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Review BW107: Satoshi VS Kotetsu! Secret Weapon Sazandora!!


Jan 2, 2003
Reaction score
Satoshi VS Kotetsu! Secret Weapon Sazandora!!

Animation - Team Kato
Screenplay - Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Storyboard - Shigeru Ueda
Assistant director - Hiromasa Amano
Animation director - Atsushi Ogata

In the fourth round of the Isshu League Higaki Conference, Satoshi has to face Kotetsu in a six-on-six battle! Can Satoshi win against Kotetsu's secret weapon!?
Sending a Grass/Steel-type against a Fire/Fighting-type

Sending a Water/Flying-type against an Electric-type.

Not having a full team for a full battle.

How...how does Kotetsu win battles at all? How does he function?
Kotetsu only bought 5 Pokemon, and Ash is still probably going to lose. And people say he hasn't regressed.
Sazandra vs. Gantle - Sazandra wins with Luster Cannon and Dragon Wave
Sazandra vs. Mijumaru - Sazandra wins with Dragon Dive, though Mijumaru did get a number of good hits in
Sazandra vs. Charbu - Charbu wins with Brick Break after getting in a number of good hits in
Nutrei vs. Charbu - Charbu wins with Nitro Charge. The battle only lasts about 30 seconds :x
Daikenki vs. Charbu - Daikenki wins with Aqua Jet
Daikenki vs. Pikachu - Pikachu wins with Iron Tail
Swanna vs. Pikachu - Pikachu wins
Riolu vs. Kenhorou - Satoshi recalls Pikachu and calls out Kenhorou. Riolu wins.
Riolu vs. Tsutarja - After pummeling each other for a while, Riolu evolves into Lucario. And then the episode ends.

Sazandra's knows Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dive, Tri-Attack, and Double Attack
Daikenki also knows Mega Horn
Swanna knows Pluck, Wing Attack, and Bubblebeam.
Skype Discussion between Gotpika, Human, Yoshi-san, Araragi-Hakase, and Yusuf Kaya.

[4:02:25 AM] Gotpika: Sanzandora is up first, Satoshi has dealt with Dragons before, recently Kairyu.
[4:02:29 AM] Gotpika: How will he respond?
[4:02:35 AM] Gotpika: Can't wait.
[4:02:45 AM] Gotpika: Gantle's the first up to the slater.
[4:03:05 AM] Gotpika: Gantle is too slow to dodge.
[4:03:10 AM] Gotpika: Damn Sanzandora
[4:03:11 AM] Gotpika: wow
[4:03:20 AM] Gotpika: Tanks are meant for dodging Satoshi
[4:03:33 AM] Gotpika: Gantle lands a hit
[4:03:47 AM] Gotpika: Dragon Dive does some damage
[4:03:52 AM] Gotpika: How is Gantle surviving?
[4:03:56 AM] Gotpika: Wow
[4:04:08 AM] William: guh
[4:04:10 AM] William: ugh
[4:04:22 AM] Gotpika: ugh keyhole lag
[4:04:30 AM] Human: damn it
[4:04:31 AM] Human: late
[4:04:41 AM] Gotpika: Mijumaru is up next
[4:04:45 AM] Gotpika: d''aawwww
[4:04:47 AM] Gotpika: how adorable
[4:04:55 AM] Human: found it
[4:05:07 AM] Gotpika: They talk shit and underestimate him
[4:05:14 AM] Human: wow
[4:05:18 AM] Human: that hit hydra hard
[4:05:18 AM] Gotpika: Aqua Jet does damage
[4:05:23 AM] Gotpika: and Shell Blade is missing
[4:05:31 AM] William: [4:04 AM] William:

