my least favorite case in the entire series so I really need to force myself through it lol
that's my least favorite as well! i know it's unpopular but i haven't seen many people who have it as their most disliked so.. hello fellow monstrous turnabout hater??

started dqvi earlier! it sure is one of the Games of All Time (in a good way. so far)
that's my least favorite as well! i know it's unpopular but i haven't seen many people who have it as their most disliked so.. hello fellow monstrous turnabout hater??
Hello fellow Monstrous Turnabout hater!! This is genuinely the first time I've seen someone else say they hate this case aside from my partner and myself so I feel very vindicated lol

It's so frustrating because I feel like given the subject matter it could have been really fun and cool but it's just such a drag and I can't stand the characters involved :(
It's so frustrating because I feel like given the subject matter it could have been really fun and cool but it's just such a drag and I can't stand the characters involved :(
YEAH. i feel like the pacing was... not really that good, and i did NOOOOT care for any of the one-shot characters -- i know jinxie was supposed to be likable but her repeatedly slapping apollo in the face with those charms got very old very quickly and after the tenma taro thing with her dad went on for... perhaps five seconds, i had to exert myself to not just start skipping all of the dialogue because it was so grating. - -; enough to the point where the ending was hardly satisfying for me in any sense other than knowing that i could finally get to the next one.

and don't even get me started on filch and l'belle. i am forever mad those characters even exist. (i feel DD is the game in the series most heavy on extremely unbearable single-case characters? i know scuttlebutt and o'conner sure didn't help turnabout academy's merit even if robin was pretty neat.)

honestly the only good thing this case did was introduce blackquill.
Still alternating between Lego Skywalker Saga and Starlink. Just beat the main story of the latter. It mentioned three stars in the Atlas system, so I thought there'd be more planets to explore. :( I hope the make a sequel someday!
Started replaying Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes and Kenka Banchou 4: Ichinen Sensou again on the PSP. It's been a minute since I played the Sengoku Basara franchise even though I really like it lol, thought it fitting I'd go back to my favorite in the series, which of course is the spin-off (funnily, I sometimes like them in quite a few game franchises just as much, if not more so than the others in a series). Kenka Banchou 4, while not my top favorite in the series, has my favorite protagonist in said series, Yuta Hayami; though I do dread the event in the gym in hard mode, never beat it on that difficulty before but hopefully this time after a decade I will, Teruo will make it annoying when I have to chase him down again though once I (hopefully) get to him, assuming the first years don't make me lose again.

Also decided to go back to Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6R since the release of 6RR+ is next month in Japan (seriously, why not make it 7 already?). Was thinking of replaying Maximum Tune 5 since it's better gameplay wise, but 6R is a big guilty pleasure of mine even if other fans don't really like it much (also, I'm still of the opinion that the OST is pretty good, not as great as 3's but still very great and catchy).
Hades: Been playing some runs recently, getting back into it. First things I did was take Meg up on her bet that I couldn't beat her without powers from the mirror (I did), and take dad up on his bet that I couldn't get out without using Olympian boons (I did). Now I'm trying to learn Forced Overtime. Feels like it'd be a big thing for my skill level to be able to pull FO runs consistently.
Mostly some casual on and off Sonic Mania and MK8 since I already finished both games "main" stuff
Picked up I Was a Teenage Exocolonist recently since it was on a sale and it's so good. I'm always super excited to see how the story progresses, and the characters are really interesting and lovable. A little afraid to see how it'll hurt me next lol, since it is a sad game. Definitely one of my favorites in recent memory though. :bulbaLove:
Got the Peach game.
Straight up 5/10 for me, it's just plain uninteresting. Despite it being a game where you are encouraged to collect shiny things and costumes, it is so horrifically painful to do so because every time this girl walks, she's interrupted by a an unskippable cutscene that adds absolutely nothing to the level. So if I happen to miss a shiny thing at the very end of the level, I'm going aaaaaaaaaaaallll the way back to the start through all the cutscenes again. And some of them only give you one chance to get them per run of the level, so there are just some I ended up missing because I'm obviously playing this game blind, like ??

I legit do not know how this is rated E10+ where I live, I refuse to believe that rating is real. Some of these missions feel too easy for even a ten-year old, but maybe that's just me?
Toads being absent for like 99% of the game is also so, so sad.

Also, lobotomy corp:
I'm at day 32. Going to see how far I can get before I restart from day 1. I don't think I'm able to deal with certain ordeals with the gear I currently have. I also may have screwed myself with some of the abnormalities I ended up picking; I've probably blocked myself from getting any suppression-based missions done. Like, if >2 breaches happen in my facility, everything would go to absolute hell immediately.
My favorite abnormality is smol birb. My least favorite is llama.
Spooky's jumpscare mansion HD renovation:
I Finally got a new high score after months of endless mode attempts. Eventually being done in by some miss plays against endless ringu. Either way, 2866 rooms is absolutely incredible.
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