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Would you rather..? Pokémon Edition!


Probably making new self-imposed rulesets..
Oct 12, 2023
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  1. He/Him
The premise is simple, respond the question asked by the user above and then ask a Pokémon related question starting by "Would you rather.. "

I'll start:

Would you rather have the biggest Pokémon collection (either physical like plushies or virtual like a Shiny living dex) OR win the VGC Pokémon World Tournament?
Winning the VGC world tournament would be nice yes.

Would you rather do a full gauntlet in Generation 6 where you have to complete the entire National Dex exclusively using Wonder Trade, then progress through the main story with just a completely random Pokémon wonder traded to you.


Play all the way through Pokémon Ultra Moon only using a Cosmog and its evolutionary line, with level caps (you can't overlevel past your next totem). You cannot run any other Pokémon, and you must solo the game with the one you have.
Flamethrower. My luck is worst at the most inopportune moments, so I've never been a fan of anything with less than 100% accuracy. :p

If you were a world-travelling Trainer, would you rather trudge through the blizzard and waist-deep snow of Sinnoh's Route 217, or brave the harsh desert sandstorm on Route 111 in Hoenn?
I really don’t like the cold, so I’mma go with Route 111 in Hoenn.

Wait… Doesn’t this thread already exist? Like before the 25th or something?
Magma, I like their uniforms better, and I prefer Maxie to Archie.
Mega Evolution or Dynamax/Gigantamax?
hm. Hard choice, but I prefer the look of metagrosses mega and have too many bad memories with Cynthia’s garchomp (actually I think her milotic and gastrodon have mentally scarred me) but either way metagrossite (I also like Steven he’s great. I’m sorry Cynthia but I never played the hoenn games so no bad memories there)

Gen 9 or 8
Gen 9, but it's pretty close decision wise.

Would you rather be a Gym Leader or Elite Four Member?
Gen 8 for a few reasons (such as character customization lol I’m a character customization junkie. Besides I get cold easily and prefer to wear cold weather clothes irl and I like wearing outfits that reflect that in-game). Oh no ninja’d. I guess Elite Four member, seems pretty fun.

Sinnoh or Johto?
(Yes Steven is babe lol)
BW2, BW is still great, but BW2 definitely expands on the original, making it a more fun and fuller experience overall.

Fire, Water, or Grass starter?
Lillie, she's my adorable lil' bean and I love her so.

Mt. Chimney or Mt. Coronet (to live in)
both I suppose, since I haven't played it, but what I've heard about Teal Mask, it sounds pretty good all things considered.

Continuing this topic, would you rather have Kieran or Carmine as your rival?
Haven't played Teal Mask yet, but the vibe of Indigo Disk looks like it's more my thing. I like Terapagos more than Ogerpon anyway. ninja'd xP
Again, I only watched a playthrough of the DLC so far. But Carmine looks cool, and she seems like she'd be a tough rival!
(also reminder for this thread that this is a "would you rather"-type game — if the question is just to pick between two things, then there's This or That over in Fun & Games instead! :chansey: )

Would you rather only be able to catch Shinies of your least favorite Pokémon, or never find a Shiny ever again?
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