<<< this is beginning to look like a train wreck
[4:05:31 AM] Human: Cool use of scalcho
[4:05:32 AM] Gotpika: The hotach can't deflect Dragon Pulse too well
[4:05:45 AM] Human: wow
[4:05:46 AM] Gotpika: I agree somewhat William
[4:05:50 AM] Human: Oshawott is kicking ass.
[4:05:50 AM] Human: Wow.
[4:06:00 AM] Gotpika: Wow
[4:06:07 AM] Human: Go Oshawott!
[4:06:10 AM] Gotpika: Hotach can't deflect Tri attacks at once
[4:06:11 AM] Gotpika: TACKLE
[4:06:14 AM] Human: Wow that tackle.
[4:06:14 AM] Gotpika: TACKLE IN THE LEAGUE
[4:06:17 AM] Gotpika: REALLY?! XD
[4:06:18 AM] Human: KILL IT
[4:06:19 AM] Gotpika: IT DOES DAMAGE
[4:06:34 AM] Gotpika: Tackle did some heavy damage
[4:06:34 AM] Human: Oshy ;_;
[4:06:36 AM] Gotpika: that's ridiculous
[4:06:39 AM] Gotpika: TACKLE?
[4:07:04 AM] Gotpika: Time for Kotetsu and that Dragon to be taken down a peg.
[4:07:09 AM] Gotpika: Chaobu is up next.
[4:07:27 AM] Gotpika: Brick Break
[4:07:29 AM] Human: GO PIGNITE!
[4:07:34 AM] Gotpika: Dragon Pulse hits
[4:07:41 AM] Gotpika: Flamethrower hits
[4:07:51 AM] Gotpika: Dragon Dive
[4:07:54 AM] Gotpika: wow
[4:08:00 AM] Gotpika: Chaobu gets back up
[4:08:19 AM] Gotpika: Brick Break hits
[4:08:24 AM] Gotpika: Nitro Charge hits
[4:08:29 AM] Gotpika: That's one resistant Dragon
[4:08:30 AM] Human: KILL IT
[4:08:36 AM] Gotpika: Iris' Kairyu didn't last this long
[4:08:53 AM] Gotpika: Double Hit is dodged
[4:08:56 AM | Edited 4:11:09 AM] Gotpika: Fire Oath hits
[4:09:04 AM] Gotpika: Flamethrower htis
[4:09:07 AM] Gotpika: Wow
[4:09:10 AM] Human: CMON
[4:09:11 AM] Gotpika: how is it not dead?
[4:09:13 AM] Human: FAINT
[4:09:17 AM] Human: HYDREIGON
[4:09:18 AM] Human: FAINT
[4:09:20 AM] Gotpika: Brick Break here we go
[4:09:29 AM] Human: Geez
[4:09:32 AM] Human: Well
[4:09:34 AM] Human: if ash loses
[4:09:41 AM] Human: He'll have the pride of beating a hydreigon
[4:09:49 AM] Gotpika: Battle is pretty unimpressive thus far in terms of strategy and Miju and Gantle being knocked out.
[4:09:56 AM] Gotpika: Chaobu is getting fun thoguh.
[4:11:23 AM] Gotpika: Brick Break kills it
[4:11:24 AM] Gotpika: finally
[4:11:36 AM] Gotpika: Three Pokemon to beat one Dragon
[4:11:39 AM] Human: It's cool so far~~~
[4:11:47 AM] Human: Ash will curbstomb the others
[4:11:50 AM] Human: to make up
[4:11:53 AM] Gotpika: I'm sure Chaobu will beat Natorri which is meh.
[4:12:03 AM] Gotpika: I want others besides Pika and Chaobu to star.
[4:12:13 AM] Human: nice animation
[4:12:16 AM] Gotpika: Kotetsu using a dual disadvantaged Pokemon against Chaobu.
[4:12:20 AM] Gotpika: Wow
[4:12:28 AM] Gotpika: That was way too quick.
[4:12:39 AM] Human: Told ya.
[4:12:51 AM] Gotpika: Well he curbstomped them to make up.
[4:12:59 AM] Gotpika: Time to die Chaobu
[4:13:05 AM] Gotpika: Daikenki here we go
[4:13:09 AM] Gotpika: Unless he makes a return
[4:13:10 AM] Gotpika: Nah
[4:13:21 AM] Gotpika: Hydro Cannon overpowers FT
[4:13:31 AM] Gotpika: Chaobu is pretty resistant
[4:13:36 AM] Human: Sammy <3
[4:13:45 AM] Gotpika: Poor Chaobu
[4:13:47 AM] Human: chaobbu ;_;
[4:13:57 AM] Gotpika: Pikachu up next
[4:13:59 AM] Gotpika: according to comic
[4:14:07 AM] Human: enjoy it you sadist
[4:14:07 AM] Gotpika: Kotetsu breast grabby scene
[4:14:19 AM] Gotpika: Vintage goes up next
