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Would you rather..? Pokémon Edition!

Delia Ketchum's, as while it is boring, at least I won't get blasted off by Pikachu every so often.
Would you rather see Sky Battles or SOS Battles return in the games?
I'd rather see SOS battles as they were a fun shiny hunting method and their return could mean totems return as boss fights. Sky Battles were just there. I don't dislike Sky Battles but I loved totem fights and appreciated the SOS in Gen 7.

Ok here is a weird one

Would you rather battle off against a Level 100 Wonder Guard Arceus or a Level 100 No Guard Sheer Cold Arceus?
In-universe? I'd rather be a researcher. I'm not even sure what a breeder would do, other than step out from behind the fence to tell Trainers their Pokémon was found with an egg.

Would you rather train 10-year-olds as field researchers (a la a somewhat less trusting Professor Oak) or be a job counselor for laid-off coal miners in Pyrite Town, Orre?
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