Theee Generation IV Pokémon games to feature in the Long Speedrun Summit 2023 marathon

The Long Speedrun Summit (LSS) are hosting their 2023 speedrunning marathon from September 15th to September 24th. Amongst other non-Pokémon titles, Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure will feature as part of the event, in which runners each attempt to complete a game, or an objective within the game, as quickly as possible. The event can be watched from their official Twitch channel.
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The Pokémon Company International announces special collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum

While The Pokémon Company International has kept the details sparse, a new promo on The Official Pokémon YouTube channel has given fans their first look at an upcoming collaboration between Pokémon and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The video shows Pikachu and Eevee frolicking through the Dutch countryside surrounded by Vincent Van Gogh’s quintessential sunflowers - which then turn into Sunfloras.
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Pokémon Shining Pearl to feature in Horror(ible) Games marathon in support of speedrunner MASH

The Horrorible Games speedrunning group will be hosting a special speedrunning mini-marathon from September 9th to September 10th, raising money to support George Emsley, known as MASH in the speedrunning and gaming community, in helping pay off debt incurred by emergency dental surgery. The event, which can be watched from the Horrorible Games Twitch page, will see runners attempting to complete various games and/or objectives within a game as quickly as possible.
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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet and Pokémon Ruby to feature this weekend in SpeedDocsAThon speedrunning marathon in support of Save the Children

The SpeedDocsAThon (SDAT) speedrunning marathon, hosted by Speed Docs, is raising money for Save the Children across two weekends. The second half will take place from September 1st to September 3rd, and feature runs of both Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, and Pokémon Ruby, with runners attempting to complete the games, or a specific objective within the game, as fast as possible. The event can be watched from their Twitch Channel.
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Three Pokémon products nominated for Toy of the Year Awards, The Pokémon Company International signs on as major charity sponsor of The Toy Foundation

The Pokémon Company International has announced their position as a Vision Sponsor for the 2023 Toy of the Year® Awards, contributing $90,000 USD and more than $3.7 million dollars worth of cards and other merchandise to charitable organization The Toy Foundation. These donations are a part of The Pokémon Company International’s five-year plan to donate at least $25 million to long-term partner organizations that are “dedicated to improving the lives of children and supporting social equity.”
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Pokémon community power: Fans rally around Pokémon GO Fest NYC attendee who lost precious Bulbasaur plushie

Over the three-day weekend of August 18th, 19th, and 20th, over 70,000 players convened in New York City for the biggest Pokémon GO event to ever take place in the United States. Trainers from around the country came together to catch special Pokémon, participate in exclusive events, and explore the city with fellow Pokémon GO fans. One Trainer’s weekend, however, began sorrowfully.
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Australian Tennis Champ Nick Kyrgios shows off enormous new Pokémon tattoo

Taking to Instagram on Monday night, 2022 Australian Open Doubles winner Nick Kyrgios showed off the linework for his newest tattoo, a full back piece featuring Gengar, Mewtwo, Lapras, Gyarados, Snorlax, Dragonite and more, with a ready-for-action Blastoise as the centerpiece. The tattoo was completed by a team of five artists at Ganga Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles in the impressively quick time of a single hour, and was originally designed by Kyrgios’ brother Alexi Bouras.
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Pokémon Company rebrands, expands, and relaunches official Pokémon Community Forums, moderators overwhelmed in initial surge of fan activity

Earlier this week, The Pokémon Company posted a news update on their official site informing people about their official Pokémon Community Forums. Despite being widely reported as a brand new forum, this forum has actually been in existance for well over a year. Up until now, the forum had been primarily focused on the Pokémon TCG Live Beta, as a place for users to report technical issues and bugs, and a variety of posts dating back to February 24th, 2022 are still visible in the sub-forums for the Pokémon TCG Live. Though many of the most inappropriate threads have now been deleted as of writing, it remains to be seen if these issues have actually been resolved, or if this is only a short term victory for a clearly overwhelmed moderation team.
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Celebrating 50k Bulbapedia articles with our favourite wiki pages!

Documenting every facet of this gargantuan IP is a task perhaps only the most dedicated and/or foolhardy would embark on, yet that's exactly what our Bulbapedia team and thousands of selfless contributors have done over eighteen long years! With Pokémon now encompassing nine generations of main series games along with dozens of spin-offs, mobile games, movies, anime and manga series, merchandise and much more, the wiki itself has grown in tandem - we recently hit a whopping 50,000 articles! To celebrate, we've compiled a list from across the Bulbagarden team of our favourite wiki articles. Read on for an eclectic collection of articles detailing some of the most obscure corners of the Pokémon franchise!
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