[4:14:37 AM] Gotpika: Deflected t-bolt
[4:14:43 AM] Gotpika: Wow
[4:14:52 AM] Gotpika: Pikachu is being knocked like a dog
[4:15:04 AM] Human: KILL IT
[4:15:13 AM] Human: DIE
[4:15:14 AM] Gotpika: Iron Tail and Quick Attack do serious damage
[4:15:22 AM] Human: Type advantage shit
[4:15:27 AM] Gotpika: Iron Tail wow
[4:15:30 AM] Human: 3 vs 3
[4:15:36 AM] Gotpika: And it's even
[4:15:39 AM] Gotpika: Swanna should be next
[4:15:42 AM] Gotpika: according to the comic
[4:15:44 AM] Human: Pikachu destroyed the ass
[4:15:49 AM] Gotpika: SOunded like Kenyan said Shit.
[4:15:58 AM] Gotpika: Oh Kotetsu, what are your motives?
[4:16:09 AM] Gotpika: For using a Swanna against Pika?
[4:16:15 AM] Gotpika: Drill Peck
[4:16:20 AM] Gotpika: Drill Peck again
[4:16:24 AM] Gotpika: to counter its speed?
[4:16:30 AM] Gotpika: Dodged QT
[4:16:46 AM] Gotpika: Elekiball might end this
[4:16:52 AM] Gotpika: correction it did.
[4:16:56 AM] Gotpika: Swanna was OHKOed.
[4:16:58 AM] Human: 3 vs 2
[4:17:05 AM] Gotpika: Reminds me of Paul and Aggron
[4:17:07 AM] Human: Type advantages don't matter in bw!
[4:17:07 AM] Gotpika: and Ninjask
[4:17:09 AM] Human: pfft
[4:17:10 AM] Gotpika: and Froslass
[4:17:12 AM] Gotpika: being beaten easily
[4:17:28 AM] Human: LOL
[4:17:33 AM] Human: 1 vs 3 now
[4:17:35 AM] Gotpika: Kotetsu didn't know it was a full battle.
[4:17:42 AM] Gotpika: So he only has one Pokemon....
[4:17:43 AM] Gotpika: wow
[4:17:45 AM] Gotpika: left
[4:17:51 AM] Gotpika: 1 VS. 3, perhaps?
[4:17:56 AM] Gotpika: :p
[4:18:00 AM] Human: switch
[4:18:00 AM] Human: woot
[4:18:02 AM] Gotpika: THat'd cause a nice shit storm
[4:18:09 AM] Gotpika: Kenharou is up next
[4:18:12 AM] Human: Go Kenharou!
[4:18:27 AM] Gotpika: Gust is dodged
[4:18:29 AM] Gotpika: Riolu is agile
[4:18:31 AM] Gotpika: wow
[4:18:38 AM] Gotpika: Force Palms to the face
[4:18:49 AM] Gotpika: Air Cutter dodged
[4:18:53 AM] Gotpika: Copy Cat AIR CUTTER
[4:18:54 AM] Gotpika: WOW
[4:18:55 AM] Human: Copycat
[4:19:04 AM] Gotpika: This is why I love Riolu
[4:19:10 AM] Gotpika: Vacuum Wave
[4:19:11 AM] Human: such power
[4:19:26 AM] Human: damn
[4:19:32 AM] Gotpika: Damn lag
[4:20:12 AM] Gotpika: Next up is Tsutarja
[4:20:18 AM] Gotpika: Copy cat Leaf blade
[4:20:26 AM] Gotpika: Wow, Copy Cat is amazing
[4:20:36 AM] Human: The new Attract.
[4:20:42 AM] Gotpika: Except better
[4:20:51 AM | Edited 4:20:57 AM] Gotpika: Damn Riolu is beating that bitch like a slave
[4:21:09 AM] Gotpika: Leaf Storm
[4:21:15 AM] Gotpika: Dodged
[4:21:18 AM] Gotpika: VINE WHIP COMBO
[4:21:23 AM] Gotpika: WOWW GOOD JOB
[4:21:26 AM] Gotpika: DAMN SATOSHI
[4:21:29 AM] Gotpika: SSMART THINKING
[4:21:32 AM] Human: what happened
[4:21:41 AM] Gotpika: Vine Whip Leaf Storm combo
[4:21:47 AM] Gotpika: Vine Whip dodge!
[4:21:49 AM] Gotpika: Wow Tsutarja
[4:21:54 AM] Gotpika: you look cool for once
[4:22:02 AM] Gotpika: She's giving Riolu a hard time
[4:22:11 AM] Human: like the gurl should
[4:22:14 AM] Gotpika: Evolution
[4:22:22 AM | Edited 4:22:50 AM] Gotpika: Riolu is evolving
[4:22:36 AM] Human: no it's becoming a magikarp!!!
[4:22:56 AM] Gotpika: The crowd is fawning over him
[4:23:13 AM] Gotpika: And this is punishment for all those mid gym evolutions
[4:23:27 AM] Gotpika: Oh, Satoshi.

