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Guess that reference!

I dunno, it sounds like something "Brawl in the Family" would've done with their Fire Emblem gags though...

"A while back I was visited by the spirit of my late father. His spectral presence helped my negotiate several life passages, including my eventual acceptance of Kevin as a surrogate paternal figure. Now however, my dad's ghost just shows up to play Minesweeper."
I... I have no idea, but it sounds hillarious.
I couldnt tell you. I'd like to know though!
I'll be sure to link you to it once it's guessed, but for now I'll just keep posting references to the same thing, someone's bound to get it eventually.
"Look at me! Closely! What do you see?" "Kudzu sprouting from you nose." "Dang. That stuff grows fast."
Sitcom number 7?
"He's a Creep, you're a Bitch, you are perfect for each other"
I'm not gonna pretend that I know that reference because I don't. Reversing on Google works wonders, so I can't legit answer the question with a *guess*.

Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!
Translation: Now, count up your sins!
No idea, but guess it's a manga
"'Cause i will be Next To You! Masturbating"
Good, good. Now if we can just get a title.
I still don't know... And I don't wanna google it 'cuz it feels like cheating

"To prove you're real, answer this math equation 6+3=" "9" "Type this word" "Gobbledegook" "Which of these pictures DOESN'T have Waldo in it? Perform an interpretive dance based on Kate Bush's 'Wurthering Heights' video. Recite the infield fly rule in morse code, using armpit noises. Wrong. Start over." "ARRGH" "THAT'S the reaction which proves you're real"
That was today's too, so anybody who follows it should now know.
Unfortunately, not! I'm assuming cable TV, and I don't have it, lol

Something a bit more obvious than my last one.
"You cur...who do you think you are?!" 貴様、何者だ? Kisama, nani mono da?
"I'm just a passing-through Kamen Rider, remember that!" 通りすがりの仮面ライダーだ、覚えておけ! Tōrisugari no Kamen Raidā da, oboeteoke!
I get the feeling it's one of the many Batmen
Also it's actually not cable TV, it's a webcomic.

"I've been asked to recruit candidates for a televise gardening competition." "They have those? What?" "America's Got Compost" "I refuse to wear sequined overalls."
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