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Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

How could I hate this cutie?

Oops, wrong picture.

One of my favorites, if not my favorite of favorites.

I plain don't like the guy but there's been worse.

vanillacone? (bare with me that I did not play BW2 so I only know the eseentials)
You mean Vanilluxe? - as much as I love Unova, it also has the 6 least favorites of mine, Vanilluxe, not a fan of.

I love it, one of the few bug/poison types I actually like.

Don't really have an opinion on it (as a Pokémon in general, not necessarily as the anime character).

its my #1 favorite at the moment! Its one Pokemon I'll never hate in my life.

I won't say it my favorites, sort of half like, half don't. I won't use it in my games, but I do like it more than Zubat.

Not at all, don't like Claydol's design

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