Kotetsu only bought 5 Pokemon, and Ash is still probably going to lose. And people say he hasn't regressed.
YES, HE REGRESSED. SATOSHI REGRESSED AND THAT'S A FACT! :DDDD The writers are clearly telling us anime nerds that! :p Yes, they're telling us even though they write this show for merch and don't give a shit about 20's on a Pokemon forum.

Over-reaction much?

It's undeniable now. :p

No, XD

Just surprised you think the writers are writing this show for YOU. :p
Last edited:
YES, HE REGRESSED. SATOSHI REGRESSED AND THAT'S A FACT! :DDDD The writers are clearly telling us anime nerds that! :p Yes, they're telling us even though they write this show for merch and don't give a shit about 20's on a Pokemon forum.

Over-reaction much?

It's undeniable now. :p
Whether or not Satoshi has regressed has nothing to do with the episode, so everyone just drop it now.
Also, I remember stating that for a Hydreigon being his secret weapon, it's the first thing he used.

For such a secret weapon, it was barely in this episode! And it only took down two Pokemon.

Episode should've been named "Secret Weapon Riolu"...
i AM SO FuCKIGN PISsED???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does he function?



*deep breathing*

But the animation was really nice. I really liked the evolution scene for Lucario. I didn't like how throughout the battle, both Ash and Kotetsu were all "WOW THIS IS FUN!!! AHHAHAHAHA" I dunno, I know they do that a lot but damn if I were Satoshi and I saw all the hax Kotesu was getting I'd be pretty mad idk.
What a bullshit battle.

Kotetsu only brought 5 Pokémon, apparently.

Pikachu and Pignite are the only ones who get any wins.

On top of sending out Ferrothorn against Pignite, and Swanna against Pikachu.

Oh and let's not forget, suddenly when "Riolu" is resisted it suddenly evolves. At least Ash's Pokémon struggled before evolving. One minor powerful hit, and Riolu evolves. As if Kotetsu derserves it writers.

What drug allowed the writer, and writers to think that Ash should lose like this. This isn't fun, exciting or enjoyable. And really bullshit.

Still better than the battle with Ritchie, but this has got to be the 2nd worst battle ever.

I honestly don't give a shit if Ash were to hypothetically win (because it's going to be a bullshit win with Pikachu). This is just a bullshit way of making Ash lose, he loses in his first and only full battle of the league, when before we got at least 2, what simply because each Pokémon only needed to have 1 battle, so as not to screw anyone over. Sorry writers, but you screwed over Leavanny, Oshawott, Boldore, and Snivy, and to a lesser extent Palpitoad.

Seriously could they not care less about the anime.

I mean sure the upcoming saga looks pretty nice, but you cannot tell me, that all their effort went into that, that they couldn't spare some of it in the league. It's a shame that Ash vs Stephan is the only good battle of the league. The writers, plainly did not even try.

I hope next gen doesn't get this kind of shit treatment for the league.
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What I found peculiar was that before Kotetsu sends out Ferrothorn against Pignite, he uses his headband snap. Which is supposed to kind of signal that he's thinking more well, intelligently and rationally about affairs...

I will be really pissed if Ash lose to guy who bought only 5 pokemon !
I mean , Seriously writer !
What do you have against Ash that you have humiliate him all the time ?
I...don't really know what to think about this battle. Parts of the battle were amazingly animated, but there was sooooooo much stock footage clogging up the battles it's unbelievable. At times it felt like I was watching a clip show, not the most important battle in the league. I wanted to enjoy it, I really did. But it just pales so badly next to the Stephen battle.

I wonder if Kotetsu did the headband snap thing before entering the battle:
I'll start with the positives from the episode - Oshawott was amusing and I liked Swanna's voice.

Moving on.

This is an absolutely terrible battle with no redeeming factors whatsoever. Starting with Pokemon getting knocked out on either side for nothing more than stupid tactics, Ash leaving Pignite out when Samurott came in, Kotetsu sending out Ferrothorn and Swanna out against Pignite and Pikachu respectively - completely unnecessary and hardly fitting for what is supposed to be a match up of two of the top 8 trainers in Unova.

Hydreigon highlighted Ash's lack of preparedness - against Tobias' Darkrai at least his Pokemon looked like they were trying as hard as possible and it was the sheer strength of their opponent that led to the losses - while here Boldore and to a lesser extent Oshawott did nearly no real damage or even look at any point capable of doing anything. But then Pignite turns around and knocks it out fairly easily - making Ash's other Pokemon look bad and it seem like it's not Kotetsu being strong, just Ash's Pokemon being too weak to beat it.

I'll explode if the twist at the end of the battle is a double knockout but because Ash had six out and Kotetsu only five he wins by default.
For some reason, I don't mind Kotetsu now.

I mean, sure it's annoying as hell that Ash is going to the Top 8 again (maybe) , but think about it: Ash's team is so terrible at the moment. Oshawott, Snivy, Unfezant and Boldore didn't get a single win. Pignite and Pikachu were, ofcourse, the powerhouses. His team is so terribly unevolved (the writers focus too much on merchandising, huh), while Kotetsu atleast brought some evolved powerhouses.

Ash keeping up with Pignite against Samurott was horrible.

However, the animation was really nice and I liked Lucario's evolution.

Also, I kind of laughed at the fact that the "rival friends" were cheering for Ash and not Kotetsu. I thought they all bonded together. Oh well .
I think he snapped his headband one too many times, it probably gave him brain damage at one point.

Like, I think that Kotetsu is a legitimately good trainer. His pokemon are strong, ya know? I think that if he were introduced a bit earlier, he might have been a bit more developed and I might even feel empathetic towards him, but he's not...I think it's because he was introduced so late that the writers are trying to do all these brash quirks with him. Make him stand out more?

It's not appealing for me.

I refuse to believe that an experienced trainer like Ash loses to someone like that. Whenever Ash showed irresponsibility, it's bitten him in the ass, right? Like if he's over confident, he usually loses or stuff like that. Kotetsu is very lucky. He's almost rewarded for his stupidity.

*sighs* i want to like him i really do he seems like a cutie but given the circumstances i think i may develop a seething hatred towards him
Like, I think that Kotetsu is a legitimately good trainer.

I disagree.

I think Kotetsu only wins battles purely on his Pokémon's strength.

Kotetsu hasn't done anything trainer intelligent to be considered a good trainer. Ash has been shown to be a far more trainer intelligent with semi-strong Pokémon (depending on the Pokémon). Kotetsu is just seemingly handed wins that he doesn't deserve.

But oh well. Nothing anyone can do about that.
Let me rephrase that then:
I think he appears to be a good trainer because he has strong pokemon. How he catches/trains is pokemon is still largely unknown, but he had to have done something to get them to that level.

If we knew more about his methods, I suppose his wins would be a bit more justifiable, but right now, I honestly think he's lacking material and development.
I'm sorry that this match is so rushed and one dimensional. I don't like leagues ending terribly, but they usually do. I feel almost bad for Kotetsu that he had to go through this because he was given more introduction than a typical "last battler" for Ash, ya know? Gives people time to wanna bond with him.

IDK, we'll just see how this goes.
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