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Would You Rather...

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
We're all familiar with this game — ask a hypothetical question with two choices, and the next poster will have to answer which one they'd rather do. (And you can't say both/neither!)
UserA: Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breathe underwater?

PlayerB: I would rather fly, because I don't like fish.
Would you rather be turned into a Bulbasaur or a Grimer?

PersonC: Grimer is obviously the better option.
Would you rather have a sandwich or a trillion dollars?

ExampleD: Sandwich please.
Starting with...

Would you rather have fire powers or ice powers?
Even if it kills me I want to see prehistoric life, especially dinosaurs. So, the past by default.

Would you rather let your soul be taken in exchange for an extremely affluent, high-class lifestyle, or be enlightened at the cost of an impoverished fate?
The former, as long as it can be turned off at will. I have seen an anime where it could not, and it got overwhelming.

Would you rather be able to attract any visible object to you at will, or to push it away?
That's a good one, but i'd have to say pull the item towards me.

Would you rather live in the city, or in the country?
The former, would be cool to have a group of little monsters to be chill with. Plus humans are boring sometimes :p

Would you rather not be able to eat sweets (non-chocolate) for the rest of your life, or not be able to eat chocolate for rest of your life.
there are so many lovely sweets that are not chocolate. So I have to go with getting rid of chocolate as there are so many other flavors. Sadly, that means no chocolate ice cream or milkshakes :(

Would you rather eat a watermelon with your teeth or a pineapple with your teeth?
A pineapple, because the scent of a watermelon alone makes me feel unreasonably terrified.

Would you rather turn yourself in with red paint on your hands or with mafia hats?
Vegetables, as I feel like noodles would get boring after a while, plus vegetables are just healthier (boring I know /hj)

Would you rather have the power of Flight or Teleportation?
I'd rather live in a wooden house. If "wood" just means "cellulose", that gives me the option of engineered wood, which can be fire-resistant, among other advantages.

Would you rather be cursed to turn into a capybara or a cattle egret during full moons? (Note that you would lose the human capacity for reason and forget you were ever human for the duration of the full moon.)
oo, that's very specific... a capybara i suppose, they are really cute!!

would you rather live in an area with a temperature consistently above or below 120 degrees fahrenheit?
Zombies aren't typically shown with a high mental capacity and usually rot easily while Vampires have more weaknesses (that humans don't already have.) and usually are forced into doing evil acts.
So it's between becoming a decaying, disoriented husk who might even be infectious or a unhuman shut-away who has to lose their morals in order to survive.

...But if we're talking in a more cartoony, halloweeny sense, then I choose Vampires because bats are cool. (And Zombies are usually shown to be punching bags.)

Would you rather have to fight off something small and fast, or big and slow?
I would prefer big and slow. If it's big and slow, then it's easier for me to outmaneuver it with hit-and-run tactics and defeat it by many small injuries. I can also use poison.

Would you rather have one duck in your general vicinity hate you and be preoccupied with attacking you, or sixteen earwigs with the same sentiments as the hypothetical duck?
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