To a Place Far, Far Away - Pokémon Horizons Episode 45 Review - The End of the Second Chapter

What a great way to end the second chapter of Pokémon Horizons! The raid battle against the Black Rayquaza in this week's episode was intense! Liko, Roy and Dot all show off their improved battling tactics alongside Friede and Amethio, who shows up unexpectedly after his colleagues retreated. Just seeing the fruits of their hard work, from Amethio mastering Terastal, to Liko and Roy battling so competently without the need of Friede’s handholding, to Liko’s Sprigatito evolving into Floragato, a rare occurrence for Grass-type starters.
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Netflix and The Pokémon Company confirm new episodes of Pokémon Concierge are currently in production

A cluster of near-simultaneous posts to the official accounts of Netflix, The Pokémon Company, and The Pokémon Company International on X (formerly known as Twitter) have confirmed that new episodes of Pokémon Concierge are currently in production. No details have been given yet as to when we can expect these episodes to be released, though given the time involved in stop-motion animation, it may be a while before these episodes actually grace our screens.
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Farewell Sprigatito? - Pokémon Horizons Episode 40 Review - Is Sprigatito leaving Liko?

This week's episode of Pokémon Horizons reveals the origins of Liko's Sprigatito! It’s interesting how Sprigatito knew where she came from, and even came back to visit. It’s also nice to learn how these starters come to be, and how they get sent off to schools and labs for beginning trainers. In Sprigatito’s case, it seems she came from a breeder who specializes in breeding feline Pokémon.
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The Empire State Building will light up yellow and blue on Pokémon Day to celebrate the upcoming U.S. premiere of Pokémon Horizons: The Series

The Pokêmon Company International (TPCi), their long-term charitable partner The Toy Foundation™, and the Empire State Building in New York City have teamed up to celebrate Pokémon Day 2024 by illuminating the iconic tower in yellow and blue, inspired by the colors of the Pokémon logo. TPCi says the lighting is also in anticipation of the U.S. premiere of Pokémon Horizons: The Series, which the company describes as the first new mainline Pokémon anime to premiere since the original Pokémon the Series over 25 years ago. The Empire State Building will be lit in Pokémon’s colors on February 27th from sunset until 2 a.m., along with hosting Pokémon GO activities for visitors. Catch the U.S. premiere of Pokémon Horizons: The Series on March 7th, exclusively on Netflix.
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SOS From Tandemaus? - Pokémon Horizons Episode 38 Review - Saving a Tandemaus's Maushold

Since last week's episode of Pokémon Horizons was Roy-focused, it makes sense that this week's episode would be Liko-focused. What’s even better is that it’s also a Hatenna-focused episode too! I think this is the first time she's had focus since her debut. And what's even better than a Hatenna-focused episode? The adult accompanying Liko for this episode isn’t Friede, but Mollie! She’s one of my favorites in Horizons, so I’m glad that she gets to have some of thee spotlight again!
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Fuecoco, You're Becoming A Delinquent?! - Pokémon Horizons Episode 37 Review - Singing Crocodiles

On the third part of the odd jobs saga in Pokémon Horizons, the Rising Volt Tacklers are given a task to move a giant rock as requested by Friede’s archaeologist friend. Although the episode doesn’t explicitly mention it, the group seems to have gone to the Unova region for this task, specifically the Relic Castle located in the middle of the Desert Resort. With this series of odd jobs looking to cointinue for a while, it’s nice to see that they're not just going to be restricted to Paldea, and could potentially be anywhere in the Pokémon world.
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Operation Oinkologne Friendship! - Pokémon Horizons Episode 36 Review - Gender Confirmation: The Episode

The odd jobs saga continues in Pokémon Horizons this week as Liko and Roy are tasked to help one of Nidothing’s viewers with a problem. The viewer, who goes by the username Yunorin, wants to join the Tag Battle Tournament being held in Pigton Town, but her Oinkologne isn’t too thrilled about partnering up with another Pokémon. What could be the issue? It’s nice that the kids are the main focus of this week's episode without adults interfering this time around.
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Respective Departures - Pokémon Horizons Episode 34 Review - A Party of Departure and Foreshadowing

While this week's episode of Pokémon Horizons was mainly a straightforward episode with the gang holding a party for Diana’s departure, I actually liked the subtle hints of foreshadowing for the future they snuck in. This episode has hints of the Rising Volt Tacklers going to find the Scarlet/Violet Book that harbors details about Terapagos, Dot going into battle, and Spinel and Agate hinting on usurping Amethio’s chances of finding the Black Rayquaza. This episode has done a lot to help build my excitement for what's coming in future episodes.
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Roaring Black Rayquaza - Pokémon Horizons Episode 33 Review - Amethio Battles Rayquaza

This week's episode of Pokémon Horizons treated us to a beatdown, with Amethio getting totally wiped by Rayquaza, in humiliating fashion. Silly Amethio, did you really think you have the power to defeat a legendary? I do wonder why Rayquaza showed up though. It seemed like he wasn’t as chummy towards Terapagos as the other Hero Pokémon were. Does it not like Terapagos for some reason?
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