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Cheren confirmed to make his anime debut next month: Episode to air Jan. 31

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Nov 13, 2005
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Cheren confirmed to make his anime debut next month: Episode to air Jan. 31

The title for the 111th episode of the Pocket Monsters Best Wishes series has been revealed. The episode 「新ジムリーダー・チェレン」 The New Gym Leader! Cheren! is set to air on January 31.

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Oh and congrats to those who survived the Mayan April Fools Day
Yay, I was actually wondering yesterday if Cheren would ever appear in the anime. I wonder if he'll be friends with Bianca?
This seems kind of... overdue when you think about it, either that or the writers then probably knew he was gonna be a GL in BW2, before it came out, so they didn't include him earlier. Still kinda cool anyways.
About time he appears! Now, let's see if Janine will appear in the anime eventually (a bit farfetched wish, since she's in Kanto and the series is in Unova, but I can dream, can't I?). :p

But on a serious note, looking forward to his anime appearance.
WHY? WHY? WHY? Now after getting my robotnik style rant out of the way I must wonder if he is going to use the same style of animation that they used in that trailer or give him a slightly moddifyed desihgn.

Well i will get excited if they use him as a comic relief character and chase him around with a Suburban...
He and Bel better know each other. It'd be sad if the anime decided to ignore the thought of them having a friendship.
At the very minimum, either Bianca or Cheren should say "oh, we were friends when we were kids in Nuvema Town" about the other.
But the anime follows its own canon, so I don't think it'd be surprising (or even disappointing, to me personally) if there was no mention of any sort of connection between Cheren and Bianca from the games.
I wonder what badge Ash will get for defeating Cheren he's already received the Basic Badge from Lenora.
Cheren must either have his old design, or Bianca must get her new one in her next appearance.

The glasses must be aired. It is not optional.
Yes! At last! I can't wait for this to happened, I want to see Cheren in action!
Very thrilled by this news. I'm curious to know whether he will be his old self or new self. Given he's mentioned as the Gym Leader then I imagine he'll be his BW2 self, in which case will he know Bianca or just be a completely separate entity who she never met and is unlikely to meet (unless she just happens to be in the episode). I ask because Bianca is still and likely to stay as her BW incarnation. Either way, I'm thrilled Cheren's appearing!
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