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Guess next poster's most hated Pokemon

Second only to Mewtwo! Normal Lugia, Shiny Lugia Baby Lugia, Shiny Baby Lugia Shadow Lugia, Shiny Shadow Lugia... What comes next? A Sunny Shiny Baby Shadow Lugia?!

Love It!! Love It!! Its my 2nd favorite Pokemon - complete far away side from hate

Was one of my hates, indeed. Watching the Madame Muchmoney Johto eps, however, made me love it a bit.

First time I agree, Pikachu is nowhere within my top 600 favorites (around 608 or 609). With the anime using Pikachu a lot, I learn to not like it anymore.

continuing, Pichu?
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Not really. It's cute, though I'm rather indifferent about it otherwise.

I hate that I can't get without doing all that thing, and I hate it as Cynthia's first Pokemon. The idea of a devilish Pokemon with its own number (108) and no weaknesses appeals me.

Yes, I don't like Tentacool's design, plust I hate it even more when surfing in Gen 3 games.

Not a fave, to be honest, but still not the hated. Even used one on my first Pokemon Sapphire Team (partnered up with Trochic quite nice)

Its probably one of the 2 Unova evoultion lines I don't like the design (the other being Klink's line.)

Not my favorite, but I don't hate it either. i question why i post in this thread when i think every pokémon has the potential to be cute

I don't like it at all, I will never use it in my teams, Its the design I don't like.....

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