Watch the harvest moon together with Clefairy on September 29th, in a special live stream to celebrate the Japanese Tsukimi festival

As part of a celebration of the Japanese Tsukimi (月見 "moon viewing") festival, the Weathernews LiVE 24-hour live streaming channel will be broadcasting a Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Special Program live on September 29th, from 9pm to 10pm (JST). During this program, viewers will be able to watch the moon together with host Airi Yamagishi (山岸愛梨) and Clefairy, who is joining the show for the second year running as a Weathernews LiVE special caster.
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Pokémon Shining Pearl to feature in Horror(ible) Games marathon in support of speedrunner MASH

The Horrorible Games speedrunning group will be hosting a special speedrunning mini-marathon from September 9th to September 10th, raising money to support George Emsley, known as MASH in the speedrunning and gaming community, in helping pay off debt incurred by emergency dental surgery. The event, which can be watched from the Horrorible Games Twitch page, will see runners attempting to complete various games and/or objectives within a game as quickly as possible.
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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet and Pokémon Ruby to feature this weekend in SpeedDocsAThon speedrunning marathon in support of Save the Children

The SpeedDocsAThon (SDAT) speedrunning marathon, hosted by Speed Docs, is raising money for Save the Children across two weekends. The second half will take place from September 1st to September 3rd, and feature runs of both Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, and Pokémon Ruby, with runners attempting to complete the games, or a specific objective within the game, as fast as possible. The event can be watched from their Twitch Channel.
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JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles announces Pokémon × Kogei artist talk webinars, Detective Pikachu screening to complement Pokémon-themed art exhibition

As reported earlier this summer, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, the international art gallery, is currently hosting the Pokémon × Kogei: Playful Encounters of Art and Japanese Craft exhibition, a collection of dozens of Pokémon-themed artworks in traditional Japanese mediums. The gallery has recently announced a series of events to accompany the exhibition, which is scheduled to run until January 7th, 2024.
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Pokémon Presents announced for August 8th - 35 minute broadcast to stream on YouTube from 6am PDT / 2pm BST / 10pm JST

After a week of rumours, The Pokémon Company have confirmed that a Pokémon Presents will be broadcast live on YouTube this coming Tuesday, August 8rd. As of writing, no details have been given about what fans can expect from the 35 minute broadcast, though it seems reasonable to expect that it will go into some detail regarding the upcoming The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, including a release date for The Teal Mask, and possibly also for The Indigo Disk.
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Pokémon GO to launch new City Safari events in October and November, with events scheduled to run in Seoul, Barcelona, and Mexico City

Niantic has announced a new type of event in Pokémon GO, the City Safari. These ticketed in-person events, similar to Safari Zones and Pokémon GO Fest, will feature location-themed wild Pokémon encounters, event-exclusive Special Research, and more. The Mount Pokémon Skiddo will make their Pokémon GO debut exclusively in these City Safari 2023 events, before becoming available to all Trainers worldwide at a later date.
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Pokémon × Kogei: Playful Encounters of Art and Japanese Craft art exhibit opens in Los Angeles in U.S. debut

Following its launch in Japan earlier this year, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, under the supervision of the National Crafts Museum, has brought the Pokémon × Kogei art exhibit to the United States, for a run that is scheduled to last until January 7th, 2024. JAPAN HOUSE, an international gallery which “seeks to foster awareness and appreciation for Japan around the world by showcasing the emerging art of the very best,” reports that the exhibit will feature more than seventy pieces by a variety of Japanese artists, such as metal artist Morihito Katsura. Twenty acclaimed artists’ work is on display now, and pieces will be rotated during the duration of the exhibit. Admission to the gallery is free and can be reserved online, or guests can walk in as space allows.
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Comic-Con International to play host to panel on the past and future of the Pokémon anime, plus other Pokémon-related panels and activities

A press release from The Pokémon Company International earlier today has announced a collection of Pokémon panels and activities that will be taking place at the upcoming Comic-Con International 2023, which is being held later this month from July 20th-23rd. These include a panel on the past and future of the Pokémon franchise, as well as a variety of attractions on the show floor from various manufacturers of licensed Pokémon merchandise.
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Pokémon Bus touring Smyths Toys Superstores across the UK for the May Half-Term

The Pokémon Company International has announced that its special Pokémon tour bus will be touring a selection of Smyths Toys Superstore locations across the UK between May 27th and June 2nd, offering a range of activities to entertain younger fans, as well as a selection of Pokémon merchandise for purchase including several exclusive Pokémon TCG products. The tour will visit Hedge End on May 27th, Milton Keynes on May 28th, Norwich on May 29th, Mansfield on May 30th, York on May 31st, Hull on June 1st, and Leeds on June 2nd.
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Rising Shadows Pokémon GO event launches Shadow Raids

Niantic has announced the Rising Shadows event for Pokémon GO which will launch a new feature called Shadow Raids when it will run from 10am on Monday 22 May to 8pm on Sunday 28 May local time. Team GO Rocket will be taking over Gyms during this event although some Gyms not controlled by Team GO Rocket may still contain different Raids which aren't Shadow Raids. Players will not be able to use Remote Raid Passes on Shadow Raids and there will not be a team bonus adding more Premier Balls from the colour of the Gym because it should become black just like Team GO Rocket controlled PokéStops. Shadow Mewtwo will be in 5* Shadow Raids from 10am on Saturday 27 May to 8pm on Sunday 28 May local time and a Shiny Shadow Mewtwo will be available from finishing the Shadow Raid if you are lucky. Throughout the whole event from 10am on Monday 22 May to 8pm on Sunday 28 May local time there will be other Shadow Raids available in 1* and 3* Shadow Raids. They are shown in the list below and from...
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Join Bulbagarden and other creators from April 23rd to 30th in raising money for St. Baldrick's Foundation and Kids' Cancer research

St Baldrick's Foundation are once again challenging the Pokémon streaming community to a collectively catch 1 million Pokémon, and in the process help them raise $100,000 to fund childhood cancer research. Any and all streamers, big or small, with any appreciation whatsoever for Pokémon, are invited to participate in the event between April 23rd and April 30th, and help the foundation reach its fundraising goal, with prizes on offer from Logitech and LF Gaming for the biggest individual and community fundraisers.
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In-store Play! Pokémon TCG and Pokémon GO events to resume from April, VG events to resume from May

After having been suspended at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, competitive in-store events for the Play! Pokémon program, are now making their long-awaited return in select regions around the world. League Cup and League Challenge events for the Pokémon TCG, as well as Pokémon GO Challenge events for players in Norta America, will resume in April. Competitive VG players will need to wait a little longer, with Premier Challenge events set to resume across May and June